The story beings…

Gannodorf emerged from where ever he lived and checked his mail. Inside he found a mysterious letter which began with "Dear evil villain and/or villainess, you are cordially invited to join an assembly of all bad guys and/or girls who…"

At the same time in his hot-air balloon Eugene was had somehow gotten one of the letters as well. The boy picked up with "Hate Calvin (AKA: Spiky Hair Kid) or one of his friends…"

In the Park N' Flush Trailer park May, Lee and Marie Kanker were reading the same letter. "Also, we shall help you achieve what ever goal you may have including but not limited to kissing the Eds…" At this point they stopped reading to scream in delight.

Deep inside ZIM's underground base he too was reading that letter, which then said "or enslaving all Mankind… I EXCEPT! I AM ZIM!"

Finally back at Gannodorf's house the letter finished with "If you except this invitation please jump through the warp pipe which has conveniently opened up upon you opening the letter. PS. all who attend get free doughnuts!" He looked down and saw the warp pipe in question "Well, I don't have anything better to do." He exclaimed and then jumped down the pipe.

Said villain then found himself in Bowser's castle place. He landed in a chair at one of those big meeting type tables. At the center chair Bowser sat. Around him ZIM, Eugene, the Kanker sisters, and the volleyball of terror sat around him arguing or just chatting about stuff. "Be quiet!" Bowser yelled to the other villains. "Now as the letter said you have been brought here for one reason. To get revenge on that spiky haired kid and his friends who have caused all of us so much trouble." He continued. "Yeah!" The others yelled. "Hey! ZIM wishes to know what our aliance's name is!" Bowser then looked upset "Oh I forgot to give us a name. From now on we will be known as 'The Horde'!" He told them. "That's already been taken." Gannodorf said in response. "Well how about 'The League of Really Bad People who hate Calvin and/or One of his Friends'?" Bowser asked. "NO! LEAGUE OF REALLY BAD PEOPLE WHO HATE CALVIN AND/OR ONE OF HIS FRIENDS OF TERROR!" The Volley Ball of Terror suggested. "Of Doom!" ZIM added. "Fine, from now on we will be called 'The League of Really Bad People Who Hate Calvin and/or His Friends of Terror and Doom' Okay?" Bowser asked. "No." Everyone else said in unison.

Five hours later after much arguing Bowser finally had come up with the name for their alliance. "Our final name is 'The League of Really Bad People Who Hate Calvin and/or His Friends Except for Ed, Edd n' Eddy Who the Kanker's Love of Terror and Doom, Death to Mario, Would You Like Fries With That? YAY HEARTS!' Or the LORBPWHCAOHFEFEEn'EWTKLOTADDTMWYLFWTYH! For short." "YAY!" Everyone cheered.

Originally SpongeBob was in this chapter. I edited him out as it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, explaining the chapters shortness.