Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with SNK, Last Blade, or any characters within. This was merely written to pass the time and keep me in the fanfiction loop.

AD 1864, the Bakumatsu.

Chapter 1: Akari

(Note: for this chapter and part of chapter 2, quotes in parentheses will be used to signify that a character is speaking Japanese.)

A pier, frequently in use. Ships lie in wait, their owners buying, selling and haggling. On the dock, or rather in a little-used little corner near the pier, are two people. One obviously foreign, with his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. The other, a girl who looked to be no older than thirteen, with her purple hair and spritish size, was, though native, still quite different. She was Akari Ichijo, and despite her young age, she had an uncanny knack for magic, wielding a staff commonly reserved for Shinto priests. Despite her talents and youth, she was quite hotheaded and scheming once she got an idea in her head. She was incredibly coy, and her incredible knack for playing the innocent had taken her far.

"thank you," Spoke the foreign man, slowly and deliberately.

"t..tank yu," the girl attempted to replicate.

"(close. Try to get your tongue like this:)" The man suddenly spoke in fluent Japanese, and demonstrated the classic "th" position: tongue curved and touching the bottom of the upper front teeth.

"Hey Greg, what'cha doing?" Came a regrettably familiar voice.

Ugh, Andrew, probably with his brother David. They'll have quite a mouthful to say about this. Turning around, his fears were confirmed: David and Andrew were standing there, with the look of a cat ready to pounce on both of their faces.

"Yes," said Andrew. "What are you up to, with a young girl in a quiet corner near a dingy pier?"

"Ah-ha! I think love is afoot!"

Andrew slapped his hand to the side of his face in mock surprise. "Surely you must be joking."

"Afraid not."

David took his brother soulfully by the hand. "Oh, I fear the worst. I am afraid I cannot stay."

Andrew's eyes grew wide in mock innocence. "Oh darling, but why?"

David put the back of his free hand to his temple in anguish. "Oh, if they see me fraternizing with you, why, they shall lock us away."

"But you cannot leave! I love you!"

"Very well. Ours shall be a hidden love."

They broke hands and walked off, chuckling self-satisfactory. Greg, doing his best to be unfazed by these goings-on, returned his attention to Akari, who by this point was thoroughly confused.

"(What on earth were they doing?)"

"(…It's nothing.)"