SPOILER WARNING for Deathly Hallows

Just a small ficlet of Snape and Lily during the holiday season. Just have to say, knew that there was a connection between them, knew it

Ten-year-old Lily Evans had just snuck out of her house to meet Snape at one of their hiding spots, behind a bush in the playground where they first met.

The two had agreed to meet each other on the Christmas day a while ago, to give each other gifts.

Lily quickly approached the thick bush to find Snape already waiting. Snape was wearing his normal overly large coat and some torn black pants and a puke green torn sweater.

"You're late." Snape replied.

"Sorry," said Lily, out of breath, "Tuney was watching me."

Lily then gave Snape a big smile and pulled out a small wrapped package and handed it to him.

"Happy Christmas! I hope you like it. It's something to remember me by. So you won't ever forget me." Lily eyed Snape anxiously waiting for him to finish unwrapping the gift.

Snape eyed the small package; it was the most significant thing anyone had ever given to him. His hands were shaking as he opened the small package, a small smile on his lips.
Snape was speechless; inside was an emerald stone, the same color as Lily's eyes, etched into the stone very carefully was "Sev & Lily 4 Ever."

Snape had tears in his eyes, but quickly rubbed them away before Lily could see. Snape then took out a little but neatly wrapped package from a huge pocket on the front of his coat.

"Here, I'm sorry it's not much, but it's all I had." Snape said in a shaky voice, "It belonged to my mum; she gave it to me a long time ago. It was one of the few things she kept from the wizarding world."

Lily took the package with a big smile on her face. She quickly unwrapped it and gasped at the beautiful bracelet inside.

"Wow! Sev, it's great. I love it! It's so beautiful."

Snape then took lily's hand and helped her put it on, fastening it to her wrist.

"It'll help keep you safe. I hope you like it. I'm sorry it's all I had. Your present was better." Snape said looking down at his beaten up shoes.

"Sev, I love it, you're a great friend. Thank you so much" Lily said, pulling Snape into a big hug.

"Friends forever?" Snape asked apprehensively.

"Yea, definitely." Lily replied still holding him.

After another minute the two returned to their homes. Lily to her very festive family, Snape to his two parents in the middle of a heated argument.

One thing was for sure, this was Snape's best Christmas ever.