by PuppyNoelle

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Pairings: The only pairing that I will definitely write is Ron/Luna. I may be able to swing H/Hr or N/G, but I have no plan for those as of yet.

Rating: T for now

Description: Luna Lovegood is put to the ultimate test. Will she listen to her heart or her head? RW/LL. post-DH.

- - - Chapter Three - - -

The day of the funeral came. All the confirmed guests came, paid their respects, and joined Luna in her tiny cottage afterwards for tea. The children occupied themselves in the backyard, playing a small game of quidditch to pass the time: all except Ron and Hermione's eldest child, a bright, 13-year-old named Rose. While her mother and the other adults were lost in conversation, she snuck out the front door and sat on the front steps of the porch beside Luna.

"Auntie Luna?" she asked, a bit timidly.
The odd woman removed her gaze from the last Quibbler issue that would ever be printed with her father's name as editor-in-chief. "Yes?"
"I was wondering... why did you come here? Why have you stayed away? We haven't seen you in nearly five years. What are you hiding from?"

The girl was clever. Not with quite the same cleverness as her mother, but a much more intuitive kind of cleverness...

Luna sighed, closing the magazine and setting it on the ground beside her. "There are some things that we can never understand until we truly feel them, Rose." It was a Luna-like answer: strange, with an air of mystery to it, yet it was ridden with a kind of wisdom and sadness that had never been affiliated with the unique blonde before.

Rose was completely puzzled. "Is this some sort of 'adult thing'? That I'm not supposed to understand until i'm older?"
"I suppose." replied Luna in her typical dreamy manner. "Well," the young girl continued, as she laid her head on the woman's shoulder, "You should really come back home. We miss you, we all do. Ever since you stopped writing to us... that's when Mum and Dad started fighting. Well... that's when they started really fighting anyways."

Luna was completely bewildered by this news. A marriage had only to do with the people directly involved. Surely little Rose was mistaken. But as the young girl clung to her side, all Luna could do was wrap her arms snugly around the girl who so resembled her gangly, red-haired father.

"I just miss Dad," Rose sighed.
Luna nodded, understanding completely: she knew what it was like to miss her father... and what it was like to miss Ronald Weasley..."I miss him too."
"We haven't heard from him in over two months. It's terrible. I had just started school again when it happened. Hugo told me about it. Dad came back for Christmas, and stayed that night, but he hasn't spent the night at home since. And Hugo starts at Hogwarts in a month. What if he doesn't show up? I don't think Hugo would take it well..."

Luna drew Rose closer. "I don't believe for a moment that Ron would ever miss his own son going to Hogwarts for the first time. He loves you and your brother. Make no mistake."
The young girl turned to look at the older woman's face. "I know. But, I don't think he loves Mum anymore. They hate each other so much, that I don't know what either of them will do."

More flutters of hope sprang in Luna's heart, she knew exactly what had happened since she'd been gone: "Don't be so silly. They don't hate each other. And they still love each other. There love has just changed, that's all. They have both changed, and now they are both trying to have their own separate lives. They're not abandoning you and Hugo at all. They're trying to figure out how to make everything work out."

"I guess I understand. But it's just so difficult! Uncle Harry was talking to Mum... and it sounded kind of like Dad wants to get a divorce. I think Uncle Harry agrees with him. But Mum just yelled at him and asked him to leave."
"What do you think is best, Rose?"
"What? Why ask me? It's not my decision."
"I know. But your parent's can't know exactly what's best for you and your brother without having your opinion too, right?"
"I... I don't know what's best. I don't know what I want. I want our family to stay together, but I also want Mum and Dad to stop fighting and be happy."
"Then," Luna replied, gently kissing the girl's forehead, "find your own solution."
For the first time, Rose smiled. "Yeah! I'm a Ravenclaw, afterall." She hopped up, walking back to the front door, "Just like Auntie Luna!" Her long red hair whished with her smile as she re-entered the tiny cottage.

Luna wasn't entirely sure what was going through the mind of Ron Weasley's daughter, and she knew she had no control over anything that would happen as a result. She had to leave everything in Fate's hands. If only Fate would be kinder to everyone this time around...

- - - - - -