Hello there, Misery here. Some people have asked me questions as to what exactly Stockholm syndrome is. Well perhaps I should answer it before you read the story. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage has been placed. Basically people its when the hostage (the one abducted) bonds with the abductor (the person who took the hostage)

Slanted thoughts

Underline flashback

Chapter One: The Abduction

He followed her everywhere like a dog at her heels yet he was as unnoticed as the afternoon shadow. He doubted that she knew whether he existed but it was alright, he didn't mind too much. Soon enough she'll know who he is.

The man grew silent as she greeted her friends. He sat on a park bench several meters away taking a large drag on his cigarette watching her carefully from the corner of his eye. Just who is this man, none other than Sasuke Uchiha.

"Hey Hinata what took you so long?" barked a happy-go-lucky boy. Sasuke made several mental notes on him. He had shaggy brown hair and red fang shaped tattoos on his cheeks. He was her age -17 years old- but had the body of a built adult, hovering over her by about five inches. Kiba Inuzuka was his name. Sasuke looked into him when he first encountered him; he lived with his mother and older sister, an average boy doomed with an average life. He was no threat to him.

"Sorry Kiba my father was lecturing me most of the morning, you should have gone with out me now we'll both be late"

Kiba cracked a wolfish smile and scratched his cheek. A habit Sasuke also noted that he did when was embarrassed. This ticked him off because he knew what he was embarrassed about. Kiba had a small crush on Hinata and this fact set Sasuke on fire with hatred.

It doesn't matter. I'm the only man who truly loves her. She's not stupid enough to fall in love with someone who only looks at her vainly.

Sasuke made a blunt point. Many boys at her high school lusted after Hinata like ravenous wolves, she was a fully developed woman blessed with graceful curves and supple breasts, her hips were framed beautifully and she strode elegantly with long smooth legs. Her hair reached her healthy waist in a cascade of ebony colored waterfall, each strand shimmering like snowflakes, and the most notable characteristic was her soft porcelain face. Her beauty was different though, she didn't flaunt nor did she parade her magnificence. She is a lily among roses.

The lily, a brutish flower that can endure the elements and still blossom gracefully while the simple rose withers against the sun's scorching rays.

Sasuke stood up from the bench and walked behind them, careful to trace no suspicion to himself. He stayed several meters away, hands jammed into his pockets, his face stoic and cold, looking completely normal.

As he walked behind them Sasuke couldn't help but remember when his love for her became an obsession. He remembered one day two years ago, it was three weeks after his 18th birthday he was walking across the park.

"Damn it's so fucking hot" he complained, he pulled at his shirt in discomfort. He strutted along the park in complete boredom, he didn't know what brought him here but he sensed something interesting might happen and seeing as he had absolutely nothing better to do he might as well go to the park and enjoy a bit of the scenery.

Sarutobi Park was in fact famous for its graceful landscapes and sparkling lakes. Every winter he'd come and take a look at the bare trees, but he had no idea what brought him here in the spring, he didn't find flowery trees very appealing, it was simply a 15-minutes-of-fame sort of beauty to him.

"You think you're better than us just because your dad's rich"

"Yea come on rich girl, look at you you're so ugly. I hate those stupid eyes."

Sasuke came upon the scene of all the noise. A group of girls bullying some pathetic weakling, how boring. He leaned against a pole careful to hide himself from their eyes.

Well I might as well see how this plays out.

There were probably about four girls, they weren't too ugly nor were they beautiful. By their body structure and height Sasuke could only guess they were high school girls. The four girls flaunted their chests by wearing low cut shirts and showed off their legs with extremely short skirts.

They stood on front of the other girl, cornering her against a tree. This girl Sasuke decided wasn't half bad. As a matter of fact Sasuke couldn't help but notice her nice figure, it was hidden nicely underneath a wooly jacket but Sasuke knew enough about women and their bodies to know that that girl had a very nice body.

The girl didn't seem that intimidated by the other four, she looked uncomfortable but 'scared' or 'frightened' was the last thing he could describe her as. He saw how she shifted away from the other girls, clearly trying hard to ignore them and tried walking away.

"Don't walk away from us you bitch"

The girl sighed looking at them with dull eyes. "Ino I'm not walking away I'm going home, go get a life and leave me alone"

"Hinata you're a slut, you're nothing but a gold digging whore who hides behind your dad's power"

"So you're the one spreading those rumors about me?" accused Hinata. She took a moment to glare at Ino but returned to her leisurely pace out of the park.

"Don't turn your back on me Hinata"

Ino came rushing in and pushed Hinata roughly on the ground. Hinata whimpered slightly at the surprised and looked down at her knees so see them cut and bleeding. Her lip came out in a childish pout and she cradled her knee pressing her hand firmly against the cut so that the bleeding would stop.

Great, now that stupid girl is going to cry now. How pathetic.

Sasuke stood there, arms crossed, waiting patiently for the girl to start crying her pretty little eyes out. But what he heard instead weren't sobs but rather a howl in anger.

Hinata got up, her hands bloodied from her knees and clenched her fist until her nails dug painfully into her palms. She stomped her way towards Ino and punched her with a firm fist straight towards her lovely blue eye.

Ino cried out in pain and shielded her face .Ino's friends came to her aid and began holding on to Hinata, forcing her arms behind her so that Ino could slap her soft face until it became red and raw.

"You bitch how dare you do that"


"You're nothing but a spoiled brat"


"Just die whore"


Hinata kicked Ino back with all the force she had in her leg, causing Ino to fly backwards skidding on her behind. She stepped on one of the girl's foot and ripped her arm from her grasp, then pushed her on her face. The other girl gripped Hinata's hair forcing her to bend over slightly and then she kicked Hinata on her shin. Hinata bit down on her lip and hissed at the cheap shot. She kicked the girl back, only her kick thrusted the girl back making her stumbled.

Hinata whipped her hair away and wiped her face. Sasuke was right, she did end up crying. But he knew it wasn't because she was weak, it was something else, as if it weren't in her nature to hurt, yet she went against it and did it anyways. She looked at the girl with a grim face that said 'look what you stupid bitches made me do'. She had such a sad face on though, as if pain were the last thing she'd want to cause another person.

What a weird girl.

He looked at her curiously, his heart was racing now and his face was heating up. He didn't understand what was wrong with him, he felt his heart thumping loudly against his chest, he was afraid she'd hear him because it was beating so loudly. He glanced back and saw that the girl 'Hinata' was her name –it was burned into his mind- suddenly took off running deeper into the park where the trees thickened. His body moved on its own and he took off after her, cautiously making sure that she did not know he was following her.

She finally stopped at a discretely hidden bridge and held tightly onto the bars panting madly. Sasuke exited the path from a different angle and tried hard to look like a normal citizen enjoying a walk in the park, he was very far away from her to the point where she wouldn't notice him yet still close enough to see that she was still crying. He came upon a bench and sat down taking out his phone pretending that he was texting. Every other minute he'd glance at her, she seemed to have calmed down, she looked deeply into the murky water that ran under the bridge.

Sasuke noted how stunning she looked, the blood was still caked onto her hands and knees, but this girl –though tears fell- seemed angry. Her long hair moved along with the wind as if it were in an enchanted dance, the girl dusted her pants and brushed off her shirt .She looked like a flowery soft and caring girl but fought with a spirit of a wolf. Sasuke found himself heating up again. He saw the kind of person she truly was, she's the kind to regret getting in fights, the kind to show compassion for her enemy. Truly a one in a million kind of girl. Sasuke had only seen her for a few minutes but his heart was determined.

I love her.


Hinata is now a ravishing seventeen year old woman. She attends Konoha high school and is the heiress to a very powerful corporation that owns a series of different businesses. Varying from medicine to weaponry, they monopolized the business world by force and money.

Her routine every morning is. Get up and leave home by 7:30, walk seven blocks to the park and take the main path -that was also a short cut- to school. Her schedule was First period: Calculus, Second period: English V, Third period: Physics, Fourth period: Art VI, Fifth period: lunch, Sixth period: World History, Seventh period: P.E. Sasuke knew all of this from careful watching and some file snooping. Her father is Hiashi Hyuuga, younger sister Hanabi, and older cousin Neji.

Sasuke didn't consider himself a stalker, that word was creepy even too him. He was simply observing very closely, learning all he could about her so that when they met he would make her fall in love with him just like he had fallen in love with her. She wasn't an obsession. She was simply his love, and he would stop at nothing to completely capture and captivate her with his natural charm, and perhaps if necessary, use force.


Hinata and Kiba were now arriving to the school gates and entered laughing at a joke Kiba had said. Sasuke stayed several yards away from the school looking mournfully at her as she slipped into the double doors. Sasuke took another drag from his cigarette; the cancerous smoke escaping his mouth and nostrils in wispy billows and dissolving into the fresh air. He flicked the cigarette on the sidewalk and crushed it under his foot, after hearing the school bell whistle he decided to spend a couple of minutes waiting outside, loitering in an inconspicuous manner. Taking his sweet time.

It was at times like these that he wished he were still in high school but he already had his time. Sasuke was a 20 year old man and had graduated three years ago. He had no job, seeing as he was a very rich man with or with out his wealthy family. His father had offered him countless jobs at the police station but this work didn't interest him, yet just because he had no job didn't mean he was bored. He spent his days doing what he enjoyed, watching Hinata, and it made him very happy.

Sasuke took out another cigarette and placed it between his scrumptious lips lighting it and taking in the nicotine scented air into his lungs. As the wispy column of smoke escaped his mouth he thought about how he would be able to get Hinata. If he could just be alone with her he was sure she'd be his. Sasuke began walking away from the school and decided to go to a coffee shop near by –one that Hinata often went to- and bask in the caffeinated aroma for a while. He might be considered suspicious if he stayed around the school gates any longer, he might be blindly in love but he wasn't stupid. He made sure in the past two years that nobody would notice his following habits. Not even his closest friends knew of this, she was his secret to keep and his obsession to love.

Moonlighting aside, Sasuke didn't completely wallow in Hinata's life, he knew how to enjoy himself with his friends he didn't seclude himself because he knew that that would make his family suspicious of him and that last thing Sasuke would ever want is to arouse suspicion.


Sasuke checked his watch it was 4:00. Hinata would be walking home any moment. He got up from his chair in the library- staying in the coffee house too long would just bring bothersome women asking for his number and the owner would just be apprehensive about his stay- and began his stride towards the school gates waiting for her to begin her routine travel home.

He watched her walking out of the school gates, looking nervous. Sasuke stared long and hard at her face, she kept glancing behind her as if she were expecting someone. Today was a Tuesday so Sasuke knew that she'd be walking home alone since her friends Kiba and Shino would be staying after school for sports activities.

Hinata held tighter to her school bag and flicked her head around. She knew she was in trouble, big trouble.

Why can't I just keep my big mouth shut?! If I had just kept quiet Ino wouldn't want to beat me up.

She clenched her hands gripping her palms until her knuckles turned white and glanced behind her again making sure she wasn't followed by any of Ino's friends. Her stride slowed a little when she didn't see anyone behind her, just some man and a few students also taking the short cut through the park. Hinata sighed loudly at her luck, today just wasn't her day. Ino had been mocking her about her eyes all day and Hinata just couldn't take the taunting anymore so she shoved Ino and told her to leave her to 'leave me alone you damn whore or I'll kick your ass' . Hinata knew she fell right into that trap, Ino had been wanting an excuse to fight with Hinata ever since Hinata punched her two years ago, she would pester her until Hinata's blood would boil.

Usually Hinata wouldn't mind fighting, for one Ino deserved a nice blue bruise to match her blue eyes. But Ino had made tougher friends, a girl named Sakura. She seemed like a very nice girl but she could be easily manipulated and Ino spread horrible rumors about Hinata making Hinata look bad in front of everyone, Sakura wasn't cruel by heart but she had a terrible punch that could knock Hinata unconscious and if baited correctly Ino could definitely deceive Sakura into believing that Hinata had done something horrible, something worth punishment. If it were a one on one fight with Sakura Hinata had confidence that she could possibly beat her –with numerous black bruises but none the less beat her- but Ino didn't like playing like that, she had a group whenever she'd fight Hinata and Hinata knew that one of these days she just might not make it home alive.

She was almost at the end of the park when suddenly a rushed tackle hit her from behind knocking all the air out of her. She fell to ground incorrectly and landed on her knee sending a surge of pain through it. She quickly got up and turned around meeting several angry faces.

"I thought you said you were going to kick my ass Hyuuga" smirked Ino.

Hinata felt her knee wobble under her but she stayed her ground wiping the dirt from her pants and dusting her shirt. "Leave me alone Ino, you don't fight fair." Ino walked up to her and shoved Hinata's shoulder in a challenge. "What are you all bark and no bite?" she sneered.

Hinata clenched her fist tightly and punched Ino's jaw. As soon as she had done it though Sakura came in and kicked Hinata backwards, Hinata's knee gave out and sent Hinata falling on the ground unable to get up. Ino howled in pain at the attack and hissed as she touched her cheek. She grabbed a near by branch and whipped Hinata with it.

"Stupid bitch"

Hinata felt Ino tug on her hair and suddenly she was being dragged across the grass, Hinata clawed at Ino's hands but her hair was too long and she wasn't able to reach her.

Hinata growled angrily at the cheap trick Ino was trying to pull, she was taking Hinata to a deeper part of the park where normal citizens wouldn't hear her scream.

When Ino finally stopped she pulled at Hinata's hair until she was forced to lift her head meeting Ino eye to eye. Then everything went blank, Hinata fell unconscious as Ino smashed her head full forced onto a tree stump.

As all of this was happening Sasuke watched patiently from the sidelines. Usually when Hinata was in a fight she could defend herself very well, but this girl brought in someone new, a pink haired girl that Sasuke didn't recognize, and it made him nervous. He didn't interfere with her squabbles because she usually ended up victorious in the end but as he saw her fall on the floor in a limp heap he realized that this time she wouldn't win. Sasuke watched as Ino began kicking Hinata's body quite viciously, Sakura tried holding her back.

"Ino I think you should stop, you're taking this too far"

"Sakura shut up, this is the last time I'm going to let this rich brat walk around school"

Sasuke reacted quickly and swiftly. For the first time in two years he approached Hinata at a distance less then 20 feet, as he walked towards her Ino and Sakura spotted him coming their way and made a dash for an escape. He didn't chase them down, nearby spectators would wonder why a man was chasing two high school girls and Sasuke didn't need any wandering eyes looking at him.

He decided this was a good thing, Hinata was unconscious and this was the perfect opportunity to have a close look up at her. He walked up to her quickly, if someone were watching he would have to make it seem like he were helping her. He reached down to feel her pulse, it was slow but that was expected for an unconscious person. He watched her chest rise and fall and he pulled back her hair wiping some dirt from her face. But he knew if he stayed like this for long someone would come and see him, then everything would be ruined, all the years of watching and admiring. He lifted her up roughly and threw her over his shoulders, and then he walked into a deep part of the park where he knew no one would see them. There he would wait until night fall came so that he could take her into his car and finally have her for himself.


Sasuke walked happily to his bedroom and placed her gently against the wall. She was still unconscious so her head slung to the side showing her smooth ivory neck. Sasuke wished to sink his teeth greedily in them and ravish her on the spot, but he would have to do this carefully. He wouldn't take her yet, he wasn't an imbecile, if she woke up with him next to her finding herself no longer a virgin she would hate him forever and Sasuke didn't seek temporary pleasure he wanted her to be his entirely both body and mind. Yes this would take some careful planning he would have to lock her up here at his house until she realized that they belonged together.

For now, though he thought it best to tie her up, until he finds her trust worthy enough to not leave his house and escape. So he went into a tool box and found some thin rope he could use and tied her wrists together nice and tight. He hooked her on a nook in his wall where she will be able to sleep.

He didn't try putting her on his bed because the temptation to take her would be too great. He is after all a man, he had urges that sometimes he just couldn't control, but putting her on the couch in his living room would also pose a threat, if she were to wake up during the night he wouldn't want her hopping off out of his house especially when he finally got a hold of her. So for now she'll stay in his room, away from his bed but near his vigilant sight.

He brushed her hair off to the side and eased a bit of his want by kissing her, capturing her soft limp lips, savoring her taste deeply.

Sasuke burned up with satisfaction, she will finally be his.

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