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I played my part

And you played your games

You give love

A bad name

Ohh you're a loaded gun

Ohh there's nowhere to run

No one can save us

The damage is done

Shot through the heart

And you're to blame

Darling you give love

A bad name


It really was only coincidence that Red X was even there to begin with.

He had been passing by, simply returning from another heist, had heard - and seen - the Titan's glorious leader fighting an unknown, no name villain with way too many guns. And knives. Nasty ones too, from the looks of the jagged little hooks and teeth on them.

So, he really was only planning on watching Robin fight the unnamed bastard, rather than actual do anything.

Because the boy was like a dancer when he fought - all long jumps and graceful kicks, and smooth ducking and carefully aimed swinging fists, twisting bo staff and flips - so Red X found it wonderfully enjoyable to just watch him fight it out. Fighting with and against him was just enjoyable, only in a different ways.

So, it really was unplanned that he took a damn bullet for him.


"Dammit." Robin grunted when he heard a gun go off, but his tensed and prepared muscles were for nothing - he wasn't sporting a hole of any type in his person.

It was about that time that Robin realized there was a teen - slightly older - standing in front of him, hand clamped tightly over his right shoulder.

"Damn, Kid, my dominant arm." The teen was saying, voice sounding strained and raspy, but even that didn't cover the note of (fond?) annoyance. He was a few inches taller than Robin, so the bullet hit his shoulder rather than his head, like it would have hit the young hero's.

The villain himself - tall, black mask, black clothes, orange flame on his left breast pocket, maybe in his thirties - had not been expecting some kid to run out in front of the path of his gun anymore than his intended target had, and was momentarily taken aback. The split second was just enough time for Robin to rush forward and knock him down, so that he smacked right into the ground. Robin turned to stare at Red X, and he reached out - despite Red X's protests.

"Hey! Don't touch it!"

"Shut up and let me see it, X."

"Respect your elders, Kid."

"You're not that much older."

His hand landed on the wound, and Red X stiffened. Robin drew him closer, gingerly prodding the wound. He grazed his hand over the back of the older one's shoulder, frowning when he made the discovery that the bullet was still lodged in there.

So, because he was too busy fidgeting with Red X, it makes sense that he couldn't see the gunman getting back up.

Red X pushed Robin aside, knowing that his bo staff - which had been dropped when the gun went off - was way out of reach, plus that the hero was unprepared, and received a swift uppercut from the gun. This sent his head back in a sharp whiplash, and the corners of his mind were eaten by black.

When would he ever learn?

He would have noticed, had he not been falling unconscious, the faint sound of a second gun shot, along with another pain. But, you know; loosing consciousness and endorphins were dulling everything at the moment.

He saw Robin dart forward and put the guy out yet again, and then turn back to him.

Dammit, his thoughts hissed just before he blacked out.


"Shit." Robin muttered, calling Cyborg on the communicator. "Cy? You there?"

"I got you, Robin. What's up?"

Robin kneeled next to Red X, spitting the coordinates out. "There's a criminal here, but I can't take care of him - my hands are tied up. I need you to take care of it."

"Sure, but what-"

"Thanks, bye." He snapped it shut, reaching for Red X, still out cold. "You awake, or what?"


What do I do? Where do I take him? Maybe-?


Robin paused, his hand resting on the air just above Red X's face, knowing he sure as hell wouldn't want his mask removed, before he carefully gripped the edges and pulled off the cowl.


The black was being infiltrated, blurring white that started in the middle of his not quite consciousness that spread out to the edges and chased away the dark. Next came his actual sight, complete with the inside of a familiar place he had broken into. Which really didn't narrow it down that much, but it was still a little comforting. He could feel whatever he was touching, in an abstract sort of way, which strengthened enough to where he could tell that he was laying down, and the air was cool. Air conditioned sort of cool.

He blinked a couple of times, and all his senses crashed on top of him, and he realized he was staring up into the face of Boy Wonder.

Then he realized his head was resting in said Boy Wonder's lap.

"You're awake." Robin said, voice calm and neutral. Red X just blinked again, and he picked up on the fact that…wait a minute.

"You took off my mask!"

"Yes." Robin replied, as if he had been waiting for Red X to catch on.

Red X noticed that his suit had been stripped away, sticky with blood and sweat (and would be placed back in the safe yet again after cleaning), and had been replaced by blue jeans and a red T shirt. He shifted, and the material clung to his skin in a way that suggested that they were just a little too small for him.


Robin thought for a minute. "I was curious. I wanted to know what you looked like."

Red X was honestly too tired to deal with this, and anything resembling anger fizzled out. "Curiosity killed the cat, Kid."

"One, I'm not a cat." Robin countered, moving his hand - ah, he'd taken off his gauntlets - so that his cold palm touched more of Red X's scalp, with his fingers threading through blonde hair. "Two, curiosity is just another form of bravery."

"Really." Red stressed sardonically.

Irritated gaze met composed gaze, and Robin took the time to analyze Red X's appearance - which he had been doing since the mask's removal. His skin was pale, but not nearly as pale as Robin's own. His lips were a faint rose color, and wispy sun kissed strands ran over his forehead, between Robin's bared fingers.

He really is older than me, Robin thought in wonder. "Just how old are you?" The questioned came before he could reconsider it.

"How old are you?" Was his answer.

He frowned. "Fifteen."


In the next moment, Red X's hand flew up, and before Robin could dodge, scraped up the side of his face. He cringed reflexively, both his hands busy - one under Red X's head, the other in his hair - and felt his own mask snap away.

"Red." He said, exasperation barely held in check.

His adversary's voice came, a soft growl in his throat, but he wasn't angry. "An eye for an eye, Kid." His hand was still up, next to Robin's cheek, grasping the mask tightly.

Each took note that the other also had blue eyes, but where Robin's eyes were shady indigo, Red X's were pale and sky colored.

Robin eventually sighed, and the older teen's hand flopped down onto his stomach, satisfied, a smile creeping onto his lovely mouth.

"What is so amusing?" Robin demanded.

"I just knew you were gonna be a looker, Kid."

"Friend Robin!"

Red X jerked in the blushing leader's grip, causing aforementioned leader to snicker. Sweet, sweet karma.

Starfire, along with Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were coming toward them.

"Is…ah…Red X quite well?" The bubbly alien asked hesitantly.

"Just freakin' great!" Red X exclaimed, turning his face away, as if it would do any good.

"I am so glad for your health!" She cheered, the exasperation flitting right over her head.

"Dude, why're your guy's masks off? What the heck are you doing?!" Cy cried, getting a good look at Red and Robin, both for the first time ever.

"Ah hah! So THAT'S what you both look like!" Beast Boy cried, pointing at them.

Red X rolled his eyes while Robin slapped a hand to his forehead. (He thought he was dealing with his face being uncovered well enough…)

"Nothing." Robin said first.

"What do you think we're doing?" Red X snarled at the same time.

Raven, the one with what was probably the most sense (and emotional control of the group) arched an eyebrow at the two boys. Then she let out a low chuckle before going silent again.

Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg noticed that she chuckled, but the only response was, "Dude! She laughed!" from Beast Boy.

Red X paused and took the time to stare at her, wondering what exactly that laugh was about.

Robin missed it entirely, as he was still blushing (but only a little, he told himself).

And then the moment had passed, leaving Red X still in Robin's lap, and Beast Boy asking Raven why she never laughed at his jokes.


Robin wrapped the gauze around Red X's shoulder, trying to persuaded the stubborn teenage villain to give. A damn. Name.


"Red X, I refuse to refer to you as 'Red X' while we are both stuck here until you heal. His gun went off twice, through your shoulder and your hip, when you were going out-"

"So I gathered." From the ache in my upper leg.

"Listen, I'm just trying to…"

"Go on, I'm waiting." Red X said from in front of Robin, sitting on the sofa. Robin was on the table, trying to dress his wound properly.

"…to…establish…some sort of normality. Just give me a name - any name, it doesn't even have to be your real name."

Red X stared at him for a long time, before his dull gaze turned to one of thoughtfulness, cocking his head to the side as he thought.

Robin waited patiently, finishing with his shoulder as he waited. "Well?" He prompted.

"Give me a sec, I'm thinking." Red X replied, waving him off. "How about-"

"Hey, Robin!" Cy called. "I can't find any info on this guy!"

Robin briefly dropped his head into his hands before saying, "I told you not to do that!"

Cyborg stopped, staring. "No, you didn't."

"Well, I told Beast Boy to tell you not to do that." Robin cut in before Red X got any wrong ideas.

Beast Boy, who had just come into the room, froze. "Uh…why's everybody staring at me?"

Robin made a motion towards Red X, then to Cyborg.

"Ohhhh…uh…heh heh…oops?"

"What'd you do, run it through a standard search?" Red X asked.

"Yeah." Cyborg replied, sounding somewhat insulted.

Red X chuckled. "It's gonna take a bit more than that to find me."

"Don't look." Robin ordered swiftly. Red X shot him an amused glance, smiling slightly.

"Alright, fine, I gotta a lead on your new guy anyway." Cyborg replied tiredly.

Robin frowned. "What?"

"Oh yeah, I came to tell you that too. He's part of a new gang, nothing too big, but they've got nasty ways…I really don't want to list 'em all…but I'm following a lead up on a club they frequent, just out of Jump City's borders."

"Find it." Robin ordered. "Beast Boy, you go inform the others."

"Aw, why me?" He cried, but headed off to get to work despite it.

When Robin and Red X were alone again, Robin tried to pick up on the conversation again. "What were you saying now?"

"You know, you really didn't have to get so protective over my identity like that. It'd take your friend forever to find me, if he ever did." Red X leaned back, taking in Robin's reaction.

"No, it wouldn't." Robin replied, stating it as if it couldn't be any other way. "You underestimate him."

Red X shrugged.

"You never answered my question."

"Huh?…oh, right. My name. Or a name to call me. You're pretty funny, Kid. Alright, how do you feel about…Tyler?"

Robin glanced up from whatever he had been contemplating. "Tyler? Okay. That sounds…good."

Red X, henceforth known as Tyler, frowned. "What's up with you?"

"Nothing." He replied all too innocently. His gaze had dropped to…Tyler's wounded hip. Ohhhh. Tyler couldn't help the smirk.

"Well, you gonna take care of the other hole?" He asked, watching Robin jerk his eyes back up to Tyler's.

"Of course." Robin answered carefully. He set to changing the bloody bandages, tugging uneasily at the zipper. Tyler held back a smile and kept his hands out of the way, watching Robin push the jean material back. He placed his hand over the white stained red strips, and Tyler's hand locked over Robin's.

Robin looked back up, only to find Tyler's face barely a breath away from his own, nose to nose, light blue eyes practically glowing with laughter.

"Er," Robin managed, then shut up when he thought his lips might touch Tyler's. He gulped, frozen, and even if he wasn't, he was held in place by Tyler's hand on his cheek.

"You blush," Tyler breathed over his lips, "real easy, Kid."

He leaned in, lips coming in light contact with Robin's, just barely touching, until he pressed down, covering his mouth completely. Tyler's hand crept down his neck to his chest. Robin pulled his hand out of Tyler's, and gripped his hair. The slightly older teen's now free hand went to the back of the other's neck, squeezing gently.

The kiss didn't progress any farther than that; it was simply the two of them leaning forward to close the distance, holding onto the other.

And when Raven stopped at the top of the stairs, she stared at them for a minute before turning around and heading back the other way. And when she nearly ran into Starfire, she steered her back to her room, asking about the name to that song she had been talking about earlier, because she liked it.

Tyler and Robin didn't even notice.

Finally, after they were done, Robin pulled back, face flushed and biting at his lower lip. Tyler waited, watching him glance around like he expected a distraction to come in any minute.


Robin looked back helplessly at him, letting out a tiny lost sound. It only took Tyler a few seconds to realize Robin didn't know.

Well, he is younger than me, Tyler mused as he slid an arm around Robin, who snuggled up closer to him. "You really are a handful, Kid."


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