A/N - So this is an experimental short chapter fic that spawned from a dream I had. I barely remember the specifics of the dream, but the scenarios played over in my head until I finally decided to write them down. The format of the story was somewhat inspired by Unforgivable Sinner? by Midnightheir. The story will have the first scene in the beginning in italics that comes in with little continuing bits each chapter, then the rest of each chapter will be a progressively earlier scene from the previous chapter. Please Review and tell me what you think. This is sort of an AU, and so there may seem to be a bit of OOCness in this story, but please believe that everything will be explained.

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He depressed the button on his wristwatch remote that activated the device on the table. A soft moan echoed through the small meeting room, and soon four tags sprang from the circular disk to land on each of the four other occupants of the room. Another gently whirring sound followed and then all four targeted were enveloped in the tensile binding polymer that erupted from the tiny cartridge on each of them.

Donatello stood in the corner, free from the blast area and surveyed his detainees with disgust. Each one returned their own bewildered stares and the occupants of the meeting room remained at a motionless silence for several long moments.

Finally, one of the prisoners spoke. "YOU!" he growled. "How could you do this to us, Don? I thought we were family?"

Donatello's mouth twitched slightly as he brought his hand up to his beak to bite on the massive silver ring that rested up his beefy finger. His gaze was furious as he glanced at the speaker through his clenched teeth. "We were never family, Raphael. At least, we haven't been family for ten years."

- - -

"Mikey! Hey bro, glad you could make it." Raphael ran out from behind the desk and embraced his little brother. It had been quite some time since they had last spoken, and, admittedly, they were at least on slightly better terms than the others.

Mike returned the hug. "Wow, look at Mr. Sentimental over here," he jibed. Bringing up Raphael's sensitive side usually earned the speaker a swift kick in the ass, but after ten years, Raphael had actually mellowed quite a bit. It was almost a necessity considering the position he held as the head of this secret underground group called simply, "The Organization."

Michelangelo stepped back from the hug, taking in his once hotheaded brother's laugh with slight grin. He glanced around and appraised the obvious high value of his surroundings, giving a low whistle to signify how impressed he was. "Dude Raph, you've been holdin' out on us," he stated as he sucked on the steel ring wedged in his lip. "All fancy and prim around here. I'm sure them tax payers love what ya've done with their money." He took several sweeps around the room, making sure to get his fingers on just about every odd and end around before he took up a spot leaning against the far wall.

Leonardo sat in one of the guest chairs that he had swiveled around to look at the orange clad sibling. His gaze ran up and down the turtle's body, taking in all the new piercings and tattoos that now adorned his green flesh. He scowled slightly and went back to polishing the katana in his lap, maintaining his bitter persona that he had kept through all these years.

Master Splinter was in the other guest chair of the room, situated alongside one wall of the lavish place. He was absently twiddling with the tassels found on the end of the window curtain. When Michelangelo arrived, he looked up for only the briefest period to give the turtle an unknowing politely empty smile before returning his fragile attention to the velvet tassels.

Donatello remained in the doorway, watching the small and yet tense family reunion play out in the room. He nervously brought his right hand up to his mouth and gently bit around on the silver ring resting neatly on his finger. His mouth fit nicely in the already present teeth marks found framing the shell of the turtle that took up the mounted position on the ring. Seeing his brothers and father in the same room again brought up some nostalgic feelings for him that made the future all the more satisfying.

Raphael, still smiling from Mikey's comments, returned to his plush leather seat behind the massive mahogany desk. But instead of sitting, he remained upright and proper as he addressed everyone in the room. "I hate ta cut the family reunion short, but we all came here for business I believe," he stated to everyone present. Leo did not take his eyes from his swords, but nodded to show he was listening. Mike watched him from the wall, crossing his arms and giving his brother that strange appraising look again. Master Splinter brought his legs up to his chest and curled into a fetal ball as he glanced up, sad eyes boring all his attention on Raphael. Donatello remained where he was.

Raphael cleared his throat. "As youse guys probably know, I've been havin' some…shall we say, 'issues,' with another little group. Namely, they've been following me and interrupting a lot of my practices. I'm sure we all know who I'm talkin' about here." There was a brief murmur of assent from the room before he continued. "Well, I haven't really done anythin' to them, but they got a beef with me that needs ta be taken care of. If they continue ta get in my way, a lot of things could be at stake and a lot of good people could get hurt." Leo grunted and Master Splinter's ears perked up at that. "Now, I'm sure none of here wants that. Now, I've been helpin' you guys out for years now, and I haven't really asked for anythin' in return, but right now, I'm desperate for help and people I can trust. And right now, the only people I can trust are family, and that means you guys.

"I'm also aware that most of ya have barely spoken ta each other fer awhile."

"You mean like Donnie over there," Leo interrupted with some cold indifference. "Haven't seen him in the whole ten years."

"Ever since I sent him away for training," Splinter spoke up. His voice was shallow and held no shred of the former confidence it once embodied. "I sent him away, and then we all drifted apart." The sorrow in his voice almost made a stab at Donatello's heart. Almost.

Raphael coughed again, clearly displeased with the interruptions. "Yes, well, Donnie here was the one who decided to bring us back together. And I'm glad he did so. I've missed youse guys, and I don' wanna spend another ten years without ya.

"But not to depress the mood, I really need ya all to pay attention. Don came to me, knowing the trouble the Organization was having and offered some to help. He came up with one o' his brilliant plans, but it required all of us back together. So he went and got us all here. He did somethin' none of us could."

There was a brief pause in Raph's musings as the others gradually murmured in agreement. After that, Raph turned to Don. "Can ya get the battle plans set up, now?" he asked.

Don froze for a moment before he fished out of his pocket a small circular device and set it on the ground of the doorway. He punched a couple buttons into his wristwatch controller and soon a small laser field was passing around the room. "Don't worry," Raph asserted after the sudden disturbed and panicky reactions from the others. "It's just to calibrate the hologram projector to the rooms size. The plan we're gonna show you is somethin' that's been worked on now for several months, and it will require all the skills we all have as well as some o' the new ones some of us got over the years." He seemed to look pointedly at Michelangelo and Splinter at that last comment. "And then, when it's all done, we can all go back ta livin' like a family again."

"You won't just throw us back out onto the street after this is all done?" Mike piped up in his familiar jovial joking voice. The one voice that seemed to change the least over the years, Don mused.

Raphael gave a coy smile. "Now Mikey, you know I wouldn't. There's no way I'd let you all back out onto the streets after this. But, I'd at least give you guys a nice dinner before destroying you all." The two siblings erupted into a familiar laughter, which resulted in the starting of a small smirk coming from Leo and a gently reminiscing smile from Splinter.

Donatello remained cool and emotionless throughout it all as he watched the small device on the ground work its way around the room. When it was finished, a small LED lit up on its top, signifying that it was ready. He picked it up and strode into the room, setting the small disk like object on Raphael's desktop. "Is it ready?" Raphael asked, and Don gave a quick nod before stepping back to the far wall on the opposite side of the entrance door from where Mikey was leaning. Raphael gave him a quick nod to begin the program.

"Come on," Mikey whined. "Let's get it over with already."

"Yes," Don muttered under his breath, and then, with a sudden burst of resolve, he straightened and looked each and every one of his former family members in the eyes and said, "Let's get it over with." And he depressed the activation key on his wristwatch.