Sissy gives Aelita a hard time about her relationship with Jeremie. AxJ

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Aelita was sitting on a bench waiting for Jeremie, when Sissy walked up and said with a snooty attitude, "Waiting for Jeremie, I presume."

Aelita responded, "As a mater of fact I am, not that it's any of your business."

Sissy said "Why do you still hang out with that nerd Jeremie?" This caused Aelita to glare at Sissy with a look that said "Energy field!"

Sissy continued, "You're pretty enough that with a little make up a different outfit, you could probably get almost any guy at Kadic that you wanted. Almost, after all I already have dibs on Ulrich."

Aelita was well aware that Jeremie was not the only guy at Kadic whose eye she has caught, but he was the only one whose eye she wanted. She responded "You don't get it Sissy, Jeremie is the guy I want, and he likes just as I am."

Sissy said, "Well I don't get what you see in him." In response Aelita declared, "Let's see: His smart, and he happens to be the most sincere, and kind guy I know. On top of that I happen to think he's cute. Besides why should I take dating advice from you, after all, I'm the one with a boy friend."

Sissy just stood there with her mouth opened as though she were about to respond but said nothing. Just then Aelita saw Jeremie coming. She headed off to meet him with the satisfaction that she made Sissy speechless, a Kadic first fore certain.