A gleaming white ship stood in the harbour as onlookers and current passengers marvelled at it▓s beauty. The thick steel letters -ANTONIA GRAZA- stuck proud on the ship▓s side.

An elderly woman bent her back and pulled a little blue coat tightly around a little girl. "Now...it looks like you▓re all ready to go, now be careful... mature... and charming onboard. Don▓t go off into any strangers rooms▓, and be in bed by 10..." She fussed over the little girl standing in front of her.

"-Grandmamma stop fussing over me and let me get on board."

"Sorry dear -but this might be the last time in a while I▓ll be fussing over you." The woman smiled sweetly before giving her a kiss on the head. "Okay, have you got your ticket?"


"Evening dress?"

"Yes." The girl replied starting to look impatient.

"Spending money?"

"Yes, can I go now?!"

"You may." The old woman gave the girl a warm push on the back. People around them had begun to board the ship using the ramps.

The child turned around as she approached the ramp to give her grandma a sincere smile. "Bye."

"-Don▓t spend all your money on sweets, if you do - send half of them to me with a postcard." Her grandmother added jokingly. "Now go and have a safe journey home, bye Katie dear!"

Katie waved while giggling. As she boarded the ramp holding out her ticket, a friendly looking steward came forward to help her with her case. "Let me help you with that ma▒am." He said, giving her a handsome smile.

"Ma▒am? What a strange thing to say, and on an Italian cruise liner at that. Why don▒t you call me Miss...or better still...call me Katie." She said rather perplex.

The steward looked rather taken aback by her outspokenness, then - "Oh your British...that explains it!" He added with a smirk while tugging her case through the door into the reception area of the ship.

"Excuse me?"

"Your accent,...and walk."

"My walk?!" Katie exclaimed putting her hands on her hips. They came to a halt in front at a giant fish tank. The steward gave her a smile and dropped her case by reception and strolled off, she eyed him with sincere smile.

Looking around she took a deep sigh, ▒Well it looks child friendly.▓

Unbeknown to her a few floors below her feet sat a crates upon crates of gold, which are heart of the dastardly deed which would lead a blood bath, and her demise.