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Suddenly wind was howling deafeningly in Rose's ears, and she felt herself lifting with the sheer pull of the Void towards the far wall which shone pure whiteness.

Daleks were screaming, flying past her and the Doctor like they were mere pests themselves being sucked by a giant Dyson hoover. Exterminated once and for all, the irritating bugs they were.

"The breach is open! Into the Void! Ha!" she heard the Doctor screams over the wind, and she joined him with his smile of sheer achievement, both Daleks and Cybermen screaming as they shot past, howling in fear and rage and hurtling unwaveringly to their ultimate doom – Hell.

Rose's eyes were suddenly torn from the delighted face of the Doctor as his lever suddenly shot out bright sparks, temporarily blinding her. She opened her eyes just in time to witness his lever suddenly sinking down, down towards the Lever Room floor. Was…was it deactivating?

"Offline," the computerised voice confirmed her fears, and she suddenly found herself screaming desperately to the Doctor the blatantly obvious.
"It's deactivating!" she screamed over at him, but he didn't appear to be hearing her as he stared down, almost shocked by the actions of the lever.

He looked up at her, eyes staring at her in pure fear. She didn't even have anytime to speak before he was moving, moving slowly as he battled the suction with his progression towards the fallen lever.

Rose was screaming now, well aware the rate of flying Daleks and Cybermen were rapidly decreasing as the pull lessened with the lever.

He was trying desperately to pull the lever back up to his original position; even Rose could see the amount of strength he was using even to stand up. He held onto the lever as he was dragged from the safety zone of where the Magna Clamp was stuck fast to the wall.

"NO!" she shouted, reaching out an arm towards him for mental support. He wasn't looking though – too occupied with trying to push the lever back into place.

"Online and locked," the calm computer voice signalled success – but the fight was not yet over.

As intended the suction increased to maximum again, the stream of Daleks and Cybermen seemingly never coming to an end as the Doctor held tight onto the lever, which was now bending with the sheer effort to keep him from falling. Rose watched, antagonised as the Doctor was lifted into the air, openly crying out with the pain of holding on.

"Hold on!!!" Rose screamed, "HOLD ON!!!"

His grip was slipping now, but the Daleks and Cybermen were becoming fewer and fewer. The breach started to ripple, the sure sign of closing. Just a few more seconds…

"DOCTOR!" she found herself hollering for him again, his head turning towards her as the wall rippled even more – but Rose could see the strain was severely taking its toll.

His arms were aching, screaming their protests with every millisecond that passed. He tried to readjust his grip, he tried to fight the pain; kicking his legs as if it would somehow push him forward as though he was merely swimming against the current.

"Rose…" he whispered, totally inaudible over the roar of the wind – but she could hear it perfectly fine. "It's been fun." He gave a small, half-hearted smile over the agony rippling through his arm muscles. "See you in Hell."

His grip slipped.

Then he was hurtling through the air, being dragged back towards the open Void as Rose screamed her throat raw the single, painful word:


She watched in pure shock and breathtaking horror as he called out her name one last time, the prolonged constant syllable stuck forever in his throat. He hit the wall – or at least, he would've if the wall had been solid – so instead, he passed straight through it, the whiteness consuming him as though he were being sucked into the centre of a whirlpool.

First his feet disappeared, his legs, waist, shoulders, head left arm…until all Rose could see was a single hand of the most clever, complicated, precious, altruistic, amazing alien in the entire Universe as he finally met his end.

The end of the Doctor.

The end of Rose Tyler.

The end of all life as she knew it.

The hand reaching out to her finally disappeared into the rippling wall as Rose Tyler's entire life crashed and burned before her eyes.

"NO!" she screamed again, though it was entirely without point. Without even meaning to, she was hurtling through the air to join him in the nothingness, shock blinding her common sense as she helplessly plummeted to the end.

But then she stopped.

She felt strong, protective arms around her as she fell into the arms of her parallel father, who she swore to God had not been there a second ago. There was a sudden flash of blinding white light as Pete Tyler hit the rounded yellow medallion and suddenly, she was no longer in her world.

The suction of the Void immediately dissipated, but the shock of what had just happened was just started to hit Rose Tyler like a winding punch to the stomach. She cried out as a bout of anguish suddenly rose distinctly inside her, her own cry echoing ghost-like around the empty and destructed parallel Torchwood Lever Room.

She stamped her feet, howling in pain whilst the tears coursed constantly down her cheeks. She hugged herself tight, as if she was pretending it was the Doctor's arms around her – protecting her.

But he was gone.

The Doctor was dead.

She was well aware of the company standing warily around her, unsure of how to interpret her display of tortured cries.

"H-h-he…f-fell…" she heard herself just about gasp through the tears. "In…in…t-to the…V-void…" then the tears became too much to carry on talking, the pain burning inside her.

No one said anything. How could they? They could only watch her as she staggered to the wall to which had been the link to the Void, resting a hand on it. Maybe if she wished hard enough…he would come back…

This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. They were supposed to survive, together, scrape through it. They always did. It wasn't…it couldn't…

He couldn't be gone. He could never be gone. No stupid sucking void hole was going to keep her from him and she was going to get him back, no matter what. It wouldn't matter if they didn't have the TARDIS, they'd travel the world together and see amazing sights, and it didn't matter where they went…as long as they had each other.

Parallel Earth? Parallel Torchwood.

Parallel…no, wait a minute.

Suddenly Rose was running, running back to the computers, the Doctor's words still echoing in her head. It was a long shot. And extremely long shot. Infact, it was so long she realised she was just making it up as she went along.

Which made her even more miserable.

"I just open the void…and reverse! The void stuff gets sucked back inside!"

"Pullin' 'em all in!"

"Pullin' 'em all in!!!"

"What're you doin'?" Mickey yelled over at her as she struggled to get the computers to work the levers operational. She shouted in frustration, whacking the desk as the computer refused to turn on. "Rose?"

"We get the lever's operational! Fire the particle engines and open the void! We can get him back!" She seemed ecstatic, pleased with herself. "If he reversed the process I can just reverse his reverse and everything will get ejected from the void!"

The company however, did not seem so thrilled.

"Rose, sweetheart," Jackie started, her heart breaking to tell her daughter the words. "If you did that we'd have millions of Daleks and Cybermen ejected over the planet."

"I don't think the Doctor would want his life to be saved at that cost," Pete pointed out, truthfully.

"But that's when I reverse the reversed reverse! I flick the switch, hang onto the Doctor and let the Cybermen and Daleks get sucked back in again!"

"But we don't know 'bout the co-ordinates!" Jake insisted.

"Six! Lots of sixes! But we reverse it, set it to the inverse – negative sixes!"

A brief pause.

Mickey was the one finally to speak, steeping forward towards Rose and gesturing vaguely at the screen.

"You're doin' it wrong," he pointed out, bending down to the concealed plug beneath the desk. "I'll get it workin' for you."

Her voice came in a wavering, terrified whisper:

"Thank you, Mickey."

"Ready?" Rose asked, standing by the left-hand lever ready to start the process. She glanced at Mickey on the other side of the room at the other lever, who nodded affirmation.

They both ran forward, and together they pushed the levers.

The familiar sound of rushing wind started up as Rose and Mickey caught the force of the void blowing outwards, both managing to grasp onto one of the magna clamps they'd manage to scavenge from the Torchwood basement, attached to the wall. Everyone – Jackie, Pete, Jake, Mickey and Rose – held on tight, anticipating the worst.

Rose watched the wall of the void carefully, searching for any hint that something was going to come out. A converse trainer. A mess of brown hair. A pinstripe arm…or a leg? Anything. Anything at all.

But she was greeted by none of these things.

Instead, what she saw was a big metal foot.

A Cyberman screamed dramatically as it came flying helplessly out of the void, smashing through the far window and out onto the street below. Rose swallowed; hoping to the God she didn't believe in that the Doctor would come out soon before anyone got hurt.

Next was a Dalek – and for a being that seemed once so dominating it was almost disturbing the amount of screams is was now ejecting, managing to hit the wall before flying out of the window. Another Cyberman. Another one. A Dalek. Another Cyberman. A Dalek. Another. A random rock…but no Doctor.

"DOCTOR!" she screamed, wishing and hoping it was somehow a good luck word that he would hear, maybe not verbally, but in his mind. "DOCTOR!!!!"

Whether it was bloody good luck or sheer willpower she didn't know, but next thing she knew there was the Doctor, hurtling towards her like a speeding train, screaming all the way.

"CATCH HIM!" Rose yelled over the commotion, launching out her own hand to grab at something, anything. She had no idea how, but she managed to catch a clump of material – or rather, the bottom of his shirt. Pain immediately shot through her fingers as the amount of force trying to pull him away from her grasp – but she wasn't going to let go now.

He was fully conscious and alert, lunging for the magna clamp Rose was so desperately holding onto. He looked over at Rose, eyes wide as he realised what she'd done. He held her tight around his waist, pressing her body to his to protect her.

"Rose I'm not worth it!" he shouted, but she could barely hear him, even though they were but centimetres from each other.

"Wait a second!" she shouted back, gesturing furiously at Pete, who was nearest to the computer. He instantly lurched forward, whacking a button on the keyboard.

The change was instant. Suddenly they were roughly jerked back towards the wall, almost making Rose lose her grip completely but the Doctor kept her held firm.

Rose watched, eyes wide as Daleks and Cybermen that had previous flown out the window suddenly did a 180 degree turn and came flying back through the window, melting through the wall and back into the void.

Rose looked up at the Doctor, seeing his grinning face but inches from her own, his warm breath washing over her face, caressing her senses. She wanted to kiss him there and then – but given the fact this probably was neither the right time nor right place, she regretfully looked away.

And saw a Dalek flying straight towards her head.

She screamed out loud, absolutely terrified as the Doctor instantly protected her, putting himself between her and the flying Dalek.

"No!" Rose hollered as the Dalek lower body ring of its frame collided with his head, instantly making him slump over her, eyes closed in unconsciousness. She screamed rage at the Dalek as it flew past her, the task on holding on now seeming impossible with the Doctor's limp body to cope with too.

She was slipping. She knew she was slipping. She screamed out for her mum, Mickey, Pete, Jake…but before anyone could reach them Rose had already fallen towards the lever.

With a smack and a surge of pain near her coccyx she realised she had managed to grab onto the lever with one hand, the Doctor's collar with the other. The pain was immense but she remained resolute, determined they were both going to survive.

She could hear the desperate calls of everyone begging for her to let go of the Doctor as concentrate on her own right to exist. She almost felt hurt.

She screamed out in pain as the Daleks and Cybermen continued to fly over her, close to her own head. She glanced quickly down at the injured Doctor – for the first time seeing probably one of the most surreal sights she'd seen in her life.

The Doctor's head was bleeding, coming out of his wound profusely and slicking onto the floor – but the blood, still part of the Doctor was also getting sucked into the void. A stream of blood looking very much like a long red ribbon connected the Doctor and the void wall, and Rose was still absolutely terrified.

She couldn't take much more of this. There was no way in Hell she was letting go of the Doctor in her wildest dreams, but neither did she want to get sucked into the void.

She had to sacrifice something.

If she let go of the Doctor now she'd spend the rest of her life in emotional turmoil and pain for the loss of the man she loved – yet if she let go of the lever, she and the Doctor would spent an eternity together with no means of escape…in Hell.

Tears staining her cheeks, she looked up at Jackie, Mickey, Pete and Jake in turn, her body in agony but her face pumped full of misery.

"I'm sorry," she mouthed.

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