Harry Potter My Way

Author: Slytherins Rock

Chapter 1

"Harry Potter has not accepted his invitation to join Hogwarts yet; more letters are getting posted to him. But they are repeatedly getting ripped up; it seems his aunt is determined not to let him go to Hogwarts. I must ask one of you to go get him, it cannot be you Severus, and it's a muggle area. Professor Sprout would you like to go?" asked Dumbledore. He would have sent Professor McGonagall, get him into Gryffindor but he could not. But he made sure to have Ronald Weasley talk to him, the boy had been brought up hating them, yes, he was sure he could get the boy into Gryffindor. His plans were not going to go to waste! It was nine years of planning.

"Yes, headmaster I'll go" said the cheerful dumpy woman. She was quite big, and she loved her plants. She was also the head of Hufflepuff house, and very fair to everyone.

"Good, good" said the headmaster. Only Severus and Minerva knew that Albus Dumbledore was setting a plan up for Harry Potter. They were already moulding him into a prefect worrier. They were in for a shock, if they thought they were going to get to manipulate Harry Potter. Although Severus and Minerva had not wanted to at first, Severus had been friends with Lily, and knew she would not approve. And Minerva had been a friend of James' that was why they had not wanted to do it. Of course 'it's for the greater good' they agreed with the headmaster.

"That's the meeting today, come and see me after you have taken Harry for his school supplies" said Dumbledore.

"Yes, headmaster" said Sprout. She was given a key, obviously to Harry's vault and a portkey. He would after all hate it if anyone found out were Harry Potter stayed. The teachers soon left the headmasters office, knowing the meeting was over. They had papers to mark; it was after all only two weeks until the school came back. And they wanted to be prepared; they had forgotten the boy who lived was coming. That was all apart from, Severus and Minerva. And let's not forget, the headmaster.

-Privet Drive Surrey-

Harry heard someone knocking at the door, he was shouted at to get it. Rolling his eyes in disgust, his relatives were fat lazy bastards. Opening the door he found another one on the other side, wondering what she wanted he asked politely.

"Can I help you?" asked Harry.

"Are you Harry Potter?" she asked. Although he could tell she recognized him, it was pretty obvious after she looked at his scar. Frowning, he wondered why she asked if she recognised him.

"You recognised me why ask?" said Harry bluntly, he hated people like that.

"Sorry Mr. Potter, can I speak to your relatives please?" She asked.

"Come in, they are eating breakfast right now" said Harry. He was in for it when the woman left, he knew that. But he was rather curious! It was not every day that someone asks for him, the fact he had a feeling it was all to do with the letter, his uncle did not let him receive.

"Who is it" asked or more like grunted Vernon.

"Someone wanting to speak to you about me" said Harry. Showing the woman through, she was in muggle clothes so they did not suspect a thing yet. That was until she brought out the letter, Vernon went red. But calmed down, he knew he was going to have to let his freaky nephew go to that school. Petunia had warned him that they would come. He had just hoped they would forget about him, but no such luck.

"Sit down, would you like a tea or coffee?" asked Vernon. He did not want to get on the bad side of a freak, he had heard all about them. They can use there stick to get them to do what they wanted. No, he was just going to let the boy go. As soon as he was old enough the boy was out, he was not letting the boy come of age in his house. He was not having the chance of the freak using his magic, on him, or his family.

"Coffee please" said Professor Sprout. Smiling at them, Dudley was not there, Vernon was thankful. He did not know magic existed and he knew his son would not shut up.

"Now can I help you?" asked Vernon.

"Yes, we were wondering if Harry was allowed to go get his Hogwarts things. As well as asking you to sign this, I want so he can be accepted into Hogwarts please" said Professor Sprout

"Very well, then. We did not explain anything to Harry about this" said Vernon. Harry was confused about the whole conversation, who the hell were they talking about? What was Hogwarts? And why did a teacher actually, come to get him so he could get his supplies?

"That's fine" said Professor Sprout. She would have to tell him, she was ok with that. To her they were just unknown faces; neither Lily nor James had been good at Herbology. So she did not care about them the way Minerva or Severus cared about them.

"I have the letter that was left on the door step i think" said Petunia. She walked out, and came back with a step ladder. And climbing up, she got a yellowing parchment that was full of dust. Gave it to Harry, and Harry took it, before getting up he wanted to read it in private. Meanwhile Professor Sprout got there signatures for the acceptance.

"Harry, we better get going" said Professor Sprout. Harry of course now knew his past, and knew how his parents died. And also why he had to stay at the Dursleys, but he was having none of that. He would not stay in that would a day longer, once he was gone there was no going back.

"Coming" said Harry. Not a tear on his face, he was happy to know his mother died for him. It made him realise that his mother loved him, he also knew that his father and mother were not good for nothing drunks.

"Take a hold of this Harry, it will get us to Diagon Alley" said Professor Sprout. And a whispered word had them in Diagon Alley. Opening the door no one realised Harry was there, and that's the way he liked it.

She then started heading them towards the bank; Gringotts was a huge white building. With strange ugly goblins running the place. He followed his professor after reading the warning. He knew someone would have to be very, very stupid, to try and rob this place. He had a feeling the Goblins were vicious creatures.

"I would like into Mr. Potter's vault please" said Professor Sprout.

"My vault?" asked Harry. He had money? That would fit in with his plans perfectly. He could just find a place to stay during the summer; he after all knew how to look after himself. Having been doing it himself, all his life.

"Yes, Mr. Potter" said the goblin.

"Well in that case, I will take the key thank you" said Harry. Plucking the key from the shocked teachers hand. The goblin smirked at him, before leading him to the cart. And he then had the most wicked roller coaster of his life.

The vault was opened, he gasped at the pile of gold that was there, turning around he asked "How much do I have altogether?" asked Harry.

"I do not know the exact amount, but there are over 100 million in just this vault" said the goblin.

"I have more than one?" asked Harry curiously.

"Yes, the Potter's are one of the most richest pureblood's in the Wizarding world. You already have an attorney, so all information will end up going to them" said the goblin.

"Who is my power of attorney?" asked Harry.

"Albus Dumbledore" grunted the goblin.

"I see, well I want the last Ten transactions printed of right now" said Harry. He did not like the idea that the man, who had placed him with his family, had control over his money.

With a click of the goblin's hands a parchment appeared, grabbing it, Harry began reading, and realised someone had been taking his money. He knew his parents died on Halloween, and there should not have been any transactions since then.

"Is there a way I can stop people getting my money?" asked Harry.

"Yes, Sir. A pure blood law that even the ministry cannot undo. The heir of any pureblood family's are entitled to their rights as head of there name. Meaning you would have control over the Potter vaults and everything belonging you" said the goblin.

"Fine, I want it done immediately, I want all the keys and also want a list of everything that belongs to me please" said Harry demandingly.

"Right away sir" said the goblin. He was not about to piss of their number one customer.

Before he knew it, he was in a large room; it was filled with lots of gold and silver things. He knew were from money and mines, he was not a stupid child most would think him. He looked over the contract, realising it was so he could use his magic outside school and that he was legally an adult in all ways. He signed it, no one could have control over his life, Dumbledore, nor the ministry.