Harry Potter My Way

Chapter 35

Going Back

"I'm going to miss coming to you for advice the most Granddad," sighed Harry staring down at the marble tomb his grandparents lay beneath. It had been a week since they were gone, and to Harry that was life forever. It had been a hard week, the hardest week of his life, but thank Merlin he had Severus to help him through it. Even now he was there with him, his arms securely around him keeping him safe, letting him know he wasn't alone and that he was loved. He put down the bouquet of flowers down, staring at the names on the tombs feeling empty, like his life no longer had a purpose anymore.

The world knew the truth, he was no longer Harry James Potter the boy who lived, but Harry James Flamel Potter the man who survived. The papers especially after finding out they had died, had been sickening. Writing all sorts of stories about how he had just found out, and they died without knowing the truth of who Harry was. it was all rather disgusting, and Harry was just glad they hadn't gotten a picture of him. They didn't know exactly what he looked like and he was glad for that piece of privacy. Unfortunately he looked too much like his father to ever safely venture out without being noticed.

"Come Harry, we need to get going soon," said Severus softly. Harry had been standing there talking to a tomb for the past two hours, and Severus was getting worried now. Plus it was a miracle that the press wasn't already hounding their arses, they had been lucky indeed.

"Goodbye Granddad, Granny, I'll visit again, hopefully. I'm sorry if you will be disappointed in what I'm doing." said Harry honestly.

Taking a deep breath they apparated back into the house they had lived in for five months. They gathered every valuable they wanted to take with them, after being pestered by the press for two days; Severus had agreed to go to the past. He just wanted a life, with Harry where they could live in peace. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be possible in this time in this world nor the Muggle one. Too many squibs or Muggle born's to leak where they were. Plus Severus and Harry were powerful men; they didn't deserve to be stranded in the Muggle world because of the Wizarding press.

They took enough money with them to live comfortably for two decades, they weren't sure if the spell would let them stay or not. However, Harry had altered it so he could only hope; if it didn't then they would just have to live with that whenever it brought them back.

"Are you ready?" asked Severus softly, running his hands down Harry's back. He was actually looking forward to this, it was a dream come true to meet Salazar Slytherin. Harry and Severus could only hope it was after the past Harry, Nicolas and Perenelle had left. Or they would be in trouble; Harry wouldn't be able to show himself around them. Nor would Severus himself come to that, but it was a chance they were obviously willing to take.

"Yes," said Harry taking a deep breath, here we come founders. He thought as he smiled properly for the first time in a week. His owl had been shrunk down along with her cage and placed carefully in his trunk in his pocket. With plenty of oxygen reaching her, he wanted nothing to happen to his beloved owl.

So Harry cast the spell, it was slightly different from how Nicolas said it but that was the intention.

If anyone had looked, they would have seen two men standing together, arms around one another staring deeply into each others eyes. Blink and they would have missed it; both men were gone, as it was nobody saw. Just like nobody would see hide nor hair of Harry Potter or Severus Snape for many years.


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