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Title: While You Were Sleeping
Characters: Batman, Wonder Woman
Pairing: Batman/Wonder Woman
Rating: T
Word Count: 662
Summary: Bruce watches Diana as she sleeps, debating whether or not their relationship will get in the way of his mission.


He watched her as she slept. Peace and contentment were written on her face and small smile graced her lips. Her chest rose and fell with her even breaths, matching the rhythm of her snores. The moon reflected on her olive skin, creating an ethereal glow around her. She was truly beautiful, a goddess among mortals, and he wondered how and why she was here, in his bed, in his arms.

He was the Batman, cold and heartless, born out of the fear and loss of a young boy whose life fell part far too soon. He was eclipsed in darkness, too far hidden from the light which she belonged in. He didn't deserve her, and she didn't deserve to be brought down to his level. She was all that was right with the world, the beauty and the truth. He was all that corrupted the world, dark and ugly, hiding behind masks to get his way. She was too good for that, for him. But she was still here.

They wouldn't last---none of his relationships ever did. Andrea, Selina, Talia, Lois, they all fell into oblivion. They couldn't take one of his personalities, whether it be the Bat or the mindless fop. He idly wondered which one would drive her away. She was one of the first to truly figure out who she was, to see beyond the guise of the Bat. Would that change anything between them? His mind told him no, but his heart held a glimmer of hope.

She rolled over in her sleep, pushing into him, gravitating toward his warmth. Unconsciously, his arms went around her, bringing her in closer. His eyes fell to the window, the faint silhouette of his city shining through. He gave his life for Gotham. In his mind, everything he has belonged to Gotham. He knew for the mission to be a success, he had to let go of everything. But with her in his arms, his heart tells him different things, and he doesn't like it. By staying here with her, he would chance giving up the mission, losing everything he worked toward.

His mind tells him that he is stupid and acting like a fool. His heart tells his mind to shut up. He thinks of Dick, his son, and wonders, briefly, how he is able to do it. Now Nightwing, the hero has managed to have his own city, but at the same time, his own life. His mind briefly strayed to memory of his son announcing his engagement to Barbara Gordon---Batgirl, another one of the few who shared his mission. They are happy, so why can't he be as well? If they could have a life together, why couldn't he have one with Diana?

She shifted in his arms, and her breathing changed, a not-so-subtle sign that she was awake. He let her roll away from him, he a small part of him hoped that she wouldn't leave. She didn't---instead she turned to him, sapphire orbs meeting his own. She cupped his cheek and kissed him softly. It was a good kiss, and he knew that part of it came from the fact that he was kissing her.


He stared at her confused for a moment, unsure of how to respond. It was no secret that he wasn't an expert with emotions, or how to deal with relationships.

"You miss Gotham. You miss the streets. Go." Her voice was hard and serious, almost like a demand.

"The signal isn't out," he surprised himself by saying this. She is telling him to leave, and do become the Bat.

"I know, but something could happen." She smiled, and it was a beautiful smile. "I know you, Bruce. Go."


"Go, Bruce." She kissed him again. "I'll still be here when you come back…Always."

He got up from the bed, leaving her behind. But for the first time in a long time, he felt something.