This was done Out of boredom and thought of after a Foster's home for imaginary friends marathon and glancing back and for the from the TV and My One Piece wall Scroll. Takes place in the OP Universe. Credit given to Oda-Sensei for all of his characters. Credit goes to Craig McCracken for Cheese. This takes place before Luffy arrives in Arabasta, but after Miss Wednesday is discovered to be a spy. Flames aren't liked but accepted. I was planning for this to be a one shot...THAT WOULD BE TOO LONG! So it's gonna be in chapter format. So now I bring to you the random insanity that is Grilled Cheese SANDwich. Cheese: Yes-ah? CS: Not you... --;

Grilled Cheese SANDwichby CheshireSphinx.

Chapter 1; to prepare a Cheese SANDwich

It seemingly started like an ordinary day in Rain Diners. People sat in front of their slot machines, betting most, if not all, of their Beli and becoming either very lucky or flat broke. Others took the card route. Seeing if they played their aces right. Amidst the noise of people cheering, sobbing, and noises of the slot machines, a woman in her twenties strolled through. She wore a long furry white coat and a Purple western hat sat atop her black hair. To match the hat she wore a purple corset, same color skirt and boots. To all those who don't know, this is Miss All-Sunday, Aka Nico Robin. Her hat was low enough to hide her eyes. No emotion resided on her face. In fact she looked annoyed. She was holding the hand of something that was walking along side her. That something was pale yellow and kept asking her Questions about where they were. Robin occasionally glanced down at the odd creature but kept walking until she reached her destination. The doors to an elevator.

Things were dark. The only light came from a large 'fish' tank. In it, instead of fish, swam Bananawani. A large table that could seat twelve people stood nearby. A Tall dark Figure stood before the large tank. He wore a Long Furry coat that hung off of his shoulders, Camisole shoes and black pants and an orange long sleeve shirt with black stripes that went both vertically and horizontally across his torso. Smoke rose from the tip of his cigar which hung from his teeth. Here was one of the most deadly Shichibukai, Sir Crocodile. He watched The Bananawani drift about in the water before him.

"Don't worry. Feeding time is almost here. You'll get something." He replied to the apparently hungry fruit-based reptile. Just then, a bell was heard. He looked over his right shoulder to see two silhouettes emerge from the door of the elevator. He raised an eyebrow seeing that Miss All-Sunday had brought company.

"Mr. Zero, I have news for you." Said All-Sunday as she approached her boss, mysterious being still holding her hand.

"Looks like more than news." He replied in disgust.

"I'll explain in a moment. But the news I have is that the Unluckies haven't returned from Little Garden."

Sunawani raised an eyebrow. "They haven't? Hmph... They must have gotten in a scuffle with Mr. 3. I did send them to exterminate him."

"Unlucky?" Said the yellow being before screaming loudly. Both Mr. 0 and Miss all-Sunday gripped their heads hearing the screaming.


Robin quickly scooped up the Yellow thing and said "Shh. Shhhh... It's alright. Stop crying." The small creature quickly ceased then said "Nice lady." Before removing her hat and placing it on his own head.

"Mind telling me what's going on? Like explaining why you brought this... This... What is this...Yellow...Baby...whiny...THIS THING?!?!" Shouted The Shichibukai.

"He followed me on my way back from spider's café. He says his name is Cheese."



"No, not you." She replied before putting him down on the ground and folding her arms. Cheese looked at the tank and saw the Bananawani hovering in the water. It looked down at him in an odd way. The Bananawani had never seen anything like Cheese before.

"Oooooo!" Said cheese in awe before attempting to walk towards the tank. An arm quickly sprouted from the floor and grasped Cheese's wrist. "Nnn-aaaaah!" He whined.

"What in your right mind gave you the idea to bring this thing?" Demanded Crocodile.

"He followed me. I mean whenever I tried to get rid of him he pops up out of nowhere asking me questions about the fair and candy."

"Please, you couldn't personally take care of him?"

"No sir. That would complicate things for us."


"Has there been any killings of children since you've become 'hero'? Let alone any abduction?"

Robin had a good point. A dead...missing child like thing found somewhere would ruin his image.

"Well, do you have any idea what to do with him?"

"Yes, unfortunately...AH!" She replied before holding up one of her hands. They glanced down at Cheese to see him sucking on the hand Robin had sprouted. Cheese then quickly spat it out of his mouth and said "This candy tastes funny." Sunawani laughed.

"Candy huh?" he quickly cleared his throat then said. "What is your plan for him?"

"You won't like it...but you could take care of him. Adopt." Crocodile's eyes widened at this. "Think. This could improve your image. If people saw you with this child, people would find a kinder, softer side of you. A side they could trust."

"A Publicity stunt?" He faced the tank again then said. "The people trust me enough by my saving them from Pirates...

"Pirates?" said Cheese he opened his mouth in an effort to scream again, but another one of robin's arms sprouted from the ground and the two arms covered his mouth. The scream now came out as an. "MMMMmmmmmmm!"

"Besides, if he stays here any longer, I won't be able to control myself...I was planning to feed the Bananawani..." He thought. Robin's Idea was a good one though... Some people still doubted him. "But...You're right. But first things first, before I become his 'father' I'm going to find whether he's missing or not."

"It's Dark in here..." said Cheese, whose face was in Robin's hat.

"But I doubt that anyone's looking for him." Stated the Shichibukai while glaring at Cheese. Cheese removed the hat from his face and looked up at him. "You hear that, if you don't have any parents, I'm going to be your dad."

"DAAAAADDYYYYY..." Replied the yellow baby. Drool coming from the side of his mouth.

"Wow, He likes you." Chuckled Robin. Cheese then shouted "PLAY GAME!!!!!" Before running towards his soon-to-be 'Daddy'. Sunawani stepped back in surprise. Cheese leapt and attempted to hug his 'daddy, but went through him. He fell to the floor in surprise. "Huh? Daddy gone." Cheese looked over his shoulder to see a hole in Sunawani, but like magic, sand filled the hole and made him look like cheese had never tried to Glomp him.

"Is he always this energetic?" asked Crocodile.

"Yes." Replied Miss All-Sunday.

"Oooooo! SANDY!!! SANDY-MAN!!! SAND...SANDY!!!" Said Cheese before running back to him and hitting his leg with his tiny hands, an effort to get him to dissipate into sand again. He was quickly scooped up and held in front of Crocodile's face.

"Don't do that again." He said in disgust.


"I don't think I'll be able to resist the urge to kill him before the plan commences, Miss All-Sunday."

"We'll figure something out..."

Cheese escaped from his grip and began to run in circles around them. "YAY! YAY!!! DADDY! SAND-DADDY!"

Oh my god...This is gonna be quite the story, but I'm enjoying it! Hehehe. As mush as I like Sunawani as a villain, I couldn't help myself. I know I haven't updated Enro Matsudai in a while... but the making of this and Nakama Takara Katsumi ver 2.0 got in the way. cheese approaches and finds CS Hiding under dining table, writing this Cheese: CATGIRL! CS: Shush, Cheese! I Don't want to get in trouble! Cheese: DADDY! CATGIRL HIDING! CS: Dammit! they both watch sand creep under table and surround CS. CS: I'll find my way outta this... but See you soon! Suna: Cheese, is the culprit whose writing this ilk under here? CS: Gulp...