(Cs sits at side of Mr. 2's seat, looking dead, or just tired. Cheese and 2 eye her oddly.) 2: What's wrong, Kitten? Cs: I'm fine, it's nothing. I'm just feeling... TIRED!!!! (Cheese hops onto her head and looks her straight in the face) Ch: Ha-ha!!! Funny cat Girl!!! (Cs ignores him and continues to Lie) 2: Tired? About what?? Cs: I may be half way through the story already… Note May. 2: Is it going to end in chapter 7? Cs: No not at all…hey guys. In this chapter, Cheese gets a brief glimpse of (a hopeful) future reference to another idea I'll be using him for. (Cs smirks) yeah… that's right… 2: what? Cs: Oh nothing… But the thing that's wearing me out is what I did in the last chapter. I'll have to watch episodes 103 and 104 to get this and next chapter down...and the eppy where you 'disappear' from the ship... (Turns over, Cheese still glued to head) Not that it's a problem, just mentally tiring. 2: Episodes... 103...10...? Disappear? Cs: not disappear really. But why am I saying this? I'm spoiling Stuff! Credit goes to Craig McCracken and Oda-Sensei. 2: You're confusing me... Cs: well I am a Cheshire cat.

Grilled Cheese SANDwich by CheshireSphinx

Chapter 5; SANDwich is best served with a Side of Chocolate Milk

As the ship sailed, one of the crewmates pointed out at something ahead.

"Mr. 2, Bon Clay-Sama!" Shouted one of them.

"What is it?" replied Mr. 2.

"Smoke sighted at 12 o' clock!" Two crew mates stood beside Mr.2's chair looking ahead at the steam rising from the water.

"Pay it no attention. Go Through it! Besides, I have to finish off Mr.3 or I'll be in peril!" He replied.

The Swanda zipped into the mist as one of the crewmates said. "Sir! We're entering the smoke!" The fog was thick enough that one could cut it with a knife.

"What is this hazy mist?"

"I can't see ahead of us…"

As the passed through the fog they whined, not being able to see. Once they reached the other side, "Ah, we made it through the other side….AHH!! MR.2 BON CLAY-SAMA IS GONE!!!" shouted one member of the crew

"Search the cabins!" said the other before taking off to search for him.

"He's not here!"



"Pretty man gone?" said a voice coming from Mr.2's seat. The green haired crew member ran past the chair then stopped to look at the imaginary friend. "Nani? what?"

"Pretty Man Gone?" asked Cheese again. That's when the sailor realized that with Mr.2 gone, they'd have to care for cheese until they found him again. I can't keep calling this unknown man 'crewmember' or 'shipmate', so for now, we'll call him Midori for his curly green locks. Midori scratched his head wondering what to tell Cheese.

"Y-Yes, But we'll find him…somehow…just sit back and wait a bit, O-Okay?" Cheese stayed quiet then said, "Can I have some fishy crackers?"

"What?" Replied Midori confused.

Before getting another reply, another crewmate ran up asking Midori if he had found Mr.2.

"I heard you talking to someone here."

"Oh, it was him…" replied Midori before pointing at Cheese. The other shipmate made a sort of a yelp sound then said. "I-I forgot about him…"

"Can… I… have…Some…Fishy…Crackers?" asked Cheese again.

Shipmate #2 looked back at Midori and asked, "Do we have any fishy... I mean fish crackers?" Midori Shrugged.

"I WANT FISHY CRACKERS!!!!" yelled Cheese Midori and his shipmate knew this search for Mr.2 would be like sailing through a storm compared to Cheese being on board with them.

"HORSIE!!! YOURAHORSIE!!!" Shouted Cheese as he sat on Midori's shoulders. Midori and the crew had only been with alone cheese for seven minutes and most of the crew was already rundown.

"No more horsie please..." asked Midori, tired.

"NO! You Be Horsie!!!"

The Green haired crewmate whined before seeing the all too familiar Going Merry, Hearing chanting, chanting of a familiar saying of Mr.2's. 'Stop Joking Arooound!'

"OI! OI!" Midori Shouted to his crew. "Listen! Hear that?"

Indeed they did hear the chanting. The crew acted fast and sailed the ship towards the Going Merry. Cheese watched the hustle and bustle quietly, seeing everyone run about doing something not related with Cheese's craziness.

When the ship pulled to the Merry's side, Mr.2 Leapt off saying "Don't Cry For me!"

"WE'LL SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!" Shouted Mugiwara Luffy as he, Chopper and Usopp cried at Mr.2's leave...

As the ships began to sail off again Cheese looked aboard the Going Merry and watched Luffy. He wiped his tears and looked again, but noticed Cheese. He looked at him like Cheese was some sort of mystery. Cheese smiled and waved, not saying anything. Luffy smiled and waved back. They both continued to wave until both ships were out of the other's sight.

"Cheese?" said Mr.2, removing Cheese from Midori's shoulders.


"Who're you waving to?" Cheese simply shrugged and walked off once Mr.2 sat him back down.

Luffy looked over the edge of the Merry in the direction where the Swanda sailed. Usopp noticed him staring out into the sea blankly.

"Luffy?" he asked

"Huh?" replied the senchou. "What?"

"What are you staring at?"

"Oh I saw this Funny Mystery Yellow Creature on that guy's ship!" Usopp gave him a 'here he goes again' look.

"You sure you weren't seeing things?" Luffy smiled widely and said, "Nope!"

After a Few more days of insanity on the ship for the crew and toleration for Mr.2, The group finally arrived back in Arabasta. Mr.2 had gotten a Ring on his Den Den Mushi to meet the other Baroque work members from 1 to 4 and their partners, excluding Mr.3 of course. On the day of the meeting, he and his shipmates waltzed to the café.

"OH COME MY WAY!" they sang as they danced. Once the Reached the restaurant, Mr.2 open the door with a large 'Hello There!'

"Sannkyu. (Thank you.) How was I?" He asked

"You look like an idiot..." replied Paula, the owner of Spiders Café.

"I am not an idiot, Paula! Why do you ask? It is because I am a Dancer. I shall have a Takopa."


"STOP JOOOKING AROUND! A Tako (octopus) Parfait! That should be common sense!" He began to laugh. "Ah, boys." He said referring to his Nakama outside. "You can all go back now."

"Yes Sir!" they replied.

"Dooon't you dare forget your dance practice!"

"Yes Sir!" they replied again before turning around, repeating 'Un, Deux.'

"My! Fatty! Crone! You're already here?" His words were now directed at Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas.

"You Shut the Hell up!" replied the Missus. She was getting a Massage from Mr.4. "It's going straight to my back, so stop with the shouting!"

"Ah! That's Right! That's Right! It seems that even the Mr.1 Pair is coming this time, eh? I've never even met them. So I'm how should I say... SO looking forward to it."

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Exclaimed Bon Clay. "I'd like you meet a friend of mine!" He said with an air about himself. "I was given orders to take care of him, directly from Mr. Zero!" He pointed to his back and said "He's been riding on my shoulders."

Miss Merry Christmas began to laugh. "I think you need a new pair of glasses, Mr.2! There's nothing there! Kono Ba-!" Mr.2 eyed her then looked behind him. Cheese was not there.

"No one was riding your back when you danced in here either." Stated Paula.

"I could have sworn my little buddy was here while I was-"

Before he could finish, a crash sounded from the kitchen. Everyone looked in the noises direction, assuming that someone was spying on them.

Paula raised an eyebrow. "Who's there?" Things were quiet for a moment until the door opened. A walking pile of pots and pans came through making beeping sounds. "BEEP! BOP! BOOP! BOOOHHHP! BOOP! BO! BEEEEEEP!" Shouted the pile of walking metal. Everyone looked at it oddly, but Mr.2 looked like he expected it.

"There you are!" he said to the pile of metal. "I was worried! I thought I lost you!"

"What it is? Some weird metal Monster? Bakemono? Bake-? Ba- Ba- Baka!" Said Miss Merry Christmas with her weird way of talking.

"N-No… This is…" Mr.2 removed the metal strainer from the top of the pile revealing Cheese's Head. "Cheese…"

"Cheese?" questioned Paula.

"Cheese? What Kinda Name is that? You Name him? Cheese… Chi- Chi- Chi-!" Mocked Miss Merry X-mas.

"No, no, that's actually his name. I didn't name him. I received orders from Zero-chan to care for him for a while. Miss All-Sunday told me that He's adopting him."

"C-H-E-E-S-E…" Said Mr.4 before laughing, slowly as usual.

"You can't be serious…" Paula winced as she looked at Cheese. Such a weird child…

"BEEP! BOP! Cheese Robot!" Cried Cheese happily. Mr.2 removed more of the kitchen ware from Cheese and picked him up.

"No Robot Cheese. Cheese Had Me worried! Mr.2 Thought Cheese got Lost!"He spoke in a childlike manner. Cheese only stared at him blankly.

When Mr.2 sat him back down, Cheese quickly went over to Miss Merry Christmas and pointed at her half empty cup of tea.

"Chocolate milk..." He said pointing at the cup.

"What?" She said in confusion.

"Chocolate milk!"

"It's Not Chocolate milk!"



"I want chocolate milk!" Paula Sighed then said sweetly, "I can make you some chocolate milk."

"Yay!!!" shouted Cheese. He then sat down in one of the swiveling chairs before the counter as Paula went in the back. Once he sat in it, the chair moved slightly. "OOOOoohhh…" Then Cheese began to twist and turn the chair, making it swivel more. Cheese laughed maniacally as he twisted and turned about. Watching Cheese, Mr.4 began to laugh again, applauding his childishness.

"Oi! That Yellow thing is giving me a Migraine now! Stop it! Chotto matte yo! Chotto Matte-! Chotto-! Cho-! Cho!" growled Miss Merry Christmas. Paula came back from the kitchen and sat the cup of chocolate milk down on the counter before Cheese. "YAY!!!" Shouted Cheese with glee. He scooped up the glass and began to drink the beverage.

"Look's like he enjoys it." Stated Paula, until Cheese quickly spat it out, leaving the linoleum floor wet with brown liquid..

"NOOOO! Not Chocolate milk!"

"It is chocolate milk..." She replied.

"NOT CHOCOLATE MILK!!!" He shouted. Cheese pointed at Miss Merry Christmas's tea cup, calling it Chocolate milk again.

"But It's not..." Paula sighed. "Fine I'll make you 'Chocolate milk' and clean this mess up..." She went in the back room to start a fresh batch of tea and to get a mop. "If that wasn't Mr.0's Kid I'd..."

"Now Paula, don't get too mad at him, he is just a kid after all..." Stated Mr. 2. Cheese got out of his seat and looked around. Out the window, the silhouette of the number three. Cheese became intrigued by this and tiptoed over.

"Heh... That kid is giving them such a hard time." Chuckled Mr. Three as he watched everything through the window... "Hmmm... Where is he anyway? I just saw him..." His question was answered by seeing cheese pop up behind the glass. "Ah!" He yelped. Cheese chuckled.

"Funny Three Man." Said the yellow being. Mr.3, in fear of being seen hid from the window. Cheese couldn't see him, nor his odd hairstyle anymore. "Awww... Three man gone." Cheese shrugged, headed back over to his spot and watched Paula mop the mess he made with the drink.

Time passed and soon became 8 o' clock. Mr.1 had finally arrived, but had started trouble with Mr.2 by harming his Nakama, assuming they were enemies. They fought for a bit, but Paula, Aka Miss Doublefinger, put a stop to their brawl. She reminded everyone that it was Eight o' clock and that they were now to prepare to meet their Boss, Mr. 0, Crocodile. Once their Ride arrived, they set off for the meeting.

(CS and Cheese sit in the middle of the floor of the cart the baroque works members are in. They all Eye her oddly, aside from Mr.2.) Miss X-mas: So who... CS: I'm the writer of this tale... I'm not getting into detail about it... 1: So She came along with you as well, Mr.2? 2: Yeah. She tells me she's seen the boss and is kinda watching cheese, but not like a babysitter or relative. She recording all the stupid stuff Cheese does to us basically. (CS Nods) CS: I'm tired right now guys... I'm gonna go to sleep... I hope you enjoyed this chapter, cause it took a while to write... what with the senior projects and school again... (sighs) well chap six will be up sometime... Kay? Night... (lies down) Miss DF: Asleep already?