The Most Dangerous Target Chapter Three The Most Dangerous Target Chapter Three

Joker held the gun steady in his hand. He wanted to close his eyes. He didn't want to see her expression when she heard the shot, or when the bullet pierced her flesh. But he had to look straight ahead. He had to watch his target.

Just as his finger began to apply pressure to the triggor, a loud knock came at the door. "Menou-chan!" a female voice called through the door. "Hurry and open the door, I brought the groceries!"

"Who the hell....?!" Joker muttered, looking to Menou.

Menou looked fearfully to the door then to him. "That's Maru-san. My father always gives her the money to get groceries for us." she said quickly.

Joker thought for a second, trying to ignore Maru's screams for Menou to open the door. "Ok... open the door, grab the groceries, and get rid of her. Remember, I got the gun and if you say a word to her about this, I'll put a bullet in her head too, got that?"

Menou nodded and dried her eyes. Joker stepped out of view from the door and kicked her father's body out of view as well. She opened the door slightly and took the groceries. "Thank you, Maru-san." she said quickly, starting to close the door back.

Maru stopped her and held it open. "Don't you want any help putting them away?"

"No, I can do it. Thank you." Menou said nervously.

Maru eyed her strangely. "Well ok. If you need anything, I'll be right next door, ok?"

Menou nodded and shut the door. She ran over and sat the two sacks on the table. Joker stepped out from behind the corner. "Next door?!" he yelled.

Menou nodded and pointed to the window. "She's my neighbor."

"But the files said your only neighbor worked till five everyday!"

"She.... she took off early today to get our groceries." she stuttered.

Joker began to pace around the room. "Ok, if I kill you now, she'll hear the shot and run over. I'll have to shoot her too." Joker glanced out the window Menou had pointed to and saw Maru leading five small children into the house. "Shit! She's got a bunch of kids! I can't kill them too!" He paused in the middle of the living room floor. "Well.... I can kill them, but I'd really like to avoid that."

He suddenly looked to Menou's father. "I know! We'll make it look like a suicide!" he said with a grin. "Everyone knows he's been out of work and really desperate lately. Upon realizing that he had failed to care for his only child, he killed himself to end the misery!" Joker ran over and fixed the body, placing the gun in her father's right hand and laying it in the perfect spot.

Menou slumped to the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest. "What about me?" she asked softly.

"Hmmmm....." said Joker, scratching his chin, "A double suicide would look too suspicious. How about.... you walked in and saw your father dead. The site frightened you so much that you ran away!"

Menou looked up slightly. "Ran away?"

"Right! And with the way I take care of bodies, no one will ever know any different!" He laughed breezily, happy that his plans were now set. He reached out his hand to her. "Come on, I'll kill you somewhere else. I don't want any possible evidence that you died here."

Menou turned her face away from him and he grabbed her arm, roughly dragging her out the back door and the long-way around to his car across the street. He shoved her in and jogged over to the drivers seat.

As they drove down the road, Menou stared at him with ice-blue eyes. After a while, he looked right at her. "Why are you staring at me like that?!"

"Because you killed my father!" she screamed, slapping and hitting at him with all her might, doing anything she could think of that might cause the slightest bit of pain.

Joker grabbed both her arms and held them tightly. "Hey, it's my job! You've killed people too! You think those men you killed while training didn't have families? That no one ever missed them?!"

Menou went pale. "How could you even bring that up?! You know it was against my will! You chose this kind of job!"

"So, you're trying to make me feel guilty? Don't tell me you still believe that bullshit about me being a good person! I kill people everyday! Most of the time they deserve it, but sometimes they don't! Sometimes they just know too much, or they're related to the wrong people, but either way, they have to die!"

Menou stopped struggling and slouched over against the window. "I don't care. Do whatever you like. My father was all I had left and you murdered him."

Joker returned his attention to the barren road, only stealing quick glances at Menou. He sighed. He knew this was going to be a tough assignment. He should've asked Kurei to just hold this one over till Neon or Raiha got back. Then he would just have to hear about it on the news. He wouldn't have had to see how beautiful she had become, to see her heart shatter when the one person she cared for the most died before her eyes. "Look... I didn't ask for this assignment. Believe it or not, but I protested. I was really shocked that Kurei-han would want you dead. I was upset that I was the only one free to do it."

Menou remained silent, staring out the window and watching the various things they passed. Joker became increasingly uncomfortable. He glanced into the backseat, where he knew several weapons were waiting. He could reach back, grab one, and kill her instantly without even swirving. But despite this, he couldn't bring himself to do it. He would at least give her fair warning, so that she could make her final prayers. So he sat beside her, driving silently as she glared at the window.

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