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Summary: An extended scene from the new Harry Potter book. Don't read unless you've finished the book or at least past page 468. Light slash. DeanSeamus. Drabble-type-thing.

AN: Seriously, people, don't read this unless you've read the book!

Miss me?

"Look," Harry began, without knowing what he was going to say, but it did not matter: the tunnel door had just opened behind him.

"We got your message, Neville! Hello you three, I thought you must be here!"

It was Luna and Dean. Seamus gave a great roar of delight and ran to hug his best friend.

… Or, rather, what Harry had assumed was going to be a hug. However he was quite quickly proven wrong when Seamus practically jumped Dean and smashed his mouth to the other boy's.

There was a collective intake of breath around the room, excluding a few people whose jaws dropped instead, as the two boys showed each other - and the rest of the room… - how much they missed one another. Luna, who had not shown any emotion at the display of affection, raised her eyebrows before murmuring thoughtfully in her dreamy voice:

"Well, he did say he was missing someone…"

Hermione, the first to regain her wits, cleared her throat loudly and turned from the sight to look upon the opposite wall with an interest. Few followed her example and chose, instead, to watch as Dean's and Seamus' hands flew across each other in an attempt to reasure themselves that the other was there and unharmed.

Harry's eyes were torn from his friends when the tunnel door opened once again to allow Ginny, Fred, George, Lee Jordan and - to his utmost surprise - Cho Chang. Fred and George tilted their heads, amused at the sight, while Ginny blinked several times before turning away from her ex-boyfriend and his, apparent, new one.

"So," George said suddenly, grinning widely and bringing all the attention to him. "what's the plan, Harry?"

"There isn't one."

As the room fell into conversation, the boys pulled away from each other, unnoticed by the rest of their peers. Both were breathing heavily and a blush adorned their cheeks, more noticeable on Seamus, with his lighter skin.

Dean smiled warmly as he lent forwards to rest his forehead against his best friends'. "So," He mumbled softly. "Miss me?"

Seamus chuckled and hit Dean lightly on the arm. "Bloody git."

AN: Short as hell, yes, but c'mon! They're about to fight in a war, they can hardly spend hours talking or having smex now can they? Exactly. Not that we would have minded. Them having the smex before fighting, I mean. But what kind of reviews would have J.K Rowling got for that! Good ones from me, but that's beside the point.

Up till the fifth line was copied straight from the book. Seamus hugs Dean. :dances: I squealed with joy at that!

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