Shai:Okay, since my favorite FruitsBasket pairing is KyoxHaru, I've decided to dedicate a whole story to little KyoxHaru one-shots I wrote. I'll post them as I write them, if possible.


Kyo sat, once again, on the roof of the Sohma Household. Hatsuharu had returned to again express his love to Yuki.

How the Hell could someone like YUKI? How the Hell could HE like Yuki? Kyo blushed, and shook the thought out of his head.

Shouts could be heard from inside the house. Hatsuharu's shouts, at that.

Damn it...Yuki pissed him off...Again...Kyo peered over the edge of the roof to see Hatsuharu storming off. Heat rose up from his chest, up his neck, to his face. Shit...I'm not going after him...

With that, Kyo jumped down from the roof, and walked after Hatsuharu. He noticed a few broken tree branches and kicked over bushes. He can't be too far away...

Kyo saw Hatsuharu ahead of him a bit. "Hey, Haru!" he didn't hear him. Kyo walked up directly behind him and grabbed his wrist.

He spun Hatsuharu around completely, and before he knew it, Kyo's lips were pressed firmly to Hatsuharu's. Kyo pulled away blushing, suprised by his own actions. But once he looked back up at Hatsuharu, he was even more shocked.

Tears were falling down Hatsuharu's face, and it looked as if they had been for a while. "Kyo...He...Yuki, he..."

Kyo understood what Hatsuharu was trying to say. He sighed. "I know. I heard." Kyo kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sorry."

Hatsuharu smiled, as he leaned in for another kiss...