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Bonus to Struggling to Survive

Who stayed with Ron Sunday night?

It had taken her about 20 minutes to shake off the shock. Thinking she would talk to Kim for him, in an effort to win Kim's heart, Josh had called her. She still didn't want to believe Kim could have cheated on Ron, but part of her knew it was true. It took her about ten minutes to explain the seven levels of hell she would personally put Josh through if he ever told another living soul about the affair. She had intended to drive over to Kim's to confront her, to slap a little sense into her. The more she drove the less she could stomach the thought of even looking at Kim's face. Instead, she found herself standing in front of Ron's door. When he answered it took half a second to know it was all true, Ron knew about the affair and it had devastated him. He looked like a lost puppy that had somehow survived a weekend at Micheal Vick's house. She didn't say a word, she just hugged him and let him break down in her arms. She couldn't stand to see his pain, she knew right then and there she would do anything to easy his pain. If it meant going as far as to destroy her relationship with her best friend, well she didn't care to much for Kim right now anyway. She didn't waste time, she offered herself to him right away, desperate to remove his hurt. He had started to comply, and in those brief caresses, and those couple of kisses, she learned that cooking was not the boy's greatest skill. He stopped them. Despite it all, he told her he couldn't. She told him it was okay, she was there for him in whatever way he needed her. She spent the night with him on the couch, comforting him and letting him cry himself to sleep. She left the next morning and made him promise to call her if he needed anything.

"I mean it baby boy, you need anything you call me."

"Thanks Monique, your the best." He kissed her cheek as he let her out the door.

--- the end of the bonus material --- the story ended last chapter ---



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