The Basilisk Fangs: A Collection of Missing Moments

Summary: A collection of Missing Moments between Ron and Hermione throughout the Deathly Hallows.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but work like a house elf.


Author's Note: Wow thank you for all the reviews! I checked my email this morning and I had 45 emails! I loved hearing what everyone thought of the book, and I pretty much agree with all of you. While Ron and Hermione definitely had their moments, I think we could have had some more after waiting 6 books. We didn't get to see any confessions of love or meaningful talks like I thought we would, and I thought that they would kiss closer to the beginning than the end. I mapped out all the missing moments I plan to do and there should be about 12. (And to Weasleyismiking, there will definitely be one in the Chamber of Secrets) So I'm switching the order up a bit, and this will be the first chapter, since it came before thanks everyone! Anyways, here is the next chapter:

Chapter One: Wedding Preparations

"We must decide 'ow you will be disguised 'Arry," said Fleur, while everyone was tucking into their pudding around the Burrow's kitchen table. 'For ze wedding," she added. "Of course none of our guests are Death Eaters but we can not guarantee zat zey will not let something slip once they 'ave 'ad champagne."

Ron and Hermione caught each other's eye. Obviously she still expected Hagrid.

"Yes, good point," said Mrs. Weasley from the top of the table where she sat, spectacles perched on the end of her nose, scanning an immense list of jobs that she had scribbled on a very long piece of parchment. Harry, Ron and Hermione had a feeling of what was coming next; the designation of jobs. This seemed to have become a daily ritual at the Burrow, and Ron doubted whether they would have been put under such a strict regime if they hadn't been planning to ditch school and look for the horcruxes. A further drawback of this, was that he was not only separated from Harry, but that he had little time to spend with Hermione, who was often instructed to do one of the more gender appropriate "household chores". Ron dug his spoon into his apple tart bitterly.

"Now Ron, have you cleaned out your room yet?"

"Why?" exclaimed Ron, slamming his spoon down and glaring at his mother. "Why does my room have to be cleaned out? Harry and I are fine with the way it is!"

Mrs. Weasley was turning a shade of trade marked Weasley red, "We are holding your brother's wedding here in a few days' time, young man-"

"Are they getting married in my bedroom?" asked Ron furiously. "No! So why in the name of Merlin's saggy left-"

"Don't you talk to your mother like that," said Mr. Weasley firmly. "And do as you're told."

Ron scowled at both his parents, then picked up his spoon and attacked the last few mouthfuls of apple tart.

"I can help, some of it's my mess," Harry told Ron, and for a split second Ron felt mildly happier, before Mrs. Weasley cut across him and said, "No Harry dear, I'd much rather you helped Arthur muck out the chickens." Mrs. Weasley took another bite of apple tart, giving Ron hopes that she didn't have any jobs for Hermione to do today.

"And Hermione," she finished swallowing, "I'd be ever so grateful if you'd change the sheets for Madame and Monsieur Delacour, you know they're arriving at eleven tomorrow."

Hermione nodded diligently, and Ron was surprised to see a small smile playing on her lips. What was so great about changing sheets?

Harry excused himself from the table and set out through the back yard; headed for the chicken coop. Ron angrily pushed back his chair and stormed off upstairs to his attic bedroom without a backwards glance at his mother.

He slammed the door to his room and surveyed the damage. Aside from the unmade beds and contents of both Harry's and his trunks strewn across the floor, the room didn't look that bad. All the same, Ron wasn't feeling particularly keen about rearranging it all. He kicked a box of chocolate frog cards aside and picked up a pink book lying open on the floor. Twelve Fail Safe Ways to Charm Witches. Ron sat down on the end of his bed and began flipping through it, the task of cleaning his room completely forgotten. Only when a small knock came at the door was he brought back to his senses.

"Who is it?" he said savagely, expecting his mother to give him another list of chores to complete once he had 'finished up here'.

"It's me," said Hermione's voice. Ron's heart raced as he looked for a hiding place for the book. He eventually stashed it under the bed, which was a difficult enough task in itself, as most of his belongings were already occupying the small space.

"Er, come in," said Ron, now holding his hand gingerly. Something had bit him under the bed. Hermione entered carrying a large pile of books and with her ginger cat Crookshanks at her heels.

"I thought you were supposed to be changing the sheets."

"And I thought you were supposed to be cleaning your room," said Hermione peeling a sock off a nearby lamp shade and wrinkling her nose.

"Yeah well…" Ron said flopping down on his bed.

"Your mom forgot she already asked Ginny and me to clean the sheets yesterday," she offered as an explanation. Hermione unloaded the books in the corner of his room, underneath a large poster of the Chudley Cannons. Hermione then sat down beside them, and winced slightly. She reached behind her and pulled out what appeared to be a pair of broken Omnioculars which were lurking under one of Ron's jumpers.

Ron blushed and grabbed them from her outstretched hand, chucking them in a rubbish bin. Ron wondered how casually he could sit down beside her, the bed seeming too far of a distance to put between them. He decided that sitting down to pick through a pile of clothing on the floor wouldn't be too incriminating.

As it turned out the majority of the clothing was Harry's, and he hurled them into the laundry bin across the room.

"That reminds me," said Hermione, looking up from her book, "I've just finished putting a load of your underwear in the wash." Ron blushed crimson and started fiddling with a tassel on one of his old jumpers that his mom had made for him when he was 12. Hermione smirked to herself. Ron threw the jumper aside, which was immediately pounced upon by a lurking Crookshanks. He watched, amused, for a moment as the cat poked its paw into the pockets, undoubtedly checking to see if Ron had got a new rat in his absence.

"What did you get Bill and Fleur for their wedding present?" Hermione asked, picking up

Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles.

"A lunascope, it'll help Bill keep track of the phases of the moon, you?"

"I got them a copy of Enchantment in Baking," replied Hermione.

"Bet Bill will love that," Ron chuckled.

"No more than Fleur will love being able to keep track of the moon," said Hermione waspishly.

Crookshanks had now curled up at Hermione's feet and was purring contentedly. Ron reached out a hand to scratch behind the his ear and in a split second Crookshanks had bolted up, swiped at Ron's hand and was not spitting, back arched.

"Oh, poor Crookshanks," Hermione crooned, stroking his head. Crookshanks gave a smug look to Ron who was now trying to wrap his hand in his shirt, which was bleeding profusely.

"Sodding cat," Ron muttered. Hermione turned as though to tell him off for upsetting Crookshanks, but the words died in her mouth and she saw Ron clutching his hand to him.

"Oh Ron, I'm sorry!" she said reaching for his hand. At first Ron thought that she was going to hold it, but then she pulled out her wand and muttered 'Episkey' and the skin stretched back over the claw marks, healing his hand. Ron muttered thanks, but thought to himself a kiss would have made it better just as well.

Crookshanks had stalked off across the room, envious of the attention Hermione was now doling out on Ron.

"You must have caught him by surprise, he's normally not like that," Hermione explained, her forehead creased. Ron nodded in agreement, but couldn't help to think back to their third year where Crookshanks took every chance he got to torture Ron or Scabbers. Ron heard a noise on the landing and immediately bolted upright, causing Crookshanks to scuttle back over to Hermione and curl up where Ron had just been sitting, staking his territory.

"I'm doing it, I'm doing it!" Ron moaned looking around for something to put in his hand to give the appearance of cleaning. "Oh it's you," said Ron in relief as the door swung open and Harry walked in.

Ron sat down on his bed.

"Hi, Harry," Hermione said as Harry sat down on his camp bed. Ron's relief subsided into anger as he realized that Harry was now intruding on what would have been his alone time with Hermione. Harry also inquired as to why Hermione was here and she gave him the same explanation she had given Ron. Harry stared awkwardly between the two, and raised his eyebrows at Ron, as though asking for an account of what they had been doing up here alone.

"We were just talking about Made-Eye," Ron lied. "I reckon he might have survived." Ron saw Hermione look up from her book and raise her eyebrows.

"But Bill saw him hit by the killing curse," said Harry,

"Yeah, but Bill was under attack too," said Ron. "How can he be sure what he saw?"

"Even if the Killing Curse missed, Mad Eye still fell about a thousand feet," said Hermione, now weighing Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland in her hands.

"He could have used a shield charm-"

"Fleur said his wand was blasted out of his hand," said Harry.

"Well, alright, if you want him to be dead," Ron said grumpily, punching his pillow into a more comfortable shape.

"Of course we don't want him to be dead!" Hermione said looking shocked. "It's dreadful that he's dead! But we're being realistic!"

"The Death Eaters probably tidied up after themselves, that's why no one found him," said Ron wisely, ditching his previous argument, since it conflicted with Hermione's.

"Yeah," said Harry. "Like Barty Crouch, turned into a bone and buried in Hagrid's front garden. They probably transfigured Moody and stuffed him-"

"Don't!" squealed Hermione, who had burst into tears. Ron immediately felt immensely guilty for bringing up Moody and bounded off the bed to comfort her. He heard Harry give a feeble "Oh no, I wasn't trying to upset you," from the camp bed.

Ron wrapped his long arm around her and held her to him. He reached desperately into his back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. Ashamed to find it covered in dirt and grease from the oven, he muttered 'Tergeo' and hoped Hermione hadn't noticed. Harry had however, and he heard him stifle a laugh. Ron couldn't care less though, as Hermione accepted the handkerchief and sobbed into his shoulder.

"Oh …thanks Ron…I'm sorry …" she blew her nose and hiccoughed. "Its' just so awf-ful isn't it? R-Right after Dumbledore…I j-just n-never imagined Mad Eye dying, somehow he seemed so tough." Ron felt his heart ache to see her like this.

"Yeah, I know," said Ron, giving her a squeeze. "But you'd know what he'd say to us if he were here?"

"C-Constant Vigilance," said Hermione giving a small smile and mopping her eyes at the memory.

"That's right," said Ron, nodding, their foreheads meeting briefly as she turned to look at him. "He'd tell us to learn from what happened to him. And what I've learned is not to trust that cowardly little squirt Mundungus."

Hermione gave a shaky laugh, and Ron felt satisfied that his job was done cheering her up as she leaned forward to pick up two more books. However he was still hesitant to remove his arm from around her shoulders, afraid of losing contact. But at that moment Hermione dropped The Monster Book of Monsters on his foot which took to attempting to bite off Ron's ankle. Cursing, Ron snatched his arm away and tried to jump backwards, but the book was latched tightly onto his ankle.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Hermione cried, as Harry wrenched the book from Ron's leg and tried to shut it.

"What are you doing anyway?" Ron asked, retreating onto his bed.

"Just trying to decide which ones to take with us," said Hermione. "When we're looking for Horcruxes."

"Oh of course!" said Ron, clapping a hand to his forehead. "I forgot we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library."

"Ha ha," said Hermione, looking down at Spellman's Syllabary. "I wonder…will we need to translate runes? It's possible…I think we better take it to be safe." She dropped it back on the larger pile and picked up Hogwarts: A History.

"Listen," said Harry

He sat up straight. Ron and Hermione looked at him with mixtures of resignation and defiance. "I know you said that after Dumbledore's funeral you wanted to come with me," Harry began.

"Here he goes," Ron said to Hermione, rolling his eyes. They would have been idiots not to expect that Harry would try to persuade them to go back to Hogwarts.

"As we knew he would," Hermione sighed, turning back to the books. "You know, I think I will take Hogwarts: A History. Even if we're not going back there, I don't think I'd feel quite right if I didn't have it with me."

Ron smiled. This was just one of those small things that he found most endearing about Hermione.

"Listen!" said Harry again.

"No, Harry you listen," said Hermione. "We're coming with you, that was decided months ago-years, really.


"Shut up," Ron advised him.

"-are you sure you've thought this through?" Harry persisted. Ron knew he was beat before Hermione even gave a retort to his question.

"Let's see," said Hermione, slamming Travels with Trolls on to the discarded pile with a rather fierce look. "I've been packing for days so we're ready to leave at a moment's notice, which for your information has included doing some pretty difficult magic, not to mention smuggling Mad Eye's entire stock of polyjuice potion right under Ron's Mum's nose." Ron knew she had made her point upon seeing the look on Harry's face.

"I've also modified my parent's memories so that they're convinced they're really called Wendell and Monica Wilkins, and that their life's ambition is to move to Australia, which they have now done. That's to make it more difficult for Voldemort to track them down and interrogate them about me-or you, because unfortunately I've told them quite a bit about you.

Assuming I survive the hunt for the Horcruxes I'll find mum and dad and lift the enchantment. If I don't- well I think I've cast a good enough charm to keep them safe and happy. Wendell and Monica Wilkins don't know they've got a daughter you see," Hermione faltered.

Ron looked up to see her eyes glistening with tears again and leaped off the bed again to put his arm around her. Ron looked reproachfully at Harry, as though he didn't have any tact to get revenge for Harry laughing at his handkerchief earlier.

"I-Hermione, I'm sorry-I didn't-"

"Didn't realize that Ron and I knew perfectly well what might happen if we come with you? Well, we do. Ron, show Harry what you've done."

"Nah, he's just eaten," said Ron, fetching for an excuse not to move from his current position.

"Go on. He needs to know."

Ron seemed to be waging an internal battle on himself. "Oh alright. Harry come here," he sighed. Ron withdrew his arm and stumped over to the door.

The next twenty minutes were spent getting Harry acquainted with the ghoul from attic who had grudgingly been given Ron's form to take on. If anyone inquired as to where Ron was, they were to be shown the ghoul and claim it was Ron who had a highly contagious bout of Spattergroit. After Harry claimed he didn't see a resemblance they moved on to discussing the horcruxes and how to destroy them.

However just as they were in the midst of the conversation the bedroom door flew open with a wall shaking crash. Hermione shrieked and dropped Secrets of the Darkest Art; Crookshanks streaked under the bed, hissing indignantly; Ron jumped off the bed, but skidded on a Chocolate Frog wrapper and smacked his head on the opposite wall, and Harry instinctively dived for his wand before realizing that he was looking up at the face of Mrs. Weasley, whose hair was disheveled and whose face was contorted with rage.

"I'm so sorry to break up this cozy little gathering," she said, her voice trembling. "I'm sure you all need your rest, but there are wedding presents stacked in my room that need sorting out and I was under the impression that you had all agreed to help."

"Oh, yes," said Hermione looking terrified as she leapt to her feet, sending books flying in every direction, "We will…we're sorry…"

With an anguished look at Harry and Ron, Hermione hurried out of the room after Mrs. Weasley.

Ron scowled.

More to come tomorrow!