Alright, well here is my "Author's Note". I've refrained from doing one because typically fan fiction says they don't want you to have an entire chapter like this. I'm sorry to get everyone all excited thinking that this is an actual chapter. I have responded to a few people individually about the story, but now I'll address everyone as a whole. Basically I have been insanely busy at school the past three months, the workload is insane. Not to mention, I have an addictive personality, in which I become extremely obsessed with something and then it fizzles out and I move to the next thing. So has happened with Harry Potter while writing the story, I discovered how to make clich├ęd music videos on youtube with my other favourite books-Twilight series, thus I became addicted to that, and no longer felt like writing. I do hope to get another chapter up soon (like month soon)

, this story won't go unfinished, sooner or later I'll become obsessed again and we will return to weekly updates. Thanks again!