The Ancient Prophecy of El

Weep not, Children of Light,

For though the Great Enchanter was deceived, he lies not in darkness;

And though the Red Dragon has fallen, he will return again.

Together they rest in the Realm of El.

And 400 years shall pass, and all will seem forgotten.

Truth will hide in Myth.

Great wars will rage between Elf, Wizard, and Man;

And the Dark will take half of Light's children.

For 1000 years, their magic bound in slavery,

They will forget the joy of freedom; they will forget the wisdom of Eldartha;

And their beauty will fade with their memories.

And Wizards will hide their faces from Man;

And Elves will no longer live among the forests of men;

And Man will forget when Magic covered the land.

Fear not, Children of El,

Though Darkness will rise in the Realm of Wizards.

For 10 years, hope will be lost.

Then a prophecy shall be given to bring them hope,

But the White Bee will hide it in secret,

Yet a servant of the Black Serpent shall hear it in part.

Then a child shall be born to unite the realms.

And he will be marked by the Dark, but the mark will be a sign of Light and Power.

And in this child, the Red Dragon and the Great Enchanter will return as one.

And his sword shall have a new name, for it will be touched by El.

Rejoice, Children of Light,

For the Child of Prophecy shall slay the Black Serpent;

He shall slay the one who flees from eternal sleep.

And he shall free our brothers; and all will once again be united.

Then Peace will reign as it did in the time of the Red Dragon and the Great Enchanter.

Seek not the Child of Prophecy in the Realm of Elves,

For he shall be born of a pure Wizard and a daughter of Man.

But when you have found him, teach him your ways,

For he will be hunted by the White Bee; and he will be hunted by the Black Serpent.

But neither shall find him until he draws his sword from the Realm of El.

And he will be a Prince among you.

You shall call his name "Touched by Light."

And his sword shall bear his name.

He shall call it