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Summary: After the war ended, the survivors must live on. They must deal with the deaths of loved ones. This is their story. The story of the Aftermath.


When Arthur Weasley showed up at my doorstep, I knew what had happened. Before he opened his mouth, I knew. They were gone. I was alone now; Teddy was the only family member I had left. And I would love him, I would protect him until I died.

Nymphadora, my dear, darling, daughter, the only child I had borne, murdered. When she first came to me, saying, "Mum, I'm in love," I had been shocked. When she told me it was Remus Lupin-Remus, the young boy who had once babysat her, for Merlin's sake!-I had nearly fainted.

I had calmed down quickly, however, as I thought back. Years ago, when she was barely four years old, James, Sirius, and Remus had come over to watch her. I had only asked Sirius, but he claimed that there was no way he was going to watch 'the little demon-child' alone. I had smiled slightly and left, knowing that my daughter would be in six capable hands for the few hours I'd be gone.

Upon my return, I was quite amused to find James and Sirius cowering downstairs, covered head-to-toe in green slime, and Nymphadora sleeping in Remus's arms upstairs. They had tried to explain what had happened, but I had laughed it off, paid the three, and sent them on their way.

Even then, even when he was a sixteen-year-old boy and she just past the toddler-stages, even then she had loved him. She wouldn't have any babysitter who wasn't Remus, and would behave, for once, when Remus Lupin was over. Nobody knew why, and when asked, Nymphadora would just reply with a shrug, "'Cause he's nice," as if it explained everything.

And now both were gone. Killed, murdered by Death Eaters. And I hadn't even gotten the chance to say goodbye.

Poor Teddy would grow up an orphan, grow up without ever knowing his parents. He only had me, and I feared that that wouldn't be enough. A boy needed a father, after all. I could only hope that his godfather would suffice.

How wonderful it would be-being the godson of the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the-what did they call him now?-the Hero of all the Wizarding World?

But could that be enough? Could Teddy grow up with just his grandmother and godfather? Could he have a good life without parents?

Andromeda laughed and mentally slapped herself. Harry had, and he had turned out fine. She had, too, practically, wishing to run away by her third birthday. Her parents had ignored her, shunned her, which may have been worse than being an orphan.

Teddy shrieked suddenly and began to cry out, and Andromeda picked him up.

She could make it work. She could be strong, for Teddy's sake. She needed to be. It was all for him, all for Teddy. He would have a good life, and Andromeda would make sure of that, even if it killed her.


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