Dennis Creevey hadn't even seen his brother die. He had escaped to the Hog's Head shortly after the battle started. He was one of the only Gryffindors to do so, and he had been somewhat ashamed. As a Gryffindor, he was supposed to be brave, he was supposed to fight. But he was to scared, and he had left his older brother inside the castle. It wasn't until much later, when all the bodies were collected, that he spotted Collin being taken away, covered in scrapes and dried blood. He had rushed forward, clutched his older brother's hand, and begun to cry. McGonagall, who had been instructing teachers on what to do with the bodies, looked at him sadly and patted him on the back.

"Your brother saved lives, you know. He was very heroic."

Dennis had smiled through his tears and looked at his brother's body admiringly. Collin had shown true Gryffindor courage: something Dennis thought he'd never be able to do. He wasn't brave like Collin. That's why he was alive, when his older brother was dead. That's why he would have to return home, tell his parents that their eldest son had been killed, murdered whilst trying to protect other students.

And he had done it.

Dennis Creevey had returned home the next afternoon, alone, to his confused parents.

"Denny!" His mum had cried, throwing her arms around him, "We were so worried, you said there was a war going on and-where's your brother?"

Dennis had begun to cry all over again and collapsed to the floor. For the first time, the true reality sunk in-Collin would never be returning from Hogwarts. Dennis was an only child now, and never again would his brother teach him more advanced magic. He was the only wizard in his family now. Collin was gone.

His parents had been shocked, disbelieving. There was no way that the teachers would let a mere sixteen-year-old die in a battle, they said. They would have protected all the students. There was no way Collin was dead, he must just be missing.

It had taken Dennis over an hour to convince his parents that yes, Collin was dead, and he had seen the body. The teachers had tried to protect the students, he explained, but some had rebelled and left to fight with the rest. Collin had been one of them. His parents had sat silently for quite some time after that. Mrs. Creevey cried silently while her husband held her close. Finally, Dennis's dad spoke:

"We should be celebrating. Our son was a hero. He died a hero's death."

And that was what had been put on Collin Creevey's gravestone:

Collin Patrick Creevey

November 23, 1981-June 3, 1997

He died a hero's death

As Dennis stood in front of his brother, holding back tears as he read the inscription on the tombstone, he realized it was true. Collin had died a hero's death. Dennis was living a coward's life.


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