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Duncan and Veronica were never together the night of Shelly's party. Therefore Veronica does not know how raped her, and Duncan and Meg are still together. Logan and Veronica never kissed at the Camelot, they never dated. So Logan wasn't on the bridge and Felix wasn't murdered. The paternity test results were different, and Keith Mars never survived the fire.

Filling the void - Ch. 1: The Big Secret

VO: Aagh the summertime. A time for fun, relaxing, and excitement. And while most are enjoying this time, I'm stuck with a lame job at Java Hut, a shared hotel suite with an ex, and an empty void inside of me that's tearing me apart.


I could barely hear the fight that was occurring outside the cramped refrigerator. But I knew what was happening. My dad had come to save me, just as he always does. Then it grew silent. And before I knew it I could feel the heat start to enclose the place I had previously thought was safe.

End flashback

I ran out of my "room" in the presidential suite of the Neptune Grand and over to the kitchen sink. Splashing water over my face, trying to erase the heat sensation that was creeping over me, I turned to Duncan who was sitting in a chair, watching the television, and stupidly asked, "Am I on fire?"

"No, but you are smokin' hot!" Smirked Logan as he appeared from behind the couch.

As the embarrassment began to creep onto my face Logan looked me up and down and said, "Geez Ronnie with you in that little tank top and short shorts it looks as though you're trying to seduce Duncan here!"

At this statement Duncan and I looked at each other and then ran to the kitchen sink and emptied our stomachs.

"We need to tell him!" I whispered. "This is the fifth time this week I've had to puke because of something he's said!"

"Well maybe if you didn't wear such, slutty clothes to bed he wouldn't say anything!" his voice progressively louder than mine.

"Maybe you could warn me next time he's here!" I said, even louder.

"You're the one who just bolted out of your room!" louder yet.

"Sorrr-eeee but I really needed" but before I could say "water" we were interrupted.

"So sorry to break-up this nice little chat but why don't you guys just tell me your BIG secret. Maybe it'll make your lives a little easier." Logan said, prying for information.

Duncan and I looked at each other nervously. There's only two of our friends who knew. Wallace, because he's my best friend and was really angry at me for sharing a hotel suite with Duncan after turning down the offer to live at his house. And Meg, because well, who wouldn't be mad at your boyfriend for living with their ex? However Logan didn't seem to give a damn. But now we couldn't take it anymore.

"FINE you want to know?!?" I asked a little too loudly. Still angry from the previous argument.

"Yes. I would love to know."

"You sure? Do you REALLY want to know?"


I looked at Duncan once more before I told him. He nodded. "Logan… Duncan and I are… half-siblings."


After telling Logan and him agreeing to never comment again on us or our past relationship Logan simply stated, still with a look of shock, disbelief, and slight amusement etched on his face, "So that's why Celeste hates you so much."

Good ol' Logan. I can always rely on you to break an awkward moment.

(knocking is heard from the door of the suite, causing all three to turn their heads.)

"Ugh, I'll get it." I told them, using whoever was at the door as an excuse to get away from the laughing eyes of Logan Echolls.

As I opened the door I looked up into the face of none other than my biological father, Jake Kane. "Hello Veronica."

"Umm… Hello Mr. Kane."

"Please Veronica, how me times do I have to tell you, it's Jake, or you know" but I cut him off before he could say "dad".

"Jake." I said firmly, stepping aside for him to come in the room.

No one could ever fill the void left in me by my father Keith Mars. As much as he felt the need to, as much as he felt sorry for me, I believe that Jake Kane wanted to pretend as much as me that Keith Mars really is my biological father. Although the hotel suite with all the room service I could ever want paid by him was greatly appreciated.

"Veronica. VERONICA!"

"Wh-what?" I stammered after being shaken from my thoughts.

"Your DADDY and BIG BROTHER have to 'talk'," Logan said, making air quotes when saying talk, "so we get to go in your room and play."

"Whatever." I murmured while dragging him across the suite and into my room, flashing Jake an apologetic smile as he looked shocked. Duncan had told him we weren't planning on telling anyone after Wallace and Meg.

"God WHAT did we say earlier?!?"

"That I wasn't allowed to talk about you and Duncan. You never said I couldn't tell anyone." He said with a smirk.

"Well it was implied. But now I am telling you that if you tell anyone I will make your life hell. And we both know that I am very capable of doing that!"

"Yeah, I don't think I want any more bongs being confiscated from my locker."

"How do you know it was me? There wasn't any proof!" I said innocently.

"Fine, whatever. But now we have to think of something to do. Hmm… I'm a hot and amazing guy, and you're-well-you're a girl. And we're alone in a hotel bedroom. Why don't we make the most of it?" Logan arched an eyebrow as he sat on my bed and patted the spot next to him.

'Okay, two can play this game' I thought. I walked over to where he was sitting on my bed. Very slowly, I put my hand on his chest and pushed him down on the bed. Climbing on top of him, I flattened myself out until my face was inches from his. His chocolate brown eyes sparkled with surprise and pleasure. Then lowering my face until our lips barely brushed I whispered, "Not. A. Chance." and hopped off of him. I laughed at the utter disappointed shown on his face.

Just as I thought Logan was going to make some snide remark, I heard screaming and the sound of someone hitting the floor outside the bedroom.