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Filling the Void - Ch. 9: Awkward Turtle


I let myself sleep in after my exhausting day, yesterday: waking up in Logan's arms, sharing an extremely passionate kiss with Logan, informing Mr. Pope of what Casablancas was doing, seeing Jackie with some random guy, and finally seeing pictures of Kendall Casablancas with John Enbom, a kid I've known as long as I've been in Neptune. Hopefully today will be less insane. I sit up in bed and then groan as I view the dress I'm supposed to wear to dinner tonight. Well that wish is kaput.

I reluctantly get up and walk out of my room to find Meg and Duncan unpacking some of Meg's stuff from big brown boxes. "Hey Duncan?"

"Oh, hey Veronica," he says after looking up at me, "What's up?"

"Did Jake get my room yet?"

"Yep. Dad dropped off the keys earlier. They're on the coffee table." He points to said keys and I go grab one.

My new suite is really similar to the one before it, but a little bit smaller. I view each of the bedrooms before picking the bigger one, then I start moving my stuff into the new suite. With the help of Meg's empty boxes and my brother's muscles, it takes very little time to move my small amount of belongings.

After getting everything put away I watch some tv before getting ready for dinner. I curl my hair and pin part of it back and then do my makeup. Slipping on the gold dress I find that it fits perfectly and looks great on me. Thank you Meg! I slip on my heels and grab my clutch and walk next door to Duncan and Meg's suite, using my card to unlock the door. Upon entering I see Meg sitting on the couch watching tv. Her right hand is softly rubbing her stomach over the midnight blue dress she wears. I'll bet she doesn't even know she's doing it. "Hey Meg," I greet as I come to stand before her.

"Hey Veronica. The dress looks lovely on you!"

I smile at her kindness, "Yeah, thanks by the way."

She grins as well, "No problem gal pal. Duncan would've picked something pink and fluffy or something so modest even a nun wouldn't wear. I figured you'd appreciate my help."

"You figured correctly. So where are we-" But before I could finish I was interrupted by Duncan's voice as he came out of his room.

"No problem, man. Sorry we can't hang; family dinner tonight."

I don't know who he was talking to so I turn and the butterflies fill my stomach at the sight of him. Logan replies back, not yet seeing me in the room, "And here I thought you had dressed up for lil' ole me. Way to make..." His sentence trails off as his eyes find mine and we both stand rooted to the spot. A mix of emotions flash through his eyes. Shock, desire, nervousness, lust, and something else I can't quite identify.

A thousand thoughts begin running through my head. Why did he have to be here? He looks really good. Are my knees getting weak? Why am I feeling like this? I don't like Logan Echolls, I don't! Does he like me? I love it when he wears green. What's he thinking right now?

"Uh... guys? What's going on?" Duncan breaks up our intense stare.

"Nothing." We say in unison, causing us to look at each other again quickly.

"It doesn't seem like nothing," Meg says with a smile on her face.

"Well it's not nothing nothing-" I begin and then Logan cuts in.

"It's just an, uh, unimportant nothing. At least to you guys, I mean."

I look from my confused brother to Meg, who has a smirk on her face and an eyebrow raised in my direction. Oh God, she knows! But how could she know? And since when does Meg smirk?

"Veronica, why don't you show Logan your new suite? We still have a few minutes before we need to leave," Meg innocently suggested. Geez she's a good actress!

"Umm... okay..." I nervously say before leading Logan out the door and to my suite in silence. After shutting the door I'm turning around when Logan attacks me with his lips and pushes me back against the door.

I respond with an equal passion and soon we're battling for dominace over the kiss. Once oxygen becomes a necessity we seperate and he leans his forehead against mine. We've got identical grins on our faces and we're completely breathless. "What... are we doing?" I breathe out.

"No idea," he whispers before kissing me again. We take our time exploring each others mouths with this kiss, which is much slower than the last, but still filled with the same amount of passion.

I'm at a lack for coherent speech when we part again, "I... uh...wow."

Logan chuckles lightly and then wraps his arms around me before responding with a soft, "Yeah."

"Um... I should probably get going... can we maybe talk about whatever this is later?"

Logan nods before giving me one last chaste kiss and opens the door for me with a gentlemanly bow. I giggle as I walk past him and then he grabs my hand and says seriously, "Call me later and we can talk, okay?"

I smile slightly and nod before walking to where Duncan and Meg are waiting with suspicious looks on their faces. Logan walks past them and salutes before getting in the elevator.

"So what was that?" Meg asks teasingly while Duncan crosses his arms.

"Nothing," I say softly before looking down and blushing.

"Nothing? Are you kidding me?" my brother asks.

My eyes are pleading as I look at him and silently beg him to drop the subject. "Fine," he sighs, "Let's just go."


I'm currently enduring the most awkward dinner I've ever had. Jake keeps trying to make small talk, to no avail. Duncan is completely silent, Meg looks like she wishes she were anywhere but here, and of course Celeste keeps shooting me dirty looks.

"So, Veronica, how do you like having your own room?" Jake asks me after a few minutes of silence.

"Um... I don't know. I just moved in there today so... yeah." I reply and go back to my chicken parmesean.

Jake nods and moves on to his other child, "How are you and Meg handling everything, son?"

"Uh," Duncan shares a glance with Meg and she smiles at him, "Good, everything's great."

Jake smiles broadly, "Well that's good to hear, isn't it Celeste?"

Celeste smiles tightly and quickly says "Yes it is" before going back to her wine.

Soon we've all finished eating and Jake checks his watch. "Well you kids should get home. It's getting late and you've got school tomorrow."

Jake pays the check and we all walk out of the restaurant. Goodbyes and hugs are exchanged between Jake and the three of us while Celeste stands coldly with her arms crossed. We slowly walk to our car and watch as Jake and Celeste drive away before we all let out a sigh of relief.

"Anybody else want ice cream?" Duncan offers and Meg and I grin at each other before agreeing enthusiastically.

Later the three of us are walking along the beach licking our ice cream cones, and I can't help but think back to the days of the fab four. Lilly, Logan, Duncan and I used to walk along the beach eating ice cream all the time. Duncan and I share a look and I know he's thinking about the same thing. But unlike other times when we reminisce to the past, this time we don't shudder, but accept what we used to be. And as Duncan hugs me and kisses the top of my head, I think the two of us are going to finally be okay.


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