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Story Summary: Uzumaki Naruto is the son of the Yondaime Hokage, student of the legendary Sannin Jiraiya and Copy Ninja Kakashi, one of the most talented ninja in his village and...a demon girl's new pet?! Due to a summoning gone wrong, Naruto is now bound to Rozalin--the netherworld's new Overlord--by means of a magic contract, and can't leave unless one of them dies! All he wants to do is go home, but Rozalin's dead set on making him stay with her: whether he wants to or not!!


SINful Rose


Despite what most races think, there are not only hundreds of worlds out there, but several universes as well. It's unknown about the exact number, but in each universe, there is at least one netherworld. The netherworld is the world of demons, monsters and other such things, and is filled with never-ending chaos. To the mortals on a planet called Earth (no matter what universe) it is usually called "Hell", "Purgatory" and other such names. Each netherworld has an Overlord--that's the strongest demon that rules his world with an iron fist. To become an Overlord is actually quite simple: all you have to do is whack the current Overlord and boom, you're the new Overlord until someone comes to kill you and take the throne.

Humans fear the netherworlds and usually try to avoid anything that has to do with them and the demons they fear and loathe so much. But...who says avoiding them can do any good?

Hmhmhm... But who am I to talk? Let us move onto our story. Yes... Our story begins in a world filled with humans. A world of ninjas, to be more exact, but they're only slightly smarter than the average human...


Hi no Kuni--the Land of Fire was one of the more prosperous shinobi nations. However, as of late, it had a bit of a pest problem. And by pest, we mean demon. Yes, for the past decade, demons had been popping out of portals known as Makai Gates, which led from their netherworld to a random human world. In fact, other countries had been having that problem, which resulted in ninja being used more and more. Some times it was easy and cheap to exterminate a demon, other times it was difficult and worth a hefty price.

In fact, let's look on a ninja to see how he works, hm?

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!!" A young man shouted before he blew out a large fireball. The fireball struck the large, dragon-like creature that stood 2 feet higher than him, but it remained unfazed. 'Crud! I guess this thing's not affected by fire!'

The dragon began to flap its large wings and took off into the air, circling around its prey. It took a deep breath and blew out a steady stream of fire. The young ninja jumped aside in time to avoid being struck and drew a couple of kunai. He channeled his chakra into them and took precise aim. 'Steady... Now!' When the dragon was close enough, he threw the kunai at one of its wings. The kunai went straight through the wing as it were made of paper, and the dragon began to fall from sky. It landed only a few inches in front of the young ninja, who was already making another hand sign. In a poof of smoke, two bunshin had appeared beside him. He held out his hand and he and his clones began to mold chakra into a sphere. The wind around them picked up a bit before the two clones disappeared in a poof of smoke.

The shinobi started to run towards the dragon, which was trying to get back up. It tried to flap its wing, but it merely growled in pain. The young man was now close enough to strike it with the sphere in his head. "Fuuton: Rasengan!!" In that moment, the dragon felt as though his head was in a blender. Several scratches appeared in its skin and its blood dripped onto the ground before the sphere had faded. The dragon fell with a heavy thud and the young man sighed in relief.

"Phew... This one was pretty tough. But..." He scratched his blonde hair as a drop of sweat ran down the back of his head, "How can I dispose of the body when fire won't harm it?!"

Uzumaki Naruto was what people would call an average ninja. He trained, went on missions, and had some very powerful friends... But unknown to average people, he was the son of the current Hokage, the Yondaime Hokage Uzumaki Arashi, the student of the legendary Hatake Kakashi and the Sannin Jiraiya. So, of course, a lot of pressure was on him to do his best, especially since those demons started to pop up. Naruto was 17-years old, had blonde, messy hair, sky blue eyes and may have been colorblind, considering the fact that he wore orange and black together. He was only a chunin, a mid-ranked ninja, but he was on a jonin's level of power. Because of that, he was sent on a lot of missions that most chunin usually wouldn't get.

Not that Naruto was complaining. More missions meant more money, and more money meant more ramen noodles at Ichiraku's! "Mmmm... Ramen..." Just the thought made the blonde chunin hungry. He hadn't eaten ramen since he came out to Land of Rice to take care of their little dragon problem. Speaking of which... "This thing's already dead..." The blonde mumbled as he poked the fire-breathing lizard with a kunai. If it doesn't budge from that, you can tell it's dead. "I wonder how I should get rid of it...?"


Back in the small village that had been terrorized by the dragon, Naruto was shocked to learn how the villagers planned to dispose of the dragon.

"YOU'RE GONNA EAT IT?!?" He shouted loudly, his eyes the size of saucers as his mouth hung open.

"Of course! Meat is meat, after all," Said the village leader, a hefty man in his late 50s.

"'s a demon! Who knows what's gonna happen to you if actually eat it? For all you know, you'll get sick. Or turn into monsters or something!" Naruto tried to imagine what would happen if he ate a demon and shuddered at the results his brain came up with. "Ugh..."

"Ho ho ho! Well, that's a risk we'll just have to take, won't we? Thank you very much for what you've done for us, son. Our village owes thanks to you and your village."

"No problem. It's my job."

At that moment, a young man ran into the room and up to the village leader. "Father, we're having a hard time roasting the beast!"

"Hm?" The leader arched an eyebrow in confusion. "Well, how long has it been over the fire? Just give it more time! Unless you want to eat it raw." Naruto could feel his breakfast rise up in his throat. Raw? Were they actually going to eat it as it was if they couldn't burn through the dragon's skin? The village leader noticed the blonde and smiled warmly. "Ah, I'm sorry. How rude of me not to invite you to dinner!"

Naruto gulped as he played with the zipper of his black and orange jumpsuit. "Oh, i-it's okay. I've got to get back home and I'm not all that hungry." He stood up and bowed to the elder before walking out of the room. 'And I'm not gonna be hungry for a while...'


A while later, Naruto was walking down the dirt road. If he wanted to get back to Konoha quicker, he might have used his chakra to increase his speed, but he wasn't in a hurry to rush back. Because as soon as he'd come back, he'd be off on another mission the next day. It was seriously crazy... "Damn you, Dad... You just have to give me so many hard missions...!" Of course, it wasn't his father's fault that there were tons of demons were practically popping up everywhere...he just wanted someone to take his anger out on..

The blonde sighed before slowing his pace. "I'm not that important. I'm sure nobody's gonna mind if I don't come back quickly." He started to grin as he stretched his arms into the air. "Yeah, just a little break. Nothing bad about that."

All of a sudden, the sky darkened in such a way that it looked like night already, even though it was only a bit after 12:00 PM. Naruto looked up at the sky and noticed a symbol appearing above. It was shaped in a circle and was spinning slowly. After a couple of seconds, it began to open and a bright light shined down on the young chunin. Sky blue eyes widened as he stared up at the symbol, his mouth hung open slightly in awe. Then he started to feel a tad bit light. Oh, wait, that was because he was floating off of the ground.

Wait...WHAT?! "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Hey, wait, put me down!!! Whatever the hell you are, put me down now! Oh, crap!!" Naruto began to string together curses as he floated up to the symbol in the sky until he went all the way through it. As soon as he did, the symbol closed back up and disappeared. The sky returned to normal, the birds resumed chirping and everything went back to normal...


"Is this even going to work?" Asked a 17-year-old demoness. She had her blonde hair put up by a gold, jewel encrusted band and wore a long, black, shoulderless dress that reached her feet with a yellow bow in the front and a large red bow tied in the back, her large black wings sprouting from her back wrapped around her shoulders. She wore expensive-looking jewelry as well: a sapphire pendant, sapphire earrings and a large ruby ring. Just from looking at her you could tell the girl was loaded. And that was precisely why the demoness standing next to her to was so happy.

"Of course it'll work, Princess! I'm the greatest summoner in this netherworld." Despite the fact that she was in her late 2000s, she looked like she was thirty-something in human years. She had short purple hair with a blue barrette and red eyes like the princess. She wore a light blue dress and a pair of sandals on her feet. She could pass off for a human...if it wasn't for the third eye in the middle of her head...or the large, reptilian tail coming out from under her dress.

"I told you: it's Queen! And if this doesn't work, you won't be getting paid." The blonde demoness folded her arms across her chest. "You won't be getting a single Hell out of me if the summoning doesn't go right. I don't care if you used your family's life energy to do this. "

"I don't think she cares about us all that much, either..." Mumbled a red-haired, glasses-wearing demon who was lying on the floor. His skin was gray and a large, yellow pimple--if you could call it that, since it had eyes and a mouth--on his chest. His arms were larger than the rest of his body and a horn protruded from his forehead. Her wore an open red vest and a pair of green baggy pants.

"It's not fair! We don't want to take part in these stupid summonings, but Mom always drags us along because she wants to use our life energy!" Whined a younger demon. He looked like he was about 11 years old in human years, but he had to be in his 1100s. His hair was gray and his eyes were red and he wore a light blue shirt with gray shorts and shoes. Unlike his father, he had two horns sticking out of his head like a steer's.

"Oh, be quiet! You're demons. A couple of years off your life aren't much. Quit whining like you guys were human!!" Shouted the purple-haired woman whom we shall call Mom. "Besides, my job puts money in our wallet and food on our table!"

"But Mom! Me and Tardo are gonna work Princess Rozie's castle someday! When we do, we'll be rolling in money!" The youngest of the family, a pink-haired girl in her 900s, started to smile. She wore a white tube top and a pair of hot pink shorts with sandals that only made her slightly taller.

The blonde princess pursed her lips as she placed her hands on her hips. "I told you, I am a Queen now!"

Just a second after she spoke, a large flash of light appeared in the center of the room. It was so bright that the demons in the room had to shield their eyes. As the light started to fade, they noticed a figure was forming. When the light was completely gone, they saw him. A young human man of 17 years of age, with blonde hair and sky-blue eyes that were filled with shock. He wore an orange and black jumpsuit and something was wrapped around his head with an odd symbol on it.

"...Well...that's not what I thought he'd looked like. But he sure is cute," Mom mumbled as she stared in shock at Naruto.

The blonde chunin was already looking around frantically, his eyes wide with shock. "Where the hell am I?!"

"You got me a human boy by mistake?" The demon princess hissed. She folded her arms across her chest. "Hmph! That's it: you're not being paid."

"Not...being...paid?!" The purple-haired demoness's eye twitched. 'Like hell!! I'm gonna get paid, dammit!!' "Now, my Queen...! Don't be so hasty! He may not be the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but he's bound to you forever until one of you die, as says the summoning contract. If anything, you could keep him as a slave or a pet, but either way, I will be paid. Otherwise you're gonna be sorry!"

"Are you threatening me? How dare you!"

"How dare you not give me my money!" Before Mom could jump onto the younger demoness, she was held back by her husband and children.

"C-calm down, dear!!"

"Yeah, Mom! Remember, she's the Overlord!"

"Who cares what she is! I WANT MY MONEY!!!"

"HEY!!! WHERE THE HELL AM I?!?" Naruto shouted over the angry woman. A vein throbbed on his forehead as he glared at the demons.

Rozalin stared at him for a while before walking over to him. "Oh, right... You're from another world. Very well then. I am Rozalin--the only daughter of the late Overlord Zennon and the new Overlord. And you, my dear human, are my pet."

"Overlord? ...Pet?!"

"You see, you're in my netherworld. And you are mine until the day you die. But..." The blonde princess held his chin and observed his visage, "You aren't so bad to look at. For a human, I mean."

Meanwhile, Naruto was taking in Rozalin's appearance. Her eyes, her ears, the wings on her back. She was a demon, no doubt about it. The young chunin quickly drew a kunai and held it up against her neck. But that wasn't what he was aiming to do. He wanted to slit her throat open and kill her, but something was forcing him not to. "What...did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. I had that woman make the summoning a special one. The one who is summoned can't hurt me because my blood was used as an ingredient. I, on the other hand..." Naruto heard a click and looked out of the corner of his eye. She was holding a gun up to the side of his head, "I could dispose of you if I want." Rozalin's eyes narrowed as she put away the gun. "Do you understand now? I am now your master. You belong to me."

And from the moment she said those words with a smile on her face, Naruto knew his life was going to be hell...



Naruto tries to get used to living with demons in the netherworld while Rozalin strives to prove her place as the new Overlord. Too bad no one's heard of her. So her first task is to kill off all the competition, and Naruto's gotta help her, of course. But can they stand against the Demon Lord Contessa? Stay tuned for Episode 1 of SINful Rose, "The Ninja and the Overlord"!

Naruto: Who was that?

Rozalin: The narrator.

Naruto: We have a narrator?!

Rozalin: You've...never played Disgaea, have you?


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