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Every story must have an end. Except in sequels. And fan fiction, where fandoms always want to continue a story when there is nothing left to continue. But that's beside the point. Once you reach the end of your journey, all you have to do is beat the final boss, suffer heartbreak in one form or another, and go with the flow or whatever ending you get, whether it's a good one or a bad one. Then maybe you can feel the satisfaction of reaching the end.


:Final Episode:


In the abandoned village of Konohagakure, a battle--no, a war was going on. On one side was the combined force of the Konoha shinobi, the Snow Clan ninja, and the soldiers of Overlord Rozalin's army. On the other was an army of demons summoned by Orochimaru made up of mostly Majin and large Skeletal Dragons who were easily three times the size of any humanoid demon or shinobi.

"That Orochimaru creep has good taste in demons. Majin are the strongest of all demon soldiers, and Skeletal Dragons are among the toughest beasts in the Netherworld to kill!" Faust grumbled as he stood on the shoulder of a large wooden Golem. Golems, no matter what universe they came from, were always as big as a Skeletal Dragon. The problem was that they usually depended on brute force, which did no good against a Skeletal Dragon's enchanted bones. So here Faust was, holding onto the Golem's neck for dear life as it attempted to rip the dragon's bony jaw off of its head. "Tch..! I should've stayed on the ground!!" With one arm still holding on tightly to the forest demon's neck, he raised his staff with his free hand. "I suggest you move that hand, unless you want it frozen off by TERRA ICE!!"

By the time the Golem stopped wrestling with the dragon, a cold air surrounded the Skeletal Dragon and in the blink of an eye, it became a large crystal of ice with hundreds of spikes jutting out of it. The crystal shattered, sending pieces of frozen bone all over the village-turned-battlefield.

"Heads up!! Boomerang Axe!!" Daisuke shouted as he threw the large axe he had been wielding in the direction of a white and red-clad kunoichi with buns in her hair. The kunoichi ducked in time avoid being hit by the axe as it sliced into the large Heavy Knight she had difficulty taking down with her own weapons. As the axe was about to go back to Daisuke, she grabbed its handle upon standing up, spun around, and lopped the armor-clad demon's head off. "Whoa, nice one!" The Warrior said with a grin as he adjusted his headband.

The kunoichi known as Tenten smiled back at him as she placed the axe against her shoulder. "I am a master of all weapons! Demon ones are no exception!"

"I think I'm in love!" Daisuke was then smacked in the back of his head by Ina. "OWWW!! What'd you do that for?!"

"This is a battlefield, not the Love Connection! Get back to work!" The Kunoichi then disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Hey, boys. Wanna play with us?" A pair of white-haired, amber-eyed Succubae wearing tight, revealing black clothing asked Shikamaru and his companions, a heavyset teen with long, spiky brown hair dressed in red with gray armor and a brunette wearing all black and riding a large white dog. Usually, shinobi wouldn't fall for the feminine wiles of a female enemy, but these demonic vixens were master of seduction. Before any of the boys knew it, they were cuddling up to the Succubae, blushing and giggling perversely while the demonesses prepared to sink their teeth into their prey. However, they didn't get the chance as they became covered in bugs.

"EEEEEEEKKK!!! Get them off, get them off!!" One Succubus panicked as she flew up in disgust, trying to rid herself of the bugs. They kept clinging onto her, making her feel so weak that she actually began to falter in the air. Before she could fall, she was shot down by a demon who saw an opportunity.

"Nasty!! What sort of foul bugs are these?!" The remaining Succubus hissed as she lost control over Shikamaru and his friends. She didn't get the chance to remove all the bugs as well, since an arrow pierced her chest and exploded, taking her life.

"Boys are so pathetic!" A demon Archer giggled from the roof above, her blonde curls bouncing as she held a bow and arrow in her hand. "Human or demon, they fall apart over a big set of boobs!"

"Don't lump me in with these guys," the Konoha ninja standing next to her stated. He wore a high-collared black shirt that hid the lower part of his face with a hooded gray jacket that covered his head, black shades and a large parcel bag on his back that the parasitic bugs crawled back into once they were done sucking the Succubae dry. "Not all of us fall for tricks like that."

"Damn it, Shino!!" The teen riding the dog, Kiba, shouted as he shook a fist up at the mysterious shinobi.

"How embarrassing... Seduced by demon women," Shikamaru mumbled as he sucked his teeth in disdain.

"If Ino hears about this, she'll never let us live it down..." Choji, the heaviest of the trio, said with a groan.

Neji and Hinata of the Hyuuga family teamed up with a duo composed of a male and female demon Martial Artists to take down a couple of moth demons known as Mothmen that were flying up above in the sky. The Martial Artists leapt up into the air and knocked the Mothmen down towards Neji, who bounced them off of the rotating barrier of chakra called the Kaiten and sent the insect demons towards Hinata, who cut them down with beams of chakra that glowed like light.

"That's it, everyone!! Keep going!!" Tsunade shouted from her spot on top of a large white and blue slug that was far bigger than any Skeletal Dragon or Golem. A pair of Mothmen flew up in front of the giant slug, pollen falling from their wings and screeching at a harmful level. The demon Archers who had been standing on either side of her easily shot the Mothmen down with glowing arrows that caused the moth demons to fade away into blue dust. "Today, we reclaimed our village!!"


Within Orochimaru's pagoda, on the first floor, Rozalin and her vassals entered. There were torches all over the wide room, dimly lighting it up.

"Wow. This place looks like a dishonest-to-badness final stage!" Hanako spoke up, impressed. "It kinda reminds me of the last stage in Dizaga: Afternoon of Darkness."

"Really? It reminds me of the last stage in Fatal Fantasy XII," said Taro.

"No way!! FFXII had that European feel to it!"

"Well, I don't see how it looks similar to Dizaga!"

Adell stepped in-between his two siblings and groaned, holding a hand to his head. "That's enough, you two! Don't you realize the seriousness of this situation?"

"Oh. Right. We're supposed to be helping Naruto!" The pink-haired girl said, pumping a fist in the air. She began to scan the area and pointed over to a staircase. "Look! That must lead to the next floor!"

"What was your first clue, Sherlock? The fact that it goes up?" Taro asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Can it, Tardo!!"

"That's odd. I would have thought for sure that we would run into some sort of interference," Rozalin said as she and her vassals made their way towards the staircase. In a poof of smoke, two demons appeared in front of the staircase, blocking their way.

"Way to go. I think you jinxed us, Rozie." said Hanako.

"Well, well, well! Finally showed up, huh?" The large, portly demon spoke. His skin was red, his hair was long, shaggy and incredibly orange, and his eyes were yellow with black substituting the whites in his eyes. He wore a sleeveless tan tunic that had a white yin-yang symbol on the skirt and a large purple bow wrapped around his waist.

"Took you candy asses long enough to show up!!" The demoness spoke roughly. Her skin was dark brown and her hair was long and reddish-pink. A pair of horns stuck out of the side of her head. She wore an outfit similar to the portly demon's.

Rozalin stepped forward and brushed her hair out of her eyes before placing a hand on her hip. "You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Working for a human--and one like Orochimaru!" She told the pair. "You should be devoting yourselves to me--your Overlord."

"Who do you think you are, ya uppity little bitch?!" The pink-haired demon shouted before baring her sharp teeth.

The orange-haired demon folded his arms across his chest. "Lord Orochimaru has given us even more power than before!!"

The Overlord blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Those hitai-ate..." Sakura mumbled with wide eyes. "You...! Were you...human?"

"What?! He's actually turned you into demons?! What for?!" Naruto shouted as he held up a fist at the two demon ninja.

"We don't know, but we sure don't give a flying fuck! Being able to use power like this 24/7 is worth losing your humanity!" The demoness pulled out a flute and blew lightly into it. "Now you face the new and improved Tayuya of the North Gate!!"

The portly demon slammed his fists together as he hunched over, smirking. "And Jirobo of the South Gate!!"

"Bring it on!! Whether you're human or demon, we'll take you down!!" The blonde ninja shouted as he and his friends drew their weapons, with the exceptions of Taro and Hanako. "Um...guys? Don't you have weapons?"

The two kids blinked and looked at each other.

"Did you bring weapons?" Taro asked his little sister.

"Nope. What about you, Tardo?"


"How could you two think of coming to a place like this without weapons?!" Naruto and Adell shouted at the same time.

"Hey, we were in a rush!"

In poofs of smoke, several Shinobi and Kunoichi demons appeared along the walls of the room. They all had dark skin, yellow eyes with black in place of the white, and wore entirely black clothing. The only difference between them was the color of their hair--the four males had dark gray hair whereas the females had pure white hair. The males all had fingerless gloves with spikes on the knuckles and the females wielded staves that had foxes' heads with rings around it.

"These do not look like ordinary demon ninja, zam. I sense something disturbing about them..." Yukimaru spoke in a low tone.

"These demons were created from that weird book that Orochimaru-sama took from that weird girl," Tayuya said with a vicious smile. "Don't get us wrong; we could kill you by ourselves! These little creeps are automatic defenses for the building."

"Besides, it's not like we can't take care of ourselves!" Hanako said with a wicked grin. She then pulled out a large pot from behind her back and aimed it at a male Shinobi as it leapt at her. "Eat this!! Pretty Bazooka!!" Several cannonballs of glitter were shot at the transformed demon in midair. They all hit dead-on and exploded, pushing the demon back into a wall, where it phased right into it.

Adell's jaw dropped and his eyes became large and blank. "H-Hanako!! You promised that you wouldn't use your cooking pot as a weapon again!"

The pink-haired girl shrugged. "So I lied. What more could you expect from a demon?"

"Y'know I've been meaning to ask... The same stuff we eat, which is made in that pot...does it get mixed in with whatever stuff's in that pot?" Naruto asked.


"Is it safe?"

"When did the subject switch to my cooking? I thought we were in a fight, so let's FIGHT!!" Hanako shouted before showing all her teeth. For a moment, it sounded like something growled inside of her pot. Two more demon Shinobi jumped at the pink-haired girl, but they were quickly kicked and punched up into the air by Adell and Sakura respectively. The redhead followed up with a powerful uppercut that sent the demon flying up into the ceiling, creating a hole that immediately repaired itself. The pink-haired medic, on the other hand, threw her large axe up at the Shinobi like a boomerang. It shredded into the demon's body and came flying back into Sakura's hand just as the demon fell to the ground and sank into the floor.

"These demons really are a part of this place!" Naruto exclaimed as the remaining demon Shinobi appeared behind him in a poof of smoke. However, before his could land a killing blow to the back of the blonde's head, the blade of Sasuke's Kusanagi pierced the demon's chest and it sank into the ground. The blonde turned on his foot in time to see Sasuke pointing his bloody sword at him. "Hey! Watch where you point that thing!!"

The Uchiha gave his friend a half-lidded glare. "Next time, I'll let you get killed."

"Hup!" The demon Kunoichi started to form hand signs, chanting, "Minminmin...! Minminmin...!"

"Oh, no ya don't!!" The blonde ninja shouted as he dashed towards the group of black-clad demonesses. He started to circle around them with such blinding speed that a hurricane was formed. From within the hurricane, a cry could be heard. "Hurricane Slash!!" The hurricane was suddenly sliced in half and the demon Kunoichi fell to the round, dead, and sank into the floor. "Heh-heh, no sweat!!" Naruto exclaimed with a wide grin as he reappeared next to Sasuke.

Tayuya stomped her foot, her hair flying about wildly as a dark aura surrounded her. "What the hell sort of defense is that?! Fucking weaklings!!"

"Guess we gotta take care of these guys ourselves," said Jirobo as he pounded his fists together.

"'Bout fuckin' time...!" The transformed Oto kunoichi gave a wicked grin before she started to play a tune on her flute. The sound of the music caused the room to shift and change until it resembled the insides of some giant beast. The walls, floor and ceiling were pink and fleshy. In the blink of an eye, Rozalin and her vassals felt chains that came up out of the ground attack themselves to their wrists.

"Wh-what is this?!" Rozalin shouted as she tried in vain to pull the chains out of the ground. Her skin began to melt off of her arm, revealing pure white bone. "AAAAAHHHH!!!" She started to shoot her gun off in several places, as if hoping to find the source of her problem.

"It's a genjutsu!" Naruto stated as the left side of his face wore away to reveal his skull.

"And that would be?!"

"Just an illusion," said Sasuke, forehead was beginning to show bone. "Just wait one second..." His Sharingan activated and the tomoe around the pupil started to spin. "Uh-oh."

"Uh-oh? I do not like 'uh-oh's, Sasuke!!" Rozalin shouted, stomping her foot angrily.

"Well, to bad, because I have bad news... We're trapped."


In reality, the Overlord and her servants were trapped within a dome of earth. Jirobo was holding onto the dome, his hands glowing bright purple with a smirk on his face while Tayuya continued to play her flute.

"Heh-heh-heh...! Pretty soon, I'll take all that lovely energy of yours for my own, Overlord...!" The red-skinned demon mumbled to himself.

"I...I feel sleepy..." Taro yawned. His eyes were starting to droop, as was Hanako's.

"So do I... What gives...?" Adell spoke with half-lidded eyes. "I I'm gonna drop!"

The Uchiha of the group narrowed his eyes. "This is no ordinary trap. This dome's stealing our energy. And probably our life force."

"This is outrageous!! I refuse to die in such a way!!" Rozalin shouted. She aimed her handgun at Sasuke. "Where is that accursed wall? I'll put a hole through it!" A small ball of purple energy focused in front of the barrel of her gun. The raven-haired teen was smart enough to jump out of the way before a large beam of purple light was shot, hitting the invisible wall. They all heard something shaking and blinked in confusion.

"Is it gone? Or is the genjutsu just hiding it?" Sakura asked with an arched eyebrow.

Adell pounded his fists into each other before he dashed off towards the area that Rozalin's Proximal Shot hit and slammed a burning fist into it. "HOOOOOOHHH!!!" His hand came into contact with something hard. The Demon Buster turned around to face his mistress and fellow servants and shook his head. "Nope. It's still up."

"Hang on. Let me try!" Sakura shouted as she pounded her fist into the wall.

"Not even Sakura-chan can bust this thing open!!" Naruto shouted. "It's up to me, I guess!"

"Wait!! Maybe..." The pink-haired kunoichi rubbed her chin in thought. "Maybe we should try attacking at the same time. All those attacks pummeling away in one instance is sure to make it break down!"

The orange-clad shinobi pouted and poked his index fingers together. "Can't I at least try to break it down? On my own?"

"Be quiet and make a Rasengan!!"

"Okay, okay! Geez...!"

Outside in reality, Jirobo continued to smirk. "Just a little more..." The dome of earth began to shake. "Struggle all you want! It won't do you any good." In a few seconds, he found himself staring at a large crack. A few seconds later, the crack got bigger and that was when the red-skinned demon knew it was time to jump away from the rock dome. It shattered, sending large pieces of rock flying all over the place. One piece struck Tayuya in the head, stopping her music and removing the illusion.

"OW!!! What the fuck, Jirobo?!" The red-haired demoness shouted as she gritted her teeth.

"That wasn't me..." He pointed over to Rozalin and her servants, who were standing in the same place as the destroyed dome.

"Whatever happened to, 'No man can escape from my jutsu,' huh?!"

Rozalin smirked and pointed her gun at Tayuya, taking a shot at the demoness's head that was easily dodged. You've obviously underestimate the true power of an Overlord and her slaves!! Now, take this!!" She shot a bullet of energy down into the floor and seconds later, the energy bullet shot up into Tayuya's stomach, making her stumble back. Taro and Hanako started to pelt the kunoichi musician with globs of yellow mush from inside of Hanako's pot.

"That was the appetizer! How about desert?!" The pink-haired demon girl exclaimed as she aimed her large pot, which contained a shaking Taro, at Tayuya. "Firing Tardo Bazooka!!" In the blink of an eye, the horned demon boy was shot at the demoness.

"BUWAAAAAAHHHH!!!" He bounced off of Tayuya with enough force to make her fall down before he landed in front of Adell.

"Taro!! Speak to me!" The red-haired teen shouted as he held onto his little brother.

"Stop...the world...from spinning so much...!" Taro moaned with swirls in his eyes.

"Hanako, what were you thinking?!"

"What?" Hanako shrugged. "He didn't have a weapon, so I made him into a weapon! It's not like he was being useful any other way..."

"Guh...! You little brats!! You're gonna get it now!!" Tayuya growled as she sat up and placed her flute against her lips. She only got out one note before Yukimaru appeared in front of her and swung her sword downward, slicing the flute in half. "Bitch!!" The red-haired demoness growled as she swept the Snow Kunoichi off of her feet with a kick. As soon as she hit the floor, Yukimaru had to roll back to avoid being stomped on the chest by Jirobo.

"You can't run!!" The red-skinned demon shouted as he slammed his fist on the ground, causing the ground to split open as it went closer to Yukimaru. The dark-haired demoness leapt over to the side to avoid being on the spot where the ground cracked open and sharp spikes of earth jutted out. After the spikes retracted into the ground, Adell appeared in front of the heavy-set demon in the blink of an eye, grabbed fistfuls of his tunic and threw him with incredible force at Naruto, who was already holding a familiar spinning ball of energy in his hand.

"Rasengan!!" The blonde shoved the Rasengan into Jirobo's chest. The force of the attack caused The Oto ninja to go flying back towards Adell, who held out a flaming arm to clothesline the transformed human in the back of his neck, causing him to fall flat on his face. Just as Jirobo got to his knees, he found himself lying down on the floor again as Yukimaru landed on his back, stabbing her sword in his back.

"Rest in peace, zam." The dark-haired demoness twisted her blade before pulling it out of Jirobo's body. She jumped out of the way in time to avoid Tayuya's attempt to punch her in the face.

"Too slow," Rozalin pronounced with a smile as she shot at Tayuya. The red-haired demoness utilized her ninja agility to dodge the bullets with nimble grace unbefitting of a foul-mouth demoness. "Grrrr! Hold still!!"

"Allow me," Sasuke stated as he held out his hands. They began to crackle with electricity and made a sound similar to that of his Chidori. He bent over and touched the floor, the electricity from his hand racing towards the redhead and shocking her as soon as she set foot on the ground in mid-dodge. The shock was enough to paralyze Tayuya on the spot.

"What the hell?! What'd you do to me, you lousy little piece of...?!" Tayuya growled as she tried to move in vain.

"Thank you, Sasuke. I will make sure you get an increase in your paycheck."

The Uchiha arched an eyebrow. "I get a paycheck?"

The blonde Overlord smiled as she pointed her gun at Tayuya. "Now, where was I? Oh, yes! I was about to kill you. Now, how does one go about doing a headshot again?"

Hanako began to jump in place with a big smile on her face. "You just shoot at the head and it explodes like a Prinny!"

"Headshot? You don't have the balls to do a stunt like that, Princess!" The Oto demoness said with a smirk. Seconds after she said that, she had a bullet hole in her arm. "Guh!! Heh! Missed!!" Second shot afterwards was a bit higher as it was aimed at her neck. Tayuya struggled to breathe and attempted to take in oxygen to no avail, her hands immediately reaching up to her neck just as a bullet went into her forehead and she fell back, dead.

"I thought I would never get her to shut up! She was more annoying than Naruto!" Rozalin said with a huff, her cheeks tinged red from anger.

"HEY!!" The orange-clad demon shouted as he shook a fist at his mistress.

The bodies of Tayuya and Jirobo were then absorbed into the building, sinking into the floor completely. The only things that showed they had been there were the damage they had caused and the blood stains they had left behind.

"What an odd building... Not only does it absorb the bodies of the demons it creates, but it absorbs demons that it didn't create as well!" The Overlord looked over her shoulder at Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Adell with a smirk on her face. "It may do the same for humans..."

"What's with that expression?!" The pink-haired Medic shouted, taken aback by the look in Rozalin's eyes.

"I'm not gonna let myself get killed so easily!! If I did, who would protect Taro and Hanako from your brainwashing?" Adell said with his arms folded across his chest as he gave Rozalin a half-lidded stare.

"Enough chat!!" Naruto shouted as he stepped forward and pointed at the staircase. "While we're standing around talking, who knows what Orochimaru is doing right now?!"


On the top floor of the pagoda stood Orochimaru. He held the Mystic Tome in his hands, stroking it the way one would a pet. His eyes shone with the hunger that had led him to his twisted path and his mouth was curled up in a wicked smile. Needless to say, the Snake Sannin felt confident of his success.

"Soon, I will have all the power I have wished for and more! Kukuku...!" The pale-skinned man spoke to himself.

Kabuto walked out of the shadows towards his master, his glasses glinting with light despite the darkness of the room they were in. "Orochimaru-sama, Tayuya and Jirobo have been killed by Overlord Rozalin. I was going to retrieve their bodies, but it seems as though she and her servants completely destroyed them."


The white-haired Medic's eyebrows rose slightly as he stared at his master's back. "Orochimaru-sama?"

Orochimaru turned around to face Kabuto with a smile on his face. "They were not destroyed. More like...recycled. The energy this book defines as mana that raced through their bodies will not only add to the defenses, but help bring my wish closer to realization!" He hissed.

"Ah... I see." Kabuto began to smirk as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "I wonder how much mana Overlord Rozalin and her vassals have? Probably enough to fulfill your wish."

"I would hope not. I would love to sacrifice Tsunade and what remains of Konoha's ninja and take their mana for myself."

"Speaking of which, our scouts have revealed that what remains of Konoha's army is attacking our forces."

"When will they learn...?"

"But what's interesting is that they're fighting alongside demons. The scouts reported that among them are the demon ninja from the Snow Clan, as well as a few demons that I recognized as the Overlord's servants."

Orochimaru's smile faded and an interested look appeared in his eye. "I see... So, Rozalin-hime pitied Tsunade enough to lend her forces. Who knew a demon queen could be so kind?" He turned his back on Kabuto and looked down at the Mystic Tome. "Let them fight. No matter how many demons assist them, they will all fall to me as their village has. Kukuku...!"


"This...SUCKS!!!" Hanako cried.

Rozalin and her vassals had arrived on the second floor to encounter another challenge. The dark Shinobi and Kunoichi were easily dispatched, but the demons who were in control of the floor were a bit harder to get rid of. Kidoumaru of the East Gate and twin siblings Sakon and Ukon of the West Gate were two more ninja from Otogakure who had been transformed as per Orochimaru's wishes, and unlike the aggressive duo of Tayuya and Jirobo, these two were more tactical in their thinking. Somehow, someway, Rozalin and her vassals were hanging upside down, tied together with spider webbing. Down below them was a large, Japanese-style iron gate with a demonic face painted on it. The gate opened to reveal a swirling vortex of darkness within.

"Now it sucks HARDER!!!" Taro cried as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Come now!! There has to be something we can do!!" Rozalin shouted as she struggled to break free from their binding.

"There isn't! A spider's web is difficult to break, after all," said Kidoumaru as he clung to the ceiling. His skin was dull red, with horn like protrusions on his forehead, four arms, hair that bulged and spiked up in the back to resemble a spider's egg sack, and a third eye in the middle of his forehead. In one of his four hands was the rope that held the Overlord and her servants. As if to demonstrate the strength of the webbing, Kidoumaru began to swing them back and forth, even going so far as to knock them into a column. Poor Naruto got a face full of stone and had a large red imprint on his face from the collision.

"Enough playing around, Kidoumaru! Just hurry up and drop them in so we can be rid of them!!" Sakon shouted from below. Or maybe it was Ukon. It was hard to tell when the siblings had been transformed into a Siamese-like demon with reddish-pink skin, long white hair and blue lips who shared a body from the torso down.

"What's the harm with playing around with them for a while?" Kidoumaru asked as he continued to lower the group down towards the portal. "It's not everyday one can say they've captured a demon Overlord!"

"Maybe so, but if you don't finish them off now, they may find some way to escape," said Sakon or Ukon.

"Yeah, haven't you read comic books before? It's in situations like this that the heroes always break out of when the villains are bragging!" Ukon or Sakon pointed out.

"You still read comic books?!"

"So do you, stupid!!"

"...Yukimaru, freeze this rope so we may get out of here," Rozalin whispered to the dark-haired Snow Ninja.

"Um... I am not sure, Miss Rozalin. My ice powers may wind up freezing us as well, zam."

"We can survive being frozen, but I'm not so sure about being dropped into a portal of darkness," said Sasuke as he looked at Yukimaru from the corner of his eye.

"Just do it, Yukimaru! Or we're toast!" Naruto shouted.

"Okay!" Yukimaru closed her eyes. "Mmmmm..." The air began to get cold. The blonde Overlord and her vassals began to shiver from the sudden drop in temperature around them. In a matter of seconds, their web binding froze and shattered. The group each just barely managed to make a midair jump and landed on either side of the gate.

"Hey, webhead!!" Hanako called up to Kidoumaru as she pointed her finger up at him. "Check this out!"

Adell had a tight grip on what remained of the rope of spider silk with a confident smirk on his face. Flames flickered to life around his hands and traveled up to Kidoumaru, exploding upon reaching him. The spider-like Oto ninja fell from the ceiling and landed into the portal of the demon gate.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Kidoumaru's cries were muffled as the gate closed and disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"One down, one to go!" The red-haired Demon Hunter stated as he got into a fighting stance.

"Actually, it's more like two," Taro corrected.


"You have a choice: give up now and become my servant for the rest of your life, or perish," Rozalin told Sakon and Ukon with her arms folded across her chest.

"You're kidding, right?" Sakon or Ukon spoke. They started to pull away from each other until they were ripped apart, arms and legs forming. "Like we'll lose to the likes of you!!"

"Very well then. Prepare for your demise!"

Sakon and Ukon gave wicked grins before they disappeared in the blink of an eye and began to circle around the Overlord and her group with blinding speed.


"I'm on it!!" Sakura shouted as she held a fist up in the air. She reared back and pounded the floor with her fist, not enough to break it, but to create a shockwave powerful enough to stop the demon siblings in their tracks.

"Sasuke!" Rozalin ordered.

The raven-haired ninja didn't say a word as he drew his Kusanagi and disappeared in the blink of an eye. In flash, both Sakon and Ukon (or Ukon and Sakon) were down on their knees with gashes on their backs and electricity coursing around their bodies as Sasuke reappeared on the spot he stood before.

"Now! Attack!!"

"CHARGE!!!" Hanako and Taro shouted as they jumped on Ukon (or Sakon and proceeded to pound on him. The pink-haired girl hit him several times in the head with a frying pan that she seemed to have pulled out from nowhere. The horned boy was pounding on his back, and while his attack seemed a bit childish, it had enough force to break a normal human's spine.

"Move, zam!!"

"Okay!!" Adell's siblings exclaimed as they jumped out of the way for Yukimaru to charge at Ukon.

"Take this!!" The Snow Kunoichi sliced the white-haired demon up into the air with her blade, causing sparks to fly. She attacked him again while he was still in the air, forming a glowing red X in his back. With one final slash, Ukon (or Sakon) exploded. "Dark X Slash!!"

"And here's the finisher!!" Hanako shouted as she whipped out her cooking pot. Taro helped her to aim it like a canon before she gave a cry of "Pretty Bazooka!!" and shot a large ball of sparkling energy up at Ukon (or Sakon), causing him to explode and fade away into dust. "We are so good!"

"And Adell thought we couldn't fight!" Taro said with a smile.

"You're very good, zam! As would be expected from Sir Adell's siblings," said Yukimaru.

"Eat THIS!!!" Sakura and Adell shouted as they punched Sakon up into the air. Sasuke appeared up above the Oto shinobi to kick him back down towards Naruto, who gave him a powerful punch to the stomach before tossing Sakon back up into the air. He was then shot by a powerful beam of purple energy fired off from Rozalin's handgun that caused him to disintegrate into dust.

"Awwww!! It seems like I never get to kill anyone!" Vicky said with a pout as she held onto what appeared to be a rocket launcher in her hands.

"To be honest, I didn't even notice that you were here," Sakura told the busty demoness with an arched eyebrow.

"Oh, pooh!"

"Two floors down, three to go! Who knows who will be up next? But we're up to the challenge!" Naruto said with a wide, confident grin as he held up a fist.

"We most certainly are! If these are the best that Orochimaru has to offer, then I should be back at the castle in time to watch the beginning of 'All My Spawn'," said Rozalin. She took a step towards the steps and pointed a finger at it. "So let's hurry and rid the universe of that monster!"


Meanwhile, back in the village, several shinobi and demons on Konoha's side were in the process of being healed by Medical Ninja, Healers, the occasional Succubus and, oddly enough smaller versions of the giant slug that Tsunade was seen standing on.

"They just keep on coming..." Kakashi muttered as he stood on top of the roof of a building, watching the oncoming crowd of demons that were coming their way. "All this fighting is tearing away at the village. At this rate, even if we win, we'll only have a large area of land and crumbling buildings."

Fubuki appeared beside the Copy Ninja in a swirl of cold wind and snowflakes. "Maybe so, but even if this village is destroyed, you can rebuild, can't you?"

"You... I guess you're right."

"Hm." The Snow Clan leader looked forward with his usual apathetic look on his face. "They'll keep coming until Overlord Rozalin can stop the source."

"Rozalin, huh? I wondered why I didn't see Naruto or Sasuke out on the battlefield or Sakura helping with the injured." Kakashi's visible eye curved into an upside down U. "Those little rascals. But I suppose that Rozalin's the only one who can stop this, huh?"

"If not her...then maybe Uzumaki Naruto."

"Hm?" The jonin looked at the Snow Ninja in confusion.

"Here they come. Prepare yourself!" Fubuki shouted as he jumped off of the roof with his axe in hand. As he landed, he cut a Zombie in half and jumped back to avoid being impaled on the horn of a Cu Sith. "Foul beasts. I will teach you fear like you have never felt!"

"Naruto, huh...?" Kakashi closed his eyes in thought. "How strong have you gotten since you left for a demon to think you're a perfect substitute for an Overlord?" He nimbly jumped out of the way in time to avoid being smashed with a large spiked mace held by a Heavy Knight. "If I want to know, I'll have to survive this day!!"


Back at the pagoda, Rozalin and her vassals made it to the third floor. As they made it to the center of the room, a person appeared before them in a poof of smoke. They all reacted by drawing their weapons before the figure in the smoke spoke.

"Overlord Rozalin. How nice to see you again." The smoke cleared to reveal Kabuto, who was smiling with a hand in his pants pocket.

"You!!" Yukimaru shouted, gritting her teeth in anger. She pointed her sword at the Medical Ninja.

"You're that Snow Ninja. Still have a grudge, huh?"

Rozalin narrowed her eyes slightly. "You're Orochimaru's lackey. Where is your master? If he knows I am here, he should have to guts to come down here and face me himself, rather than send those transformed humans!"

"Or we could just start to rip you limb from limb!" Naruto growled as he held up a clenched fist.

"I'll be doing neither of those things--especially if you continue to use such language towards me, Naruto-kun."

Taro blinked and pursed his lips in thought before looking down at Hanako. "Hey, Hanako..."

"What is it, Taro? Can't you tell this is one of those serious moments like in video games and anime?" The pink-haired girl huffed.

"Well... That guy sounds familiar." A light bulb suddenly appeared over the horned demon's head. "Like the Director guy who was with Axel when he held us hostage!!"

"Hey, you're right! I almost forgot about that guy, but he sounds exactly the same!"

Adell blinked before realization set in and he pointed a finger at Kabuto. "Hey, you!! Is it true?! Did you help Axel kidnap Taro and Hanako?!"

Kabuto shrugged and shook his head. "Took you long enough to figure out. I may have given that idiot some demon-enhanced Food Pills to see the reaction, but I stuck around when I learned that one of the Overlord's vassal was his 'rival'. The Director, it was out of enjoyment."

The redhead narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth. "You...bastard...!! So it's basically your fault that he kidnapped Taro and Hanako!!"

"It's not my fault per say. I just...planted the seeds that led to that incident blooming."

Adell held up a clenched fist as an intimidating flame surrounded his body. "That still sounds like you helped him!! You worried me, my mother, my father, and put Taro and Hanako's lives in danger all for a test?!" In the blink of an eye, he leapt at Kabuto and punched the medical ninja with enough force to send him tumbling into a column. Once he hit the column, the room shook slightly. "Get up and fight!! I'm not done with you yet!!" Adell spoke through gritted teeth, holding up his flaming fist again. He made another leap for Kabuto, but something landed in front of his stomach with something large and off-white...a spear. Rozalin and the others could see it as it was sticking out of his back. The Demon Hunter coughed up a bit of blood before the owner of the large spear flung him off and he landed in front of his friends.

"ADELL!!" Taro and Hanako cried, immediately at their brother's side, attempting to heal them in their own odd ways.

"Eat this, quick! You'll feel better!" His foster sister cried as she force-fed him a spoonful of the yellow concoction that had been in her pot.

"No, no! Drink this! It's Nether Ranch milk!" His foster brother made him drink some milk in a glass bottle that had a six-legged, three-tailed cow on it. "Chocolate-flavored! I know you like the chocolate kind!"

"Allow me!" Vicky said with a smile as she used her foot to flip Adell over on his face. With a wicked smile and an evil glint in her eye, she pulled out her large syringe and... "HYYYAAHH!!!" She jabbed the needle into Adell's butt, causing him to glow bright green. The wound on his back disappeared and even his clothes returned to normal.

"OUCH!!" Adell rolled over and sat up, wincing slightly. "Man... Naruto wasn't kidding! That hurt like hell!"

Kabuto stood up, his glasses in his hands as he proceeded to dust himself off. When he was done, he placed his glasses back on his face and looked at the figure that stood in the middle of the room. "Took you long enough to react."

The person he was talking to appeared to be yet another transformed Oto shinobi. He had dark brown skin, golden yellow eyes with black around it that resembled makeup, shoulder-length silver-gray hair, and wore, unlike the others, a long-sleeved pale gray tunic with a purple rope tied into a bow behind his back. "I assumed you would be able to take them on by yourself." The Oto Nin spoke as the spear began to separate and sink back into his arm.

"You clearly overestimate me." Kabuto then turned his head to look at Adell. "If you want to fight someone, then fight him. This is Kimimaro, the strongest of the Sound Five. When he was human, he was a powerful shinobi, but he fell to an illness. His strength weakened as a result, so Orochimaru-sama temporarily deemed his as useless..."

Kimimaro appeared to flinch at the word 'useless' and gave a grunt.

"But now, in this new form, he has far more power than he ever had before. I hope you're ready for him, Overlord Rozalin, Naruto-kun." With a final smirk and a glint of light in his glasses, the white-haired Medic disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Well, let's look at the bright side! There's only one of him!" Taro pointed out as he began to shake.

Hanako stared at her brother, frowning. "If that's so, then why are you shaking?"

"B-b-because he's got a scary look in his eyes!"

Adell jumped to his feet and slipped into his usual fighting stance. "So what?! As soon as we're done with this guy, we can find that Kabuto creep and beat the crud outta him!"

"While I'm glad to see that you've found another reason to use your family as a means of becoming a revenge-driven maniac, we still have to get past him," said Rozalin as she pointed a finger at Kimimaro.

"That should be easy enough!"

"Have you forgotten that just a few seconds ago, he had your body on the end of his spear?!" Sakura shouted at the redhead with a vein throbbing on her forehead.

"That...was a mistake. I won't make the same one again!"

"Stop talking, stop talking!! Let's just take this guy out!" Naruto shouted as he jumped to the front of the group and got into his fighting stance. "It'll be no sweat! Besides, there's no one here to back him up!"

In several poofs of dark smoke, the Dark Shinobi and Kunoichi appeared around Kimimaro.

"...You had to jinx it, didn't you?" Sasuke muttered as he gave the blonde shinobi a glare.

"I and I alone will prove my usefulness to Orochimaru-sama. The likes of you are not needed," Kimimaro spoke. He hunched over, and soon, several things began to poke up from under his tunic. In a matter of second, several bones jutted out of his back, bordering around his spine, and a massive tail came out from behind his pants, it too covered with several bones. The bones in his arm once again took the shape of a large spear. The bones in his back grew and pierced each of the Dark Shinobi and Kunoichi in their chests, instantly killing them. The demons fell all at once and sank into the floor, back into the building from whence they came.

"Interesting... It seems he uses the bones in his body to fight!" Rozalin said with a smirk as she rubbed her chin.

"If he were human, we could easily break his bones," Vicky said with a giggle. "But demon bones, when compared to human bones, are as difficult to break as a lifelong drinking habit! In other words, this'll be a toughie!"

"Um, aren't you the least bit disturbed that he killed the guys who were supporting him?" Sakura asked the Overlord and Nurse with an arched eyebrow.

"Well, he did say he wanted to prove his usefulness to Orochimaru alone. I see no reason to be shocked. I just wish my vassals could act that way..."

Kimimaro then dashed towards Adell and Naruto. He attempted to impale the redhead upon his bone spear again, only to have it shoved aside from a tackle by Naruto. The blonde ninja kept a firm grip on the Oto nin's bone spear, but he was flung upward to the ceiling. Naruto managed to cling to the ceiling with chakra as he drew his Muramasa. He pushed himself off of the ceiling and sliced Kimimaro down his back to the tail.

"How do you like these apples, bone freak?!" The blonde shouted as he turned on his heel to stab the Oto nin in the back with his sword. However, Kimimaro's tail easily knocked him into a column, stabbing him with one of its sharp bone spikes in the process.

"Hmph!!" Adell began to land a volley of punches on Kimimaro, all of which didn't seem to harm the transformed human. The Demon Hunter just barely ducked an attempt to stab him on the bone spear before kicking the Oto shinobi up into the air. "Freebie!!" He shouted back to the group.

"We're up first!!" Hanako shouted as Taro finished pouring a bottle of milk into her cooking pot. The pink-haired girl then lifted up the pot and aimed at the transformed human in the air. "Eat this!! Tardo and Hanako's Milk Bazooka!!" It shot off a ball of glowing white energy that left a foul stench in the air as it made impact with Kimimaro. "The secret is that it's made with expired milk!" Hanako said with a wink.

"And it's Zombie Milk to boot!" Taro added. "I wonder what bad milk does to bones..."

"GROSS!!! You guys are disgusting!!" Sakura shouted as her face gained a tint of blue.

"Disgusting!!" Rozalin shouted as she pinched her nose with one hand, raising the other in the air. "I've had enough of this!! Terra Thunder!!" With a snap of her fingers, a large bolt of purple lighting shot down from the ceiling and struck Kimimaro, burning him to a crisp. As he fell to the ground, the vassals, except Taro and Hanako, gulped.

"Wh-what was that?!" Yukimaru stuttered with wide eyes.

"It's the same as that attack she used back at the Coliseum..." Sakura mumbled.

"Hey, Rozalin!! Since when could you do that?!" Naruto shouted as he stood up and dusted himself off. He jumped back as Kimimaro stood up, his skin black as coal and smoking. "No way!! How could you survive an attack like that?!"

'I must admit, I did hold back...but I thought that would be enough to finish him!' The Overlord thought with wide eyes.

Kimimaro shook off the burnt skin, his gaze focused on Rozalin. "You... If it weren't for the fact that Orochimaru-sama wanted to see you, I would kill you. However..." He held up his unchanged hand. "I can still knock you out. Any damage you gain from that won't be any harm." With a flick of his hand, Kimimaro sent several bone bullets in Rozalin's direction. They were easily shot down by the Overlord with a few shots of her handgun. However, in the blink of an eye, Kimimaro appeared in front of her. "It's over, Rozalin-hime."

"Huh?!" Rozalin's eyes widened as a long bone with its end sharpened like a sword's blade pierced her stomach. It went in and out very easily as Kimimaro jumped back to his initial spot from the beginning of the fight.


The blonde demoness remained standing and touched her wound. She held her hand up to her face to inspect her bloody fingers. "Ah... How long has it been...since I've last had a wound like this?" She then fell to her knees, clenching her bloody hand. "Ugh...! What are you waiting for, fools?! For me to collapse! Hurry up and heal me!!"

"Yes, miss!" Vicky exclaimed as she placed her hands together, as if she were praying. "Omega Heal...!" A glowing green light enveloped Rozalin and her wound was fixed. "Are you okay, Princess?"

Rozalin frowned and stomped her foot. "I am not okay!! I have blood on my dress and this demon pretender actually laid a hand on me!! I will not rest until his blood is on my hand!"

"Whoa! Rozie's stoked!" Hanako said in awe.

"My Queen doesn't like to have her dresses dirtied...and she doesn't like it when people try to kill her!" Taro spoke in a singsong tone. "You're gonna be soooorryyyy!!"

Kimimaro stood up straight, eyes still on the Princess Overlord. "I highly doubt that you could beat me, unless you tap into this hidden power that Kabuto was speaking of." He then winced as he felt a shooting pain going through his tail. The silver-haired Oto nin looked over his shoulder to see that half of his tail had been cut off, amazingly, by Naruto's Muramasa sword. The part of the tail that had been hacked off twitched for a few moments before the skin melted away, leaving bone behind. "You again? Didn't that blow rupture an organ?" He asked the blonde in an irritated tone.

"...Bastard. You almost killed Rozalin...!" Naruto looked up at the taller shinobi, his eyes flashing from blue to red then back to blue. "You almost killed her!! How would you like it if you had a sword in your stomach?!?" He shouted as he stabbed Kimimaro in the stomach with his red-bladed sword and slowly drew the sword out. He expected Kimimaro to show some signs of pain, but all the transformed human showed was a momentary look of surprise that shifted back to his angry look.

"Was that supposed to hurt?"

The blonde ninja's eyes widened and the first thing he knew, he was being held up by his throat by the demon in front of him. "Guh...!" He attempted to kick the silver-haired Oto shinobi and tried to stab him in the arm to release him, but Kimimaro was practically a statue.

"You will be the first to die." He raised his bone spear with the intent of stabbing the orange-clad teen when another large beam of purple energy hit them both. When the light faded, Kimimaro was still standing in the same space, though smoking slightly.

"Gyuh...! What hit me...?" Naruto moaned with swirls in his eyes his head lolling over to the side.

Rozalin held up her smoking gun with a smirk on her face. "If you don't put him down immediately, I'll be forced to use a much bigger attack."

"What could be bigger than--" The blonde ninja's eyes widened in realization. "Oh, God, no!! At least wait until I can get free to use that!!" Naruto shouted as he tried in vain to free himself from Kimimaro's iron grip.

"So you refuse? Very well then." The Overlord's handgun began to glow brightly. In a flash of light, there was a large tank in the middle of the room with a large machinegun turret.

"DANG!!!" Taro and Hanako shouted as the vassals squeezed their bodies against the stone columns to avoid being squashed by the massive tank.

"She's gonna use that attack in a small place like this?!" Adell shouted, his eyes large and blank.

"There's a good chance that she'll bring down the building!" Sasuke pointed out.

"Damn you, Rozalin!! What the hell are you thinking?!" Sakura shouted as she shook a fist at the tank, a vein throbbing violently on her forehead.

Inside of the tank, Rozalin smirked as she looked at Kimimaro on the targeting screen, who was staring at her with wide eyes. She failed to notice Naruto, who was still flailing in the Oto nin's grasp. "You've never seen a tank before, have you? Allow me to give you a one-on-one demonstration..." She grabbed the handle in front of her and pressed the large red button on it. "Rose Thorns!!"


Outside on the battlefield with the Konoha ninja and their allies, a loud explosion could be heard.

"Whoa!! What was that?!" Ino shouted as she looked around, trying to see if another large demon was nearby.

"Probably just another demon performing overkill again..." Tenten muttered with half-lidded eyes as she raised a large spiked club over her head.


Back in the Pagoda, after the smoke had cleared, Naruto and Kimimaro laid down in the middle of the room, riddled with bullet holes. Miraculously, the damage done to the room melted away, as though nothing had happened.

"...Do you get off on killing Naruto almost every day?" Sasuke asked Rozalin, who was standing proudly in front of her vassals with her hands on her hips and her nose in the air.

"Who's going to heal him this time?" Adell asked Vicky and Sakura with an arched eyebrow.

"I'll do it. I think Naruto's getting sick of being poked in the butt all the time," said Sakura as she approached the blonde teen and held a hand out over his body. "Omega Heal." In a flash of green light, the bullet holes on Naruto's body disappeared and he sat up straight. "Welcome back to the Land of the Living! ...Again."

Naruto gave Rozalin a look. "Did you have to use Rose Thorns while that guy was still holding onto me?! Geez..." He stood up and dusted himself off as Kimimaro sank into the ground.

"It's a shame. All he wanted was to prove himself as useful to his master," Yukimaru said with tears in the corners of her eyes.

"If he had a master who actually cared for him, maybe things would have been different," Adell told her.

"Well, let's get going! Only two floors left!" Naruto shouted as he punched a fist in the air. The entire group ran up the stairway, save for Rozalin, who stayed behind. A few seconds later, Naruto reappeared at the bottom of the stairs, looking at his mistress in confusion. "Come on, Rozalin! We gotta go!"

"Naruto..." She walked up to him until their faces were very close--close enough for the orange-clad ninja to see the sad look in her eyes. "I remember what happened at the Coliseum during the fight with Erebus."

"Oh. Y-you do?"

"I remember...that burning feeling in my heart as I lost control. So please...if in case it happens again...kill me."

Naruto's eyes widened. "What?"

"Kill me. Before I try to kill you again."

"...Are you crazy?!" The blonde ninja shouted loudly. "If that happens I won't kill you!! Besides...even if I wanted to, there's still that contract. I can't kill you, remember?"

Rozalin blinked and regained her confident look. "Yes... Yes, of course! How could I have been so foolish to have forgotten?! I should have asked Adell or Sasuke to do it..."

"Hey, hey! What makes you think killing's necessary? You changed back to normal on your own last time. What's to say you won't change back to normal on your own if it happens again?" Naruto grabbed hold of Rozalin's hand and began to lead her up the stairway. "Stop being a downer and let's go!! Two more floors and Orochimaru's as good as a Prinny!"

'You say I could always change back to normal...but what if that doesn't happen?' Rozalin thought as she stared at Naruto's back. 'This sense of driving me insane...!'


Upon reaching the second floor, Rozalin and her vassals approached the center of the room, towards the person who was standing in the middle of the room.

"Amazing. I almost thought Kimimaro would was going to win," said Kabuto with a smirk as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Sakura arched an eyebrow. "Almost?"

"Were you expecting him to lose?" Yukimaru asked, her eyes wide in shock.

"Of course. With an opponent like Rozalin-hime, who has such incredible power hidden within, it was only a matter of time before even Kimimaro fell as well."

Rozalin blinked. "What do you mean by 'power within'?"

The white-haired Medic gave her a smile and held a hand out to her. "I saw your performance during that tournament in the Netherworld." After Rozalin gave a short gasp and stepped back, he continued, "I must say, though, you don't look like someone to hold such a dark power. I guess it's true what the say: never trust a book by its cover. Isn't that right, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto growled under his breath before he took a step forward and pointed a finger at Orochimaru's servant. "You should know, bastard!, after what you pulled on us during the Chunin Exams! Pretending to be our friend...when in truth, you were just spying on us for Orochimaru!!"

"Actually, I was spying on Sasuke, since you and Sakura weren't much back then."

"Is that so?" Sakura asked as she cracked her knuckles in an intimidating manner. "Why don't we show this jerk how much we've improved, Naruto?!"


"And don't jinx us this time by saying 'at least he's all alone'!"

Kabuto's glasses reflected a glint. "Ah, but I'm not alone."

A small vein popped up on Sakura's forehead as she gave a groan of irritation. "Damn it!"

"Since arriving in the Netherworld, I've gotten a gist of how things are done--especially the whole vassal thing." The white-haired Medic snapped his fingers and a group of demons appeared around him, but they weren't the Dark Ninja. There were two blue-haired Healers standing behind him holding staves, a pair of red-haired, black-dressed Archers standing beside him holding wicked-looking black bows, and a foursome of heavily-armored Heavy Knights all wielding Spears. "I've also learned about the whole weapon prospect, too..." He continued as he tugged on his fingerless purple gloves. "Fists are among the preferred weapons of Ninja-classed demons, am I right?"

"Hmph! Very good!" Rozalin said with a smirk as she placed a hand on her hip. "However, I have three ninja who've accomplished this and they are of great importance to their village! Not to mention that my vassals have more battle experience."

"How can you be sure of that?" Kabuto asked as he raised his hand. As soon as he let it drop, the two Archers at his side immediately jumped up into the air and began to fire off a barrage of arrows in a crisscross manner. Once they were done, the crisscross of arrows exploded, its force pushing back the Overlord and her vassals. After the Archers landed beside him, he spoke, "That was Zielgen--a high-level attack for those who use a bow, correct?" He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Would you like to see my Heavy Knights use Spear Storm or have my Healers use Terra Star on you? Or maybe I should show you how strong I've become by using my Big Bang attack?"

"You're hair's not going to start glowing bright yellow, is it?" Vicky asked as a large drop of sweat ran down the side of her head.

"Hey, how'd you learn Big Bang?! I haven't even learned Big Bang yet!!" Naruto shouted as he angrily stomped his foot.

"It could be because you've started using your sword more than your hands," Sasuke pointed out with half-lidded eyes.

"Naruto's right! ...Sort of." Adell stated. "Big Bang is among one of the strongest hand-to-hand attacks a demon could have. I had to work long and hard before I could reach the level to learn that attack! There's only one explanation for this..."

"He cheated and used a codebook to get all the skills?" Taro asked with an arched eyebrow.

"What?! No!!"

"Oh, the game guide then!"

"This isn't a game, Taro! I'm talking about Arms Masters!! Those special residents that live in the Item World of weapons that allows the user to become strong enough to fight skillfully in a short time!"

Kabuto arched an eyebrow. "Oh, so that's what they're called... Either way, I must admit that they're quite useful. Had it not been for these, I wouldn't have been able to discipline my vassals." He slipped into a fighting stance, his hands glowing slightly for a second. "Now then...shall we begin?"

"Oh, dear! This looks bad!" Vicky exclaimed.

"I can't believe we're gonna get a nerd!!" Hanako shouted as her eyes glowed bright yellow.

"I highly doubt that!!" Rozalin shouted as she drew her handgun. "The Overlord cannot lose to some right-hand man!" Energy began to gather in front of the barrel of her gun in the shape of a glowing red ball. "Now, go to hell!!" With the pull of the trigger, a large beam of red energy was shot off. The powerful blast enveloped Kabuto and his vassals and when the light had cleared, they were all slightly singed except for the Healers, who had been unable to withstand the attack and were reduced to dust.

"Right!! We can do it!!" Naruto shouted upon forming a familiar hand sign. Two Kage Bunshin appeared behind him in poofs of smoke as he held out his open hands to them. The two clones began to form a pair of Rasengans in his hands before he shot forward like a bullet and drove the pair of Rasengan into the chests of two Heavy Knights. "Rasengan!!" The demons' armor cracked before they were sent flying back into a pair of columns.

"Here we come!!" The Kage Bunshin shouted as they began to circle around the remaining Heavy Knights, causing a large hurricane to be formed that lifted the armored demons off of the ground. "Hurricane Slash!!" The blonde clones shouted as they slashed the tornado in half, disappearing in poofs of smoke before the Knights could hit the ground. The Knights never got to hit the ground, either, as Yukimaru appeared beneath them in a poof of smoke, her hands forming the tiger hand sign.

"Behold the might of the Snow Clan!!" The dark-haired kunoichi shouted before she began to spin around at high velocity with a force similar to that of a hurricane, which continued to keep the Heavy Knights lifted up off the ground. Several clones of Yukimaru sprang into the hurricane, attacking the demons with cries of "zam!" before disappearing in a poof of smoke again. As soon as the demons hit the floor, they sank into it, obviously dead from the ninja assault.

"Take this!!" Both Archers shouted as they aimed their bows and formed arrows of energy.

"No, you don't!" Vicky said as she suddenly pulled out a rifle and cocked it. "Take this!! Charge Bullet!!" With the pull of a trigger, a shot of yellow energy went through one of the Archers' bows, breaking it before the shot pierced her chest and made her fall back, sinking into the ground upon her life ending.

"Next one's mine!!" Hanako shouted as she grabbed Taro by the shirt and threw him into her pot.

"Hanako...!" Adell growled as he gave his sister a look.

"What?! Tardo likes being a cannon ball!"

"Forget it. I'll do it!" Sasuke grunted as he jumped up into the air and drew his Kusanagi. A glowing blue energy surrounded his body before he landed in front of the Archer, slicing her in half with his blade before he even hit the ground. As soon as the raven-haired teen sheathed his sword, the Archer exploded.

"Now it's your turn!!" Adell shouted as he charged at Kabuto and pulled back a fist, "Rising Dra--!!" Before he land the uppercut he was planning, the Medic Nin lazily sidestepped and, with his hands glowing with chakra before he slammed a palm down onto the redhead's chest, causing him to stop in his place. Kabuto then raised his other hand, which was beginning to have a blade of chakra formed around it and swiped at Adell's arm. As soon as Kabuto jumped back, Adell spat up blood and held onto his bleeding arm, gritting his teeth in irritation.

"Omega Heal!" Sakura cried out as she held a hand up in the air. A glowing green aura surrounded Adell and healed his internal and external injuries.

"HEY!!" Naruto shouted as he landed besides Kabuto and managed to land an uppercut that sent him flying up into the air. Rozalin aimed her Noble Rose up at the white-haired ninja and fired off several shots of energy that exploded upon contact. As Kabuto landed, the orange-clad ninja spun on his heel and kicked him over to Adell, who punched him in the face and grabbed onto his to throw him over to Yukimaru, who threw several large snowflakes at him, making him fall onto his back.

"Revenge Hit!!" Taro exclaimed with a malicious smile as he and Hanako appeared over Kabuto and began to pound their fists on the Medic before he suddenly grabbed their heads. "AAAAAHHHHH!!! Adell!!"

"Get your hands..." Adell's foot came crashing down onto Kabuto's face, "OFF MY BROTHER AND SISTER!!!" Kabuto's hands released the demon children and Adell removed his foot from his face. "Are you going to apologize yet?"

The Medical Ninja disappeared in a poof of smoke and reappeared behind the Demon Buster. He grabbed the redhead by the back of his shirt, tossed him up into the air and reappeared above him in a poof of smoke and gave Adell a kick in the stomach so hard that upon falling on the ground, he made a crater in the floor. "Hmph! " Kabuto reappeared beside the redhead just in time to be hit by a large Rasengan by Naruto and a clone.

"Oodama Rasengan!!" The force of the blow pushed Kabuto all the way to the back of the room, and once it faded, the silver-haired shinobi fell to his knees. Naruto pumped a fist in the air and gave a broad grin. "Alright, Kabuto. Tell us what Orochimaru is planning or you're gonna suffer the same fate as your little helpers!"

Kabuto simply smiled and struggled to get to his feet. "I don't think so. I'll be waiting for you upstairs with Orochimaru-sama. I trust you won't keep him waiting, Overlord Rozalin." With that, he disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Dang it!! We were so close!!" Adell said through gritted teeth as he got to his feet, dusting himself off. "So close to killing that guy!"

"I swear that the next time I see that man, my blade will be the cause for his last breath, zam!" Yukimaru vowed with a serious look in her eyes.

"There is no more time to waste," said Rozalin as she took a step forward. "Up those stairs is our target...and once we are done with him, that will be it. Then, we can all go home." 'I hope...'


The way up to the fifth floor appeared longer to the group of heroes than any other. Once they made it to the fifth floor at last, their jaws dropped in awe.

Unlike the rest of the building, which had walls and floors of wood and simple columns of stone, a bright purple light shone down from the ceiling and a pair of large stone snake statues were set in the middle of the room. In the middle of these statues was a pedestal, on top of which stood Orochimaru with Kabuto at his side. The Medic carried no signs of having been in a fight just minutes before, so he must have healed himself as soon as he left.

"Ah, Rozalin-hime! We meet again!" Orochimaru greeted the blonde Overlord with a crooked smile as she and her vassals approached the bottom of the pedestal.

"Orochimaru!! We've finally found you, you sick snake bastard!!" Naruto shouted as he jumped to the front, his eyes flashing red. "I'll make you pay for what you've done!!" He was ignorant of the glare Rozalin was giving him for stealing her spotlight once again.

"From the look in your eyes, you must know that I killed the Yondaime Hokage." At this, Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened, but Naruto continued to glare at the Snake Sannin. "Don't worry. Daddy's being put to good use. He and the rest of your deceased comrades are going to help me grant my wish."

Rozalin blinked. "Wish? Is your intent not to destroy Konoha?"

"Hmhmhm! Konoha was only a test to see the extent of this tome's power. Now that I know what it is, I can begin to achieve my lifelong goal!"

Sasuke stepped forward, his Sharingan eyes burning with rage. "And what is that? Will you give yourself Sharingan eyes?! Learn all the jutsu in the world?!"

The smirk on Orochimaru's face widened. "Immortality!!" He hissed as he held out his arms with a flourish.

"It figures," Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura spoke in a flat tone.

Ignoring the trio of ninja, he continued, "With the power of the Tome, I will become a demon!" He held out his hand and a large, open book appeared before him, floating in midair. It had several runes drawn onto its dull blue cover. "All I have to do is write my wish into this and use all this mana to make it come true!"

"What mana?" Hanako asked with an arched eyebrow.

Taro suddenly glanced up and his jaw dropped in amazement. "Uh...that mana, maybe?"

The others looked up at the ceiling to see what appeared to be a large collection of small purple balls of glowing energy.

"What is that?!" Sakura shouted loudly.

"Pure mana in a physical form," Vicky explained. "The life energy that grows within every living being. To have acquired that much from humans...who knows how many people he's killed?"

"With all that mana, he's sure to make his wish come true," Rozalin commented.

Sasuke placed a hand on the hilt of his sword, eyes narrowing with killing intent. "Not if I destroy it before he can make that wish!"

"NOOOOOOO!!!" The Will of the Universe screeched as she suddenly appeared beside the Uchiha and smacked him in the face. "Destroying that tome will in turn destroy this universe!! Do you want to blow yourself up?!"

"Well, how the heck are we supposed to beat 'em?!" Naruto shouted at the deity.

"Um... It may be a little too late for that..." Taro spoke as Orochimaru finished up writing in the book and closed it with a snap. The mana above their heads faded away, allowing the room to look as gloomy as the rest of the pagoda.

Rozalin glared at her vassals, her face red with anger. "How could no one notice that he was writing in the book?!"

A dark energy began to surround Orochimaru until it completely covered him, hiding him from sight. The dark energy took shape and form, and before long, it appeared to look similar to a giant snake. When the dark energy dispersed, it was revealed to be a giant white snake with messy black hair and a body made up of smaller white snakes.

"It is definitely too late," said Hanako as a large drop of sweat ran down the side of her head.

"This form is even creepier to look at than the last one..." Rozalin spoke with half-lidded eyes. "Couldn't you have wished to be a humanoid demon?"

"Yessss...! Thissss is the power I've been looking for all thissss time!!" Orochimaru hissed as the snakes on his new body wiggled about. "Now to tessst it by killing you!!"

"I doubt it! It doesn't matter what form you take! You wish to reach the heights of a God--and you will. In the talons of the giant Griffin that carries your corpse in the skies!!"

The Will of the Universe turned to look at the blonde Overlord with half-lidded eyes. "...You stole that from the Naruto manga."

Ignoring the blue-haired deity, Rozalin drew her Noble Rose and shot the transformed Sannin several times in the face. They all hit, but the attack didn't seem to faze him much and the bullet wounds healed quickly. The Overlord's jaw dropped. "Wh-what?! How can that be?!"

"Aha! He has a cheat code!!" Taro exclaimed.

"Would you stop it with the cheat codes?! This is real life, not some game!!" Sakura shouted at the horned boy.

Kabuto smirked from his place behind a snake statue and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "The white snake is a symbol of rebirth. Something as puny as a bullet won't bring Orochimaru-sama down."

"Then we'll just do something bigger!!" Naruto roared, his eyes flashing red. "Once we're done with you, you'll be getting Prinny-tossed in Hell!!"

"Yes!! Give it all you've got, everyone!! Your strongest attacks, NOW!!" Rozalin shouted as she jumped up into the air and a red ball of energy began to form in front of the barrel of her handgun. "Totenkreuz!!" She fired off the shot of energy at the white snake demon, causing it to explode into a cross of flames.

"Ready!!" Taro and Hanako exclaimed as they held Vicky hold up a large Bazooka.

"Bye-bye~!" The busty redhead winked before she pulled the trigger and shot a large missile at the flaming cross. Another large explosion lit up the room for a moment. When the smoke cleared, a slightly charred Orochimaru was shown. "No good..."

"My turn!!" Yukimaru exclaimed as she disappeared in a poof of smoke and reappeared over Orochimaru's head. As she began to fall, the Snow Ninja formed a hand sign and an encasing of ice surrounded her body in the form of a crystal. "Setsugetsuka!!" She landed on top of the white snake's head, the sharp end of the crystal stabbing him. He fell to the ground and the ice around Yukimaru shattered, allowing her to jump off of him. "Success!" The large wound on Orochimaru's head healed and he got back up again. " success?"

"Leave it to me!!" Adell exclaimed as he dashed towards the transformed Snake Sannin and began to pound away at him with a series of flaming punches. He punched Orochimaru in the gut one last time and unleashed a swirling pillar of flame that made a hole in the massive snake's stomach. "Vulcan Blaze II!!" Before he could blink, he was knocked aside by Orochimaru's tail as his wound slowly healed. "Oh, come on!! This is getting ridiculous now!!"

"I agree!! Let's just finish this!!" Naruto growled as he formed a familiar hand sign and two Kage Bunshin appeared around him. He held out his hands and the three blondes began to form what appeared to be a very large ball of swirling chakra. "Fuuton: Oodama Rasengan!!" The three orange-clad ninja then charged into Orochimaru, ramming the giant Rasengan into the white snake demon's stomach. The result was messy to say the least, as blood went flying all over the room. Once it was done, Orochimaru fell over with a large hole in his body. Naruto then drew his sword and sliced the snake's head off of his body before jumping away. His clones both took deep breaths and blew large large streams of fires at the decapitated demon's corpse, lighting him on fire before they disappeared in puffs of smoke.

"Overkill, much?" Sasuke asked with an arched eyebrow. "Oh, well... If he isn't dead from that, then I'd begin to think that victory in this fight was hopeless."

"Of course he's dead!! He's been decapitated!" Hanako chirped.

"So...we won...?" Naruto asked as his eyes reverted to their usual azure blue and he collapsed onto his knees. "Great!! I never tried a Fuuton Oodama Rasengan before... I almost thought it wouldn't work!"

Sakura gave the blonde ninja a glare. "You just made up that technique on the fly?!"


"Impossible! Orochimaru-sama can't be dead!" Kabuto gasped, his glasses askew.

"There's no one for you to hide behind now, creep!" Adell shouted as he punched his fists together, sparking a little flame.

"You will pay for your crimes as well, zam!" Yukimaru exclaimed as she drew her sword.

"We wanna beat the crap out of him, too!" Hanako exclaimed.

"Yeah, he threw us off of a cliff!! The least he could do is let us throw him off of a cliff, too!" Taro added. "Particularly one with a bunch of sharp jagged rocks below and some carnivorous demons lurking at the bottom to pick off his corpse."

His little sister turned around to give him a smile. "Great idea for once, Tardo!"

Kabuto took a step back. 'This is not good...!' As he took another step back, his eyes widened upon realizing something. "I can't move! I'm...paralyzed?!"

"Paralyzed with fear, huh? When I'm done with you, you're gonna be paralyzed from the waist..." The Demon Hunter paused as he realized he wasn't moving forward like he had wanted. "What the heck?! I can't move!!"

"N-neither can I!!" Yukimaru exclaimed.

"My legs...won't...move...!" Sakura huffed.

"What's causing this!! It couldn't have been Kabuto... I didn't see him make a hand sign!" Naruto grunted as he struggled in vain to get to his feet.

"Kukukuku...!" That familiar laugh caused the group to stare at Orochimaru's charred body. His separated body came together and melded, looking good as new as the snake demon rose, shedding his blackened skin. "That issss my blood. The ssscent that comesss from it is ssstrong enough to paralyze..."

"DAMN IT!! This is cheating!! When your head comes off, it's supposed to stay off!!" The orange-clad ninja growled.

"I'm convinced, now, Rozalin-hime. I shouldn't have become a demon, as strong as this body is... No, I should have possessed a strong demon.!!" The white snake lunged forward, knocking over Naruto, Adell and Yukimaru as it made its way to the blonde Overlord, his open mouth revealing a set of snake fangs. "And when I'm done, I'll kill everyone in thisss village by your hand!!"

Rozalin's eyes widened and...


Time seemed to stop. Rozalin was now standing alone in darkness.

"You've come back," a familiar voice spoke. "What is it that you need? Tell me."

"I...I want...power," the demoness whispered, her bangs hanging in front of her eyes.

"Louder! What do you want? Do you desire power?!"

"Yes!! I want power! Enough power to eradicate this monstrosity!! Power to protect those I care for!!"

"...Very well."


"Rozalin!!" Naruto called out as he sat back on his butt, still struggling to get up.

Before Orochimaru could devour her whole, the seal of the four-leaf clover appeared in front of her, repelling Orochimaru and sending him flying back into one of the snake statues, making it fall over. Rozalin's bangs fell in front of her eyes as the seal slowly began to crack. As it did, an unseen wind swirled around the Overlord, playing with her dress and hair--save the bangs that still overshadowed her eyes. Bolts of lightning began to hit the ground around the blonde demoness until the seal finally broke and a large bolt of purple lightning struck her. When the lightning disappeared, so had Rozalin.

"What...what happened?" Sasuke grunted?"

"She broke her seal..." Vicky mumbled, shaking slightly.

"You mean that seal that shows she's Overlord Zennon's daughter? So what?" Adell asked with an arched eyebrow from his position on the floor.

"Never mind that!! Where's Rozalin?!" Naruto shouted, looking around frantically. He looked up and his jaw dropped. "Oh...crap."

Lightning cut through the sky as Rozalin floated above them, her appearance similar to how it was during the tournament at the coliseum. Her eyes opened to reveal the same dull red with black surrounded her irises. "Who dares disturb me from my peaceful slumber? Do you know who I am?"

"It's official. Overlord Zennon's taken over again...!" Vicky gasped as she took a step back.

Naruto's eyes widened. "Overlord...Zennon? What are you talking about? That's Rozalin!"

"Orochimaru-sama!! Be very careful of her!!" Kabuto shouted up to his master. "In this state, she's awfully powerful!!"

Orochimaru glanced at the medical ninja before he looked up at the transformed Overlord. "I sssee...! Thisss is her true power! Just by ssstaring at her, I can tell that her power is immenssse...!" The slit-like pupils of his bright amber eyes narrowed in focus before he shot up at her. "Give that body to me!!!" He opened his mouth swallowed her whole, but merely one slap from the transformed demoness was enough to send him flying back to the floor, cracking it slightly.

"Was it you? Were you the one who awakened me?" Zennon asked as she stared down at Orochimaru while floating down from her spot. "Fool!! All who stand against me will die!!" She held up her hand and an aura of black energy swirled around her body. A large symbol appeared beneath Orochimaru with the Four-Leaf Clover in the center. The symbol glowed a dull red. Orochimaru attempted to get at Zennon again, but wound up pushing against some sort of force field. The transformed Snake Sannin tried to headbutt the shield down, only to find that he was unable to. "Disappear." With a gesture of her hand, the large magic symbol emitted a large, bright red beam of energy that completely overtook Orochimaru.

" imposssible!!! I am Orochimaru!! I am sssupposed to become a God!!" The Sannin screamed. His screams died out, the light faded, and the symbol disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

"Wow...! She completely obliterated him!!" Hanako exclaimed with a smile. "Way to go, Rozie!!'

Kabuto slowly inched away, behind the remaining snake statue, hoping not to be seen by Zennon. Just as he thought he was safe, he gave a breath of relief. 'Orochimaru-sama is...! I can't stay here! I'm no match for her!' As soon as he took a step, a large bolt of purple lightning struck the white-haired medic, reducing him to ashes.

"My Lady has avenged us!!" Taro shouted happily as he waved his arms in the air.

"Eh, I wanted to do it, long as he's gone, that's all that matters," said Adell as he scratched the back of his head. He suddenly looked as his hand in surprise. "Hey, I can move again!!"

Sasuke looked at Adell and sweatdropped. "You just noticed that?"

"You can't blame me! I was so into watching Rozalin smack those guys around that I didn't notice the paralysis wore off!"

"So, the bad guys have been vanquished and the human world is saved! Thanks to Overlord Rozie and the Sexy Demoness Hanako!" Adell's little sister said with a wink.

"Hey, what about Terrible Taro? I helped, too!"

"Whatever, Tardo! The fight's been won, so we can all go home now! I'll even fix a big victory feast for Naruto's ninja friends!"

"Fools!" Zennon spoke up, gaining the attention of the group of vassals. "It is not over. I am a being solitude... All who cross my path shall die! None of you will leave this place alive!"

Yukimaru's eyes widened and she took a step back. "Um... Did Miss Rozalin just threaten our lives?"

"It's the Coliseum Incident all over again...!" Sakura groaned.

Naruto stepped forward and frowned. "Stop it, Rozalin!! If you changed back to normal last time, you can change back to normal this time!" He took another step forward and held his hand out to her. "Remember what I told you last time? I'll never leave you alone."

"Liar. You did it once. Letting you do it to me twice would be foolish!" The God of All Overlords replied with venom dripping from her words. With a wave of her hand, a bolt of lightning struck the spot Naruto had stood in, the blonde having moved quickly before he was struck by the bolt.

"What's up with her?! I haven't done anything to her!!" The orange-clad blonde growled.

"It's not you she's angry at, Naruto," said Vicky as she held a hand to her chest. "She's angry at the demon that's inside of you, and seems to be confusing you with him since he's within you."

"The Kyuubi? What for?"

"You see...Overlord Zennon the God of All Overlords, and...her life has been one of sorrow and loneliness. Every person who got close to her betrayed her or wound up dying because of her. She didn't even trust me, though I was probably the only one who could see her pain. Over time, she began to think that she was meant to be alone and simply kill anyone who gets close to her, but then...she met Kyuubi--an Overlord from another netherworld who wooed her and made her believe he truly loved her. Lady Zennon was beginning to show signs of a healing heart...before Kyuubi tried to take her life. It turned out that he and his siblings had planned for him to get my Lady to fall in love with him, making it easy for them to kill her and let Kyuubi gain her title, but their plan failed. Lady Zennon defeated them, but for some odd reason, could not find it within her to kill them--perhaps the part of her that still loved Kyuubi despite what he had done. Instead, she sent him and his demonic siblings to another world, and they haven't been heard from in any netherworld ever since."

'LIAR!!! That's not what you said!!' Naruto shouted at the Kyuubi in his mind. 'I bet you just didn't want to say that you lost to a girl!'

"You would do the same thing, too! Don't lie!!"

"After the fight, my Lady's powers began to weaken as she slipped into even further depression. It turned out that during the fight, the Kyuubi's special ability kicked in: his demonic energy had incurable poisonous potential that would kill her, but sadly, she didn't seem to mind death at the moment. It was only by some miracle that I convinced to reincarnate rather than die, so she could start over again! It was a fairly easy procedure: kidnap a newborn from the Snow Village and use it as a vessel for Lady Zennon's soul. An even better bonus was that it seemed her dark emotions had been sealed away once the process was complete, and Rozalin grew up normally. But it seems that while her darkness and original personality were sealed away, they got stronger and became more negative."

"...Is that so?" Sakura asked with sadness in her eyes. "Imagine... Living a life without friends, thinking you can't trust anyone...!"

"It's so sad, zam!" Yukimaru cried with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. "I will even forgive you for attacking my village all those years ago, Miss Rozalin!"

"Rozalin...!" Naruto mumbled as he stared at the ground for a few seconds. He then looked at the possessed Overlord and placed a hand on his chest. "ROZALIN!!! It's me!! Naruto!! You're not alone anymore!! You have us now!! We're more than just your vassals! We're...we're your friends!!"

Adell took a step forward and held up his fist. "Naruto's right!! We may not have been your friends willingly at first--especially me--but that doesn't mean we'll let you go on living like this!"

"We're friends, aren't we Rozie?" Hanako asked she placed her hands together in a pleading manner.

"Yeah, my Lady! We care about you and you care about us, too!" Taro shouted.

"Friends? Friends are nothing. Friends will only betray me or leave me alone. What good are friends?" Zennon replied.

"Please, my Lady! Open your heart!" Vicky spoke with tears welling up in her eyes. "Can't you see how happy you've been since you reincarnated? If you continue to act like this, then what was the point of you starting over?!"

"I have no heart. And as for this reincarnation, I knew it would not work. Nothing could rid me of this eternal pain!"

Sakura narrowed her eyes and stomped her foot, causing the ground to shake slightly. "Alright, I've had it!! You're just being stupid now! You're allowing yourself to be controlled by feelings you had in the past!"

"Sakura is right. Letting yourself be controlled by bad memories from your past life is foolish!" Sasuke spoke calmly despite the tension in the air. "If you continue to live in the past, you'll just be reliving the same pain over and over. And what sense does that make?"

"You see? Even Sasuke's being motivational--and he's not usually like that!" Naruto exclaimed. "So come on! Come back to us, Rozalin!"

"Stop...calling me that!"

A bolt of lightning fell from the sky, heading towards, Naruto, but he rolled out of the way in time to avoid. He began to jump about, dodging several lightning bolts with timed accuracy and luck until he made it to Zennon. "Get a hold of yourself!!" The blonde ninja shouted as he slapped her across the face, putting her in a daze. "Why can't you see?! Is it that deep down inside, you really don't trust us?! You don't trust me?!" Before he knew what he was doing, Naruto began to hug the possessed Overlord, bangs hiding his eyes. "I say that you can trust us. You can trust me...Rozalin."

"Sh-shut up!! I can't trust anyone! Especially you! Release me this instant or I will kill you!!" The God of All Overlords shouted, though she didn't seem to do anything to break out of his hug. For a moment, her hair appeared a bright shade of blonde and her skin regained its healthy tone for a few seconds.

"Naruto!! I think it's working!" Vicky exclaimed.

Just then, Zennon's hand went through Naruto's stomach and went out through his back, her dark-skinned hand dripping with the blonde's blood. The vassals' eyes widened as the Overlord removed her hand and stepped away from the orange-clad ninja, who was staring at her. "You...are an imbecile. You had the perfect opportunity to kill me, but instead, you prattled on about trust and friendship. But now do you see where such things lead you? Only pain can come from bonds such as those!"

"You're...wrong. I didn't kill because I couldn't, remember? Our contract states...that I...can't kill you." Naruto then started to, oddly enough, smile. "But...contract or not, I wouldn't...wouldn't ever hurt you...Roza...lin." He then fell forward, into Zennon's arms, still smiling.

"Naruto? No... I-it couldn't be. He'll heal himself up any second now, right?" Adell asked the rest. "Right?!"

"Naruto-sensei...! Please don't be dead!" Yukimaru cried.

"Oh, no. He's dead," said the Will of the Universe as she appeared in front of the vassals. Under her arm was the Mystic Tome. "Trust me. The book does not lie! I mean, I don't lie!"

Sakura suddenly ran up to the blue-haired deity and grabbed her throat. "You little...! It's all your fault!!"

"My fault?!"

"Yeah, because you're the one who writes out how things go, correct? So you wrote that Naruto died, meaning that you're as much to blame as Zennon!"

"Speaking of which, don't you wanna see her reaction?" The Will of the Universe said, pointing over in the direction of the possessed Overlord as her appearance returned to normal. "Here comes the tragic scene!"

"Na...Naruto?" Rozalin mumbled as she stared down at her dead vassal, her eyes wide in shock. "This can't be...! Why does this always happen?!" She held Naruto close to her body and fell to her knees, tears trailing down her cheeks. "Even in this new life, this pain still exists! What was the point of being reborn in the first place?!" The grieving Overlord laid Naruto on the ground gently. "I don't deserve friends." She then drew her Noble Rose and held it against her head. "I'm tired of living like this."

"R-r-rozalin!! DON'T!!!" The vassals shouted.

Before she could pull the trigger, a bright red aura surrounded Naruto's body. The aura drifted over his body and shaped into the form of a giant fox's head.


The giant fox head then took the shape of Kyuubi's human form, albeit it transparent and wavering. "I hate you so much right now, Zennon!! Oh...wait, you're back to normal. Anyway, I'm still pissed off at you!!" He pointed down at Naruto's body, gritting his sharp fangs. "My vessel is dying, and as a result, so am I!! And it's all your fault!"

"I...I know...! If it will make you happy, I'm ending my life."

"Ending your life? Wow, I thought you got rid of your angst when you turned back to normal... What? Are you killing yourself over this guy? This idiot? Then I hate myself even more for having to resort to this!" The fox demon growled.

Rozalin blinked, her eyes showing confusion. "Resort to what?"

"My last-ditch effort of surviving, even if it's by just a teeny-tiny margin, I WANNA LIVE!!!" With that, the Kitsune Overlord exploded in a shimmer of red light. When the light faded, Naruto was standing in his place, looking confused.

"Um...what just happened?" He asked, unsure of the events. "I was certain that I was dead. I saw a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel and I heard my mom and dad, Ero-Sennin and Iruka-sensei calling for me...and now I'm here. What gives?" He then spotted Rozalin. "Rozalin! You're back to normal!!" Before he knew it, he was bowled over by Rozalin and had her lying on top of him, crying into his shoulder. "Whoa, whoa!! Calm down, would you?! It's not the first time you've killed me!"

"What...what happened?" Adell asked with his eyes wide in awe.

"I'm...not sure," Vicky replied.

"I do!" The Will of the Universe exclaimed in a sing-song tone. "The Kyuubi, being desperate to survive, decided to fuse his and Naruto's dying souls so that Naruto could be reborn and Kyuubi could still survive!" She then gave a wicked grin as she rubbed her chin in an intellectual manner. "Of course, there are some side effects. The first is that Naruto is no longer under the summoning contract of Rozalin since he died, one of the contract breakers. And the second is..."

Rozalin gave a gasp and sat up straight. "Naruto! Your ears!!"

"Hm?" The orange-clad ninja felt his ears, which, to him, felt a bit pointy at the ends. "Hm? Huh? WHAAAAAAT?!? What's wrong with my ears?! Is this some kind of freakish mutation?!"

"Nope. You're a demon now. Or is that half-demon? Whichever one, you're not a pure human anymore!" The Will of the Universe gave a malicious giggle as she faded away from sight.

"Grrrrr...!! DAMN YOU, YOU HARPIE!!! FIRST YOU KILL ME, NOW YOU TURN ME INTO A DEMON?! I HATE YOU!!!" The blonde shouted as his eyes glowed bright red from anger.

Sasuke sweatdropped while Sakura simply stared at their transformed teammate in shock. "Well..." The Uchiha began, "This might be difficult to tell everyone..."


With the destruction of Orochimaru and his Sound Ninja, and the retrieval of the Mystic Tome, Konoha--as well as the entire world it resided in--was saved. The Konoha shinobi buried their dead ninja, as well as their demon allies, which surprised those that survived. Despite the ruined state that the village was in, its people and their comrades in arms worked together to rebuilding--even the usually lazy Prinnies worked with gusto to help rebuild their friend Naruto's childhood home. For three nights, they celebrated their victory with food, drink and over exaggerated stories--the biggest one coming from Konohamaru, who claimed to have taken down a Baciel, a high-ranking demon known for its destructive power. Of course, no one believed him.

Eventually, it was time for the Overlord and her vassals to bid farewell to the people of the Hidden Leaf Village...

"Thank you again for all your help. Really. We may not have survived without you," Tsunade told Rozalin as they stood in front of their respective armies.

"You wouldn't have survived without me!" The Overlord corrected with a smirk, which brought on a glare by Tsunade. "But...I am happy to have helped you, Hokage."

"I'm also happy that you released Sasuke and Sakura from your employ as well."

"Yes, well..." The demoness's eyes drifted over to Naruto, who was standing beside his friends. "If Naruto is free, his friends should be as well."

"Bye-bye, Tenten!! I'll write to you as soon as I get back home to the Netherworld!" Daisuke exclaimed as he waved excitedly at the bun-haired girl.

Tenten blushed and grinned as she waved back, which made Neji give her a wide-eyed expression. "You're not seriously..." He began, not wanting to finish his sentence.

"Well, after everything that's happened, demons don't look so bad, right?" She told her teammate. "Besides, for someone who's over 1000 years old, he's pretty cute!"


"You're sick, do you know that? Interracial relationships never end well!" Faust chided the Warrior with a glare.

"Awww, I think it's cute!" Morgan chirped as hearts floated over her head.

"Well, we must be going now," said Rozalin.

"Yup! We sure do!" Said Naruto as he walked away from Sakura and Sasuke and up to Tsunade. He reached behind his head and untied the Konoha hitai-ate, folded it, and held it out to the Godaime Hokage. "Here, Granny. Take it."

"Naruto?! What are you doing?"

"No offense, place is with Rozalin." At this, the eyes of several people, including Rozalin, widened.

"Wh-what?!" Sakura shouted. "Naruto, your contract with her is broken!! You don't have to be her vassal anymore!"

"I know. I want to be her vassal."

"You're...joking," Sasuke said with wide eyes.

"Nope. It's nothing personal, guys, but..." The demon ninja gave a grin. "Well, I'd feel pretty awkward being the only demon ninja in this world, and I promised Rozalin I wouldn't leave her alone. And you know me! I don't break my promises! That's my nindo, after all!"

"Hmph!" Rozalin turned her back on him, blushing slightly as she held her nose up in the air. "Fool!! You'll be lonely without your friends!"

"No, I won't! I'll come and visit them as much as I can, for the rest of my long-lasting life! And also..." Naruto walked up to her and grabbed her hand, causing her to blush even more. "Konoha isn't the only place I have friends, you know. I have friends in the Netherworld, too!"

One would assume that Rozalin would have shot him out of embarrassment again. However, she simply turned around and gave him a serious look. " sure?" They stared at each other in silence for a while before she turned to Tsunade and smirked widely, her hands on her hips. "HA!! In the end, I have one of your ninja! And he is most likely the greatest your world has ever produced!"

Tsunade blinked, still in shock for a moment before she placed her hands on her hips as well. "You know, I'm starting to think so myself..."

The orange-clad blonde began to blush a dark shade of crimson. "Aw, man...! You're embarrassing me!"

"If you don't count his numerous bad habits, that is."

"Hey!! Watch it, Granny!! I'm a demon now! I can kick your butt with ease!"

Ignoring her vassal, Rozalin looked up at the sky. "Dimensional Gatekeeper!! Bring us all home!!"

"Oh!! Bye, guys!! You'll be getting letters from me!! I'll find a way to send them to you!!" Naruto exclaimed before the demons disappeared in a flash of bright blue light.

"So...he's gone again," said Sakura.

"Yeah..." said Sasuke. "But it's not like we'll never see him again."

"Right. Knowing Naruto, he'll pop up unexpectedly and cause hell..." The pink-haired kunoichi smiled as all the shinobi of Konoha looked up at the clear blue sky. "You hear that, Naruto? You better keep your promise and visit us!!"



Dear, Sakura-chan,

It's only been a month since I've turned into a demon and permanently moved to the Netherworld. Things are the same as usual: people come and challenge Rozalin, try to take over the Netherworld, blah-blah-blah.

Just recently, we had an alien invasion. Oddly enough, they resembled sexy women and planned to take over the Netherworld through seduction...until they learned the Overlord was female. Then Rozalin blew up their ship--which I wanted!--and now they're all working at the Rip-off Bar in the Item World. Their Saturday Night shows are the best, though the razor-sharp tentacles are a turn-off.

I found a book of demon porno that I think Kakashi-sensei would like. I'm not sure if that'll help him get over the end of the Icha-Icha series, but it's worth a shot, right? If not, you could trick Sasuke into reading it.

By the way, even though I'm not a ninja anymore, I'll still aim high! Don't tell Rozalin, but one day, I plan to be a Demon Lord! Maybe even an Overlord!

Hope to see you soon.

With love, Naruto.


"NA-RU-TO!!!" Rozalin shouted each syllable of the demon ninja's name.

Naruto turned on his heel after giving a Prinny a letter. His outfit had changed only slightly, as what was once orange was replaced with dark red and a plain black headband was tied around his head in place of his hitai-ate. "What's up?"

"What are these bills you've been passing in the Dark Assembly?" Rozalin asked the blonde with an arched eyebrow. "'Summon Overlord Laharl,' 'I want to fight the strongest Overlord,' 'I want to break the Sacred Seal,' 'I want to mean Satan'?!"

"They said I couldn't meet the real Satan, so they told me I had to take some guy named 'Jio'..." Naruto grumbled.

"Who cares about Jio?! What is with all these bills?!"

"I can't help it! I'm itching for a fight, and regular demons aren't cutting it anymore! We need to take on Overlords and conquer Netherworlds!! It'll be so much fun, right?"

The Overlord sweatdropped at the human-turned-demon. "Conquer Netherworlds? I do believe that the Kyuubi is having an influence on you... But..." She gave a small smile and placed her hands on her hips. "I must admit, I have wanted to trounce Laharl again. And I do want to see Overlord Zetta face-to-face. And the thought of meeting the original evil in the universe is...thrilling! So I will go along with this!"

"Yes!! You aren't gonna regret this!" Naruto said with a broad grin.

And so, the former God of All Overlords and the former human ninja of Konohagakure lived, causing chaos--both on purpose and on accident--and living happily ever after...together.


:Bonus Hidden Trailer!!:

In 2009, it's Good vs. Evil vs...Exploding Penguins?

Prinny: DOOD!! *Explodes upon being tossed at a demon*

The Netherworld returns for an all-new adventure!

Naruto: What the hell happened?! Why are there demons running all over the place?!

A greater evil is afoot!

Rozalin: My goodness! I hardly recognized you, Hokage!

Naruto: Yeah, if it weren't for the fact that I remembered your exact bust size, I wouldn't have been able to tell you apart from a Succubus.

Tsunade: Quiet, you little brat!!

The human world is in danger of becoming a Netherworld!!

Tsunade: Oh, no! It's nothing serious! We've all just been turned into demons. Really. There's no reason for you to rush. ...In case you can't tell that was sarcasm, morons!! Move it!!

Sakura: Hm? Now that I think about it, there are some things that are a bit fuzzy to me.

Sasuke: I'm glad that I haven't lost my memories and that my bodily features haven't changed...but why'd I get an outfit change? I even have a complete set of these clothes.

Kakashi: If reading porn and peeping on girls is wrong, I don't want to be right. ...Tee-hee!

Along the way, they'll encounter enemies old and new.

Mao: Muahahahaha!! Thought you could get away, huh?

Etna: I've decided that if I can't steal the title of Overlord, I'll become one by getting my own Netherworld!

Pain: I am God, and I say that all demons deserve to die. That includes you, by the way.

Tobi: Oh, you're really strong...NOT!!!

As well as old and new allies.

Neji: So what if I can cook? Real men wear aprons, anyway.

Kiba: Wait, an all-female demon class? So...I'VE BEEN TURNED INTO A GIRL?!

Hinata: N-naruto-kun! Are you okay?!

Inner Hinata: Damn Overlord!! Who does she think she is, just shooting my Naruto-kun in the head?!

Suigetsu: I don't give a crap about the world! But, uh...if you feed me and promise I can get that sword, we can compromise.

Karin: As soon as that cutie Sasuke is asleep, I'll strike! Then he's all mine! Heh-heh-heh...!

Gaara: Anything is better then being around my Kankuro and Temari. Last night, Temari tried eating me...

Killer Bee: Whatchu sayin', boy?! Don't diss my rhymes!! I'm the greatest ninja rapper of all time!!

Yugito: You're the only ninja rapper.

Sora: Sure, we can be friends... Come closer and I'll punch your head off as a sign of friendship.

Shion: I hate demons. That's why I'm going out of my way to personally eradicate them all. And before you ask about why a demon wants to kill other demons, let me purify you off the face of the planet!!

The fate of their world lies in the hands of the lesser evil!!

Naruto: Is it just me, or is my home world subject to some of the worse luck in the Multiverse?

Rozalin: Do not worry! I will conquer this world and it shall be protected in the name of Overlord Rozalin!

Naruto: NO!! We have to turn it back to normal! Or else everyone will forget who they are and become real demons!!

Rozalin: ...Fine. Be that way. But if they became demons, I would treat them right.

New classes! New skills! New ways to cause mayhem! Same old wicked fun!

SiNful Rose II: Cursed Memories!

Bringing chaos to a PS3 near you in Fall 2009.