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Predator and Prey


Look around you.

What do you see?

Many say that high school is one of the best experiences in any person's life. Those seemingly short years will transform one from being a naive kid to a young adult and gain knowledge for the future ahead. Old customs and beliefs are questioned and new ones are put into practice in order to find a true identity or assure the existing self-worth and perspectives.

Yet it is also a time to have the best fun imaginable by exploring ardent goals that were once unreachable or forbidden, and settling the never-ending curiosity, caused by the inevitable happenings in life. Things like meeting new people, making best friends or enemies, learning from others, expanding abilities, striving for excellence and, most of all, falling in love for the first time are not always what one expects because it leads to several different directions, turning one's life upside down until the path to clarity is lost.

A majority of people reminiscence about their high school years by laughing or merely sighing in content at incidents that were completely new, hilarious, or frightening at the time, mostly for those unforgettable memories: simple pranks, occurrences, actions, and decisions made with plain stupidity. There were happy days for those individuals living a carefree life, enjoying time with their friends connected to them with similar interests or habits, or going to school dances, spending the time to look for the best dress, and other various activities.

But there were always those living in the background like unused or beaten down props in a school play who hated every minute and every second because high school felt like an alien planet in which surviving was the ultimate key. Whether it was from exclusion from their peers for whom or what they were or selective isolation for any reason, the experience varies considerably, occasionally ending in unsatisfactory or traumatic outcomes if nothing is done about it.

High school can either help find your way to success or destroy you completely. It is determined in many ways, but none more than associating yourself with the people known as your classmates. You expose yourself to them because, like it or not, they have a hand in making you into what you are and what you will become.

She's the nerd—

Always has been since the first day she stepped into the classroom when she was four years old, mostly due to the glasses she wore that gave the stereotypical title to anyone who possessed them. Unfortunately, she was stuck with the label, following her every step towards her last year of high school. People, young and old, only took one look at her and everything they assumed became her traits of personality, even if most was not true.

Though it was a bit difficult to believe she was not a generic copy since she dressed in geeky clothes that were never in style. Fashion tended to change rapidly and it was not exactly cheap to keep up with those who cared about designer brands. Expectedly, she had a high IQ and a clever mind that was not often appreciated. She wore thick glasses and had braces. She did not have friends; just like any other loner known in high school. However, she had unusual pink hair that would have been considered unique and beautiful; it only made things worse for her.

People made fun by calling her, "Ugly Pinky," or "Pinky the nerd bitch." Whatever pitiless nickname they used, it always had some form of the word pink in it.

She kept her hair braided in low pigtails, the only way she knew how to do her hair so it would not be a disturbance. Putting it up in a ponytail often caused knots in the long pink mane she treasured. After so many years of hearing the word "pink" when she was being insulted, she almost dyed it black so people could leave her alone, but her mother begged her not to, saying that it was a part of her. So for the sake of her mother, she kept it pink—even if it had become her least favorite color and no longer a treasure.

As a nerd, she was teased daily in school. Books were knocked out of her arms in the hallways, classrooms, basically anywhere she went. Her feet were continuously stepped on both accidental and deliberate. Despite her small frame, she was pushed to the ground for either being in the way or just walking by. She was constantly taken advantage of when some would approach her with false intentions of befriending her in hopes they would get the answers to schoolwork or projects.

But she was naturally a kind human-being.

So she repeatedly told herself, in midst of humiliations and isolation, that they were just confused growing teenagers, who were really good at heart.

Her name is Haruno Sakura.

He's the rebel—

Always seen wearing either black or navy blue because showing self-expression was not important to him, not to mention he hated other colors, especially bright ones. He was also a complete heartthrob, and by carrying that title, he was also materialistic. It was not that he really was, but he guarded everything he had and would attack anyone who tried to take anything that was his. He owned a very expensive motorcycle, showing off his wealth and power, never letting anyone ride or touch it. Not that anyone dared to go near it in the first place.

He had countless giggling girls surrounding him in adoration, offering him tokens of their love, none of which he paid attention to. One of the biggest queries swirling constantly from the mouths of all was whether if he had girlfriend or not because his lack of interest greatly showed when girls would literally throw themselves onto him. Currently having the biggest fanclub, there was not a day when his fan girls would claim they went on dates with him, telling all who listened that he was a great kisser—making wonders with his tongue—and was absolutely incredible in bed.

It could have been from the unvarying attention and devotion or even from something else, but, unquestionably, he was arrogant and refused to obey when he did not want to. Now that was his form of self-expression.

Although, he did not hang out with the so called popular kids despite his huge popularity, he had his own associates consisting of Uzumaki Naruto and Aburame Shino. People could understand why he and Shino got along well because of the similarities between them, but could not understand why the dense blond boy, known for his hyperactive personality, was friends with him. They did not dare to question him about this matter though.

He was not part of gangs, something that young boys did to establish a position in society so that they would become known and powerful, but often, he would join fights with others to prove who was stronger. And he was known to never lose in anything.

Truthfully, behind the handsome and stoic face, he was violent and definitely someone not to cross. Gossip and rumors circulated whenever he was mentioned, frightening those already fearful when allegations to why he possessed anger or behavioral problems surfaced. When he was younger, it was evident of how powerful his anger was. It was thought and believed that he killed his older brother, who many had known when the elder brother ruled the school in the past, but neither has the reason or the validation of the rumor been confirmed. And since they did not dare to do many things when he was involved, they knew better than to ask personal questions.

No one wanted to piss him off. His actions were unpredictable, especially when he continued to be such a mystery.

His name is Uchiha Sasuke.

They are just your typical high school students.