Kira: Hey people. The reason behind this one's shortness is because it was a Zemyx oneshot for a request.

Disclaimer: I dont own Zexion or Demyx, and if I owned Kingdom Hearts, there'd be alot of Zemyx, XemSai, Akuroku, and other pairings for the fangirls, and guys, likings, as well as the Organization not being killed off.

Have you ever had one of those bad days? Where you think everything's alright, but then something just pissed you off? Like everything was just against you, and your very existence, or non-existence for that matter. Well it was one of those days, when anything and everything could set you off, even the littlest annoying noise or even a familiar one, something just like -


The irritated Schemer looked over his shoulder as a black cloaked figure skidded around the corner of the blinding white hallway, racing towards him, almost slipping on the shiny, slippery, polished ground. The Schemer's already narrowed eyes narrowed even further. The Melodious Nocturne's cheerful smile did nothing to cheer him up, no; it only irritated him even more.

If there was anything that the Schemer wanted to do the most, it was to lock himself in his room and read, probably for days on end if he could. But no, the Nocturne either was ignoring the fact that he looked irritated, or he was just being oblivious. It most likely was the latter, since he was oblivious to most things anyways. Having to do almost half of the Superior's paperwork, some of Vexen's reports which weren't researched properly, and a nearly failed mission had been enough to send him into a seriously foul mood.

"Zexy!" the blonde called out again, tackling, or more like glomping, him to the ground. Zexion let out a grunt, his face now planted into the cold smooth floor. He found the Nocturne's arms thrown around his chest and a faint blush spread across his cheeks for a split second at the closeness of the other nobody, but then his irritated-ness forced it back.

"Demyx, get off me!" he said, trying to get up, but the taller, and obviously heavier, nobody didn't move an inch. Instead, the blonde had started to pout, his hands on either side of Zexion's shoulders.

"Aww, but Zeeeeeeeeexy!" he whined, using his best weapon, one that could even make the emotionless schemer slightly want to give in, the puppy dog eyes. The Illusionist looked up at him, having squirmed around to at least try to get the heavier nobody off him, now lying on his back. He half glared up at the Nocturne, becoming even more annoyed each second.

"IX! As your Superior, I'm ORDERING you to get off!" he hissed, his usually emotionless tone becoming a bit darker and more menacing. Demyx was taken aback for a minute, a look of hurt crossing his face, before his cheerful attitude kicked into hyper drive again.

"Fine, since hugging and glomping wont cheer you up, time for Plan B!" he said, leaning down, planting his lips onto the Schemer's. Zexion froze, eyes wide. Demyx just smirked happily, pulling back as he stared at his superior. But then he found a firm hand on the back of his neck, jerking him down for another kiss, this one dominated by the schemer. The need for oxygen drove them apart, Zexion staring at Demyx with the faintest hint of a grin.

"You sure know how to drive most of my bad mood away." He admitted. Immediately Demyx jumped off him, dragging the smaller nobody up to his feet.

"Then I will cheer you up even more with a happy song!" he exclaimed, grabbing Zexion's right gloved hand, and ran off towards his room, Zexion almost tripping as he tried to keep pace with him.