One day in sooga village There was an anoucment being made

The cloudman:I am hosting a ball this ball is called the moon light ball it will be outside and every one must where dresses and fancy cloths to the ball like the girls will where big fluffy dresses and the boys will where nice tucksedos and such.

village:ooo ahh

The cloud man:Now this is a rule all girls must go with boys and you know boys will go with girl and I need everyone to be on time esecially you Garu your our big guest as the great ninja of the village

Garu wasn't going to go to this ball but he had no choice now so he thought maybe he could slide to the ball without a date

The cloud man:Oh and Garu don't even think about comeing up here without a date


The cloud man:I know what your thinking and just because your the special guest dosen't mean that you get to slide without a date to this ball I want you to find th eperfect girl like...Pucca!

Garu's eyes shot wide open

Garu:are you crazy

Abyo: I think you should take Pucca to stop being so scared your a ninja for god sake don't ruin our good name.

Garu:oh and I suppose you got enough courage to ask Ching to the ball then?

Abyo:(Blushing) well I guess you could say I like Ching more then I thought I did

Garu:Yeah I knew you did you big idot

Abyo:Well anyways I think that...

Ching and Pucca were on their way to the mall to do shopeing for the ball they were chatting away about how they were so excited the whole thing

Pucca:im not going

Ching:why not?

Pucca:because I want to go with Garu and only Garu

Ching:you know Garu still dosen't have a date.

Garu gulped and thought he was going to die his thoughts raced and funally he had reached a desicion

Garu:Im going to ask Pucca to the ball he thought

he started to walk twoards the girls and stopped and then he said in his most big, strong corages voice

Garu:Pucca will you go to the ball with me tommorw nigh?

Pucca's mouth dropped open and she said

Pucca:of course I'll go

both girls laughed and Jumped up and down.

Ching:Pucca im so happy for you

Abyo:congradulations Garu you've concuered your fear of Pucca and decided on a good desicion

Garu:I feel that I made a real scary desicion I might live I might not.

Ching and Pucca were on their way to mall and when they got there Pucca found the perfect dress it had no straps sparkles and dimonds around the chest part and with a ribon in the back Ching also found the best dress long slender sparkles short and ruffly with silvier dimond shoes Pucca's shoes were red sparkly with a dimond flower outline on it just like on her dress the girls were dripping in dimonds earings with colored dimonds in them Pucca's had red and Chings had purple the girls were ready along with the boys had nice tucksedoses Abyo's was black with and white Garu's had black and red the boys were going to look great.