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I was sitting on the dead side of forever. I forget how I got there. It doesn't really even matter. I was enjoying the view of eternity fading in and out of inevitability. A classic roundabout turn of events where even the most insane possibilities bring out the utter most chaos and upheaval ever dreamed up. The tables of time and consequence are always turning. And, with my perfect perch, I could witness it all, if I so chose.

Granted, I wanted nothing more then to be rid of the place. Though some of the incidents were rather humorous or grotesque, none of them were of consequence. It was more like watching a movie, and once tired of said movie, it would be tossed into a pile and forgotten. What I wanted was more then just a movie. I wanted to change history.

Hey, it wasn't for the world. It wasn't even for some crazy hair brained idea of making my life easier. Well, I wouldn't mind an easier life. Who would? But I'm one to enjoy random bits of chaos embedded into the mundane yesteryears that habitually lead a person to boredom ninety percent of the time. Yes, I like random spontaneity and struggle to spice up my life. I'd really rather not be normal.

My life is already abnormal. Heck, my brothers and I got struck by a comet. We all turned funky colors and suddenly had special powers. Doy, that's pretty far fetched in most books. I already found one world where our lives are a freaking TV show! How quaint. But there's more to it then that. Yes, started out with the hero bit. Whoopty freakin' do.

The hero bit had been kind of fun in the beginning. Come on, becoming a super hero is most little kids' dream. I have to admit, I had a little bit of that star struck gaze when I was little. But it wasn't much of a challenge. Heroes always win. So, after a little time to think about it, I decided to hop the hero fence. I wanted to be bad. Not so bad I was out murdering people and threatening life as we know it. No, I just wanted a challenge. I wanted to be famous, but I wanted it to be for doing the impossible. I wanted to be the first villain to win. I wanted to be the best thief/mercenary ever heard of.

Far fetched? Of course it was. That's what made it so fun. Eh, teaming up with the blue dolt wasn't my most brilliant plan. The only reason I took that job was because I was being lazy and wanted a steady paycheck so when I didn't want to go out thieving, I could bum out on the couch and still get paid. Yeah, I wanted good money, but I didn't always want to work for it. Even though thieving is really more of an exciting escapade, I still wanted to be able to sloth out on the couch. What can I say? I'm lacking proper motivation in that area.

Anyway, I ended up finding a more exciting reason to stay. I got to duke it out with Princess. Man, I can't believe a freaking cheerleader was out saving the day. It totally slashed that whole ditzy airhead theme. Come on, the girl had some serious moves. She also had enough spunk to trade little insults and taunts and what-not when we fought. Not only that, she actually managed to go about her normal life without a stitch. If I had her hero gig, I might actually still be in the business. Her missions were certainly interesting. Some were a tad ridiculous, but hey, that comes with every gig. But, case in point, the redhead had it going on.

Now you know why I was sitting up here staring down at infinity and beyond. Again, how the heck I actually managed to find the place is beyond me. I'd rack it up as skill, where Princess would say it was luck. Well, be either of us right in the matter, I was there to change a few things. And, she would totally be pissed if she could see what I was about to do…. Once I figured out how to do it.

Hey, time and dimensions don't exactly come with remotes! And though I'm perfect, I'm certainly not god. A close second though.

Anyway, my reasons are simple. I want my Princess around. You see, I'm a little out of the loop now. Princess was an idiot. Miss "Anything's possible for a Possible", first, got married to that buffoon. Second, she went and got herself pregnant. THIRD! She got her idiot self killed. You heard me right. She got herself killed. She went off to save the day, again, and ran into guys with some automatic weapons and a serious truckload of explosives. They actually had a well thought up plan, and were definitely worth being cautious with. And typically Kimmie, she barged right in and told them to stop.

You can guess the rest. Bang, bang, some BIG explosions, and oops, suddenly Kim Possible isn't so alive anymore.

Most of the villain world was thrilled to hear the news…. Until GJ seriously got pissed, and now that they didn't have to pretend to be civil, mowed anyone down who posed enough threat. When I say mowed them down, I mean lobbed off their heads or gave them lethal injections. Yeah, GJ's suddenly drastic and over excessive force sent a lot of villains into hiding. I went into hiding too. I was still a major threat after all, even if I hadn't committed any major crimes. They don't particularly find a person who can sling plasma to be harmless.

Anyway, you could say I went a little loco after that. My Princess was dead, I had no job, no home, and definitely no where to go. What's worse? That buffoon husband of hers got himself killed too. Their little bundle of joy was looking to face the world alone. What did I do? I chose to keep myself partially sane and help the little bugger out. Yeah, I opted to raise the little monster.

I grew quite attached to that little brat. Had a hellish first few years, especially with GJ still hot on my trail. Still, I did my utmost best to ensure that lil Kimmie Junior wasn't wanting. Damn, I seriously spoiled the brat. But, little Junior was only twelve when GJ burst in. They finally caught up to us. They opened fire without question, not even taking notice of the child standing in the room. I tried my best to protect Junior, but by the time they ran out of bullets and rolled me over to cuff or kill me, little Junior was dead.

I say 'or' because GJ never got a chance to do either one. I lost whatever sliver of sanity I had left.

I unleashed my full power on those bastards. I didn't hesitate to rip them all to shreds. The reports are like something out of a gory horror movie. Reporters kept saying I was like the devil herself come to earth to wreak revenge. By the time I was finished, there was no distinguishing those agents. When I left, I carried the lifeless Junior to the cemetery where the Stoppables lay. In a last act of affection, I lay little Junior down between their headstones and bid them all one last farewell… though the buffoon's farewell was a bit more grudging.

What can I say? I was never partial to the buffoon. He never gave me reason to be…. Well, okay, his offspring was definitely a highlight, but I don't count that much on being any part of his.

I sighed and stood up. Fixing things wasn't going to happen if I sat on my ass all day… eternity… whatever.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out Princess's old Kimmunicator. The man that popped up on the screen actually seemed pleased to see me. Never thought a day like that would come. I mean, I never told him my plan. Why would he look at me like I was a friend? I'm the insane psycho bitch who took out nearly half of GJ before disappearing.

"Shego," he said. Damn, he sounded relieved.

"Hey Nerdlinger. I need your help."

He beamed at the nickname. It used to seriously piss him off, but after a while, and for the sake of Junior, it seemed to grow on him. Maybe that's why he doesn't hate me. I stepped up and took care of Kimmie's kid.

"What's up?" he asked, carefully avoiding Kim's old 'what's the sitch' saying. I still couldn't help but go dead when he said it. It brought back too many painful memories.

"I need you to help me figure out how to screw with history."

His thin face scrunched up. His thin fingers scratched his full beard.

The years hadn't been kind to him. Back in the day, when I first met the nerd when Kim was still in high school, he was a pudgy boy. Now, years of seeing horrifying scenes and dealing with loosing everyone close to you, and spending a decade in prison, certainly wouldn't do a person wonders. He was a tall skinny fellow, his muscles wiry, not bulky. His eyes sunk into his head with deep bushy brows that cast shadows over his eyes. His hair was in un-kept dreadlocks, and his beard wild and untrimmed. Still, he was a man of many talents, and his main talent, computer hacking, was what kept him fed and clothed, even though GJ had tried countless times to subdue him. I had found a steady ally in him, though in the beginning it was a forced alliance.

"What exactly are you planning to do?" he asked.

I stared at the dark skinned man a moment. He was the one person that had kept me sane after I lost Junior. He was the one that had saved me the many times I had tried to end my life. He helped me, and in doing so, helped keep himself sane. We were mutual emotional supporters.

"I want to save Kimmie."

His eyes widened.

"You want to save Kim? How?"

"I'm going to change history. I'm going to mold things into a different web. I want Kimmie back, and I want Junior back. To do that, I have to change what happened."

I pointed the screen at the view in front of me. Wade's eyes widened at the endlessly swirling pools of opportunity and multiple histories. He sucked on his teeth, hands worrying the leather strap across his chest.

"That will take a lot of work," he replied at last. I brought the screen back into view. "You have to account for all the little things to make it turn out right. Even the stupid little things, like a simple ball out of place, could mess up everything."

I shook my head.

"Hey, I'm sitting on the edge of eternity and immortality. One way or another, I'm going to change what's happened. I'm going to reverse everything, and I'm going to make sure none of it happens."

Wade's face scrunched up again.

"But from what I saw, in other timelines, it hasn't."

"But in ours it has," I persisted. "I want to hit rewind and start over from the beginning. I don't want that timeline to ever end like that."

"How far into the beginning? When you became a villain, or the day Kim died?"

"I'm going to jump in before the buffoon has a chance to swoon Princess."

Wade smirked.

"Taking an interest in her yourself?" he asked coyly. We both knew I did, but I had yet to admit it aloud.

"Princess has always been interesting," I replied, purposefully being difficult. He only smiled knowingly.

"What about Junior? Can't have Junior without Ron."

I winced.

"I had been avoiding thinking about that part."

Wade laughed.

"You could just get him to donate."

I visibly shuddered, but I knew he was right.

"Yeah, maybe." I looked back at the swirling masses before me. "Nerdlinger, you have to go geeky on me and play out all the possibilities for me. I'm not going to mess with anything until I'm sure it's right." I looked at him sternly. "Can you do that?"

He guffawed and waved a dismissing hand at me.

"Woman, look who you're talking to. GJ can't even touch me."

I locked gazes with him.

"Be careful, okay?"

He smiled again. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

"You've got my word."

The screen went dead. I put the contraption away and retook my seat. I wasn't going to be of any help. I would only be good for advice, and that would only include how I wanted to change things.

I lost track of time again. I just remember sitting there thinking of everything that had happened. Every now and then, Wade would call and ask me for information or input, and I would give it. But mostly, I sat and waited. I sat and considered what I would do to make things work, to make things better.

How would I approach Kim once she was alive again? What would I tell her? Would I tell her about what happened? Would she even believe me? Kim was a kindhearted person, but even she had her 'yeah, I believe you' limits.

I went in a lot of circles. I also had a lot of ideas on how she would react. Of course, my favorites were when she got all sad and held me in her arms and told me everything would be okay. Hey, I'm not cold hearted. Even I like a bit of sympathy once in a while. Besides, it had been a long time since anyone had actually comforted me. I didn't even recall the last time someone had hugged me.

I wanted things to be perfect. Well, as perfect as any relationship can go, any life can go. I told you before. I like the rough spots. They make life interesting. But I didn't want things to be as hopeless and lonely as they were. If I hadn't asked for the Nerdlinger's help that one day when Junior became mine, I wouldn't have anyone to keep me on this plain. I would have died off long ago. All those terrible things would happen, and nothing would be done about it. When I had heard mention of that place, something caught per chance on the web, I jumped on it.

I searched for that place for over a decade and a half. Yes, a decade and a half well spent in search of nothing more then some half baked rumor in a chat room. Normally I wouldn't bite at anything that far out in left field, but I had been desperate. Nothing else would work. Drakken was dead. He was one of the first GJ killed. Dementor and many other villains who might have had the chance to at least build or acquire a machine or tool to travel time, were all slaughtered. All respectable scientists dared not protest GJ's sudden rule, and suddenly started becoming 'dumber'. All it took was one wrong move for GJ to kill you. Everyone was tiptoeing around them. No one took chances. It was such a miserable prison.

Obviously, there were those that still defied GJ's orders. They dared to do what they wanted, and they learned quickly how to cover their tracks. With scientists suddenly afraid to work for GJ, GJ couldn't build new tools to handle those who struck out against them. They had to steal from the villains. It would have been amusing, a secret organization fighting for good one day to suddenly be trying to rule the world the next, if it hadn't had such dire consequences. Even if only a few things here and there had been different, anything would have been better then what happened.

I rubbed my face, forcing myself to look away from all the different worlds, all the different possibilities. It would've been so easy to jump into one of those. But then, my world, my life, my reasons for being there, would've been all that much more of a burden to bear. Guilt, especially leaving behind the one person who had shared all of the same hardships and had stuck with me through it all, would have been too much to carry.

A loud rock song blared out into the silence. I rolled my eyes in remembrance of picking out that song years and years ago.

"Well?" I asked as soon as Wade came into sight.

"Well, it will be tricky," he said, checking his computer screens. "But you and I haven't ever been ones to be put off by that."

I snorted in amusement.

"So, what's the plan?"

"We recreate ourselves."

My brow furrowed.

"How the hell would we recreate ourselves? And why?"

"We want to keep our memories, right? Well, we have to find a way to insert our current selves into the old timeline without our old selves being a hindrance. In other words, we don't want two of us. Somehow, we have to get rid of the old us but keep our current memories."

I snorted.

"Then we steal our old bodies with our current minds."

Wade winced.

"Do you want to contemplate how that would affect us? Really, being forced out of your own mind for your future self's mind?"

I give him a steady look.

"Can't you fiddle with the timeline enough that it wouldn't bother us? What if we just took our old selves conscious into our own conscious and joined as one. Then we could pretty much be the same, because we already have those memories, and we could have our old bodies back."

He frowned and pulled on his beard.

"It's possible, but it would still be difficult to tell how well it will work. Besides, we won't be able to tell anyone what happened."

I rolled my eyes.

"If we fix things before they happen, we won't need to."

Wade shook his head.

"I don't know about you, but I would have to come up with a pretty interesting story to explain my nightmares, combat abilities, and my nervous habit of taking off running if someone unexpectedly enters the room. Also, my sudden fear of leaving my room will have evaporated. And, how would we explain us?" He lifted an eyebrow, index finger pointed at me.

"Us?" I asked stupidly.

"Back then, we hardly knew each other, let alone been friends. We'd have to do some serious cramming to come up with an explanation."

I huffed in irritation.

"Can't we mess with all that in the timeline? I mean really, we want to manipulate things anyway, why not add these things to the pot?"

Wade shrugged.

"We could. Just want to make sure we get the details straightened out before we do it. We'd basically be resetting everything if we start delving into those matters."

I frowned, tapping a foot impatiently.

"I don't want to be a hero again. To have Kimmie, do I really have to be a hero? I mean, can you even picture yourself trying to play hero again?"

Wade scratched his head, looking thoughtfully down at his keypad.

"To be honest, it would be difficult. I'm so used to living like a criminal,l hiding from GJ, it would be hard to work with them again."

I shook my head.

"No, I don't trust GJ at all now. I don't care what they were before hand. I will not side with them and give them the opportunity to become overlords again. I think we should make our own team, you and me, and get Kimmie to join us too."

"And Ron," Wade said coyly, earning a grimace from me.

"And Ron," I grumbled. He grinned.

"Well, that certainly makes this easier. I can erase a lot of stuff. We could predate where everything went haywire. We could probably even go back as early as pre-missions for Kim. She would be much easier to convince to joining our team if we ask before she even starts the hero gig."

I tapped my chin.

"I hate saying this, I really do… but… Kimmie is simply hero material. We couldn't really be hard core criminals. We'd have to… do some good."

Wade laughed.

"I already thought of that. We're going to help people out, but we're also going to play the 'against the law' line fairly close. Think of it as walking on the knife's edge. We won't be the perfect goodie goodies. We'll have our fair share of trouble making. It will keep us on our toes." He winked. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Sounds like a fantastic start."

Wade scoffed. I cocked an eyebrow.

"It's more then a start. I've got it all planned out. All you have to do is get the ball rolling."

I couldn't help but let the hope shine in my eyes. I was practically glowing.


He smiled gently. It was comforting to know the Nerdlinger was backing me so completely on this. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him.

"All you have to do… is follow the instructions."

He gave me one more level look before pushing a button. The Kimmunicators screen lit up with a long… VERY long list of instructions.

I swallowed, and began.

---Enter command---



---Checking all commands---




I blink, looking down at my wrists to find them absent of telltale scars. My hands flex, looking younger, smaller. An impatient sigh fills my ears.

"Shego, will you please stop spacing out and pay attention?"

My breath catches in my throat. Slowly, almost dreading to look up, to hope, I let my eyes lift to squint into the afternoon sun. Tears fill my eyes. I swallow hard against the large lump in my throat.


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