Ron roars with laughter, clutching his aching sides as he shakes wildly. "Did-you-*gasp*-see *laughter*- his-face?!"

"I-*snort*-know!" joins Wade. He's guffaws loudly, hand resting on Ron's shoulder to keep himself from falling to the ground. "He almost wet himself when he saw Kim's eyes!" he howls.

Another riot of laughter makes them speechless as I watch from the sidelines.

Kimmie is pouting at them, huddled close to me for support.

We're all standing outside of the school in the parking lot. It's the designated spot for our 'retrieval'. I'd spent the last two days practically attached at the hip with my Ice Goddess. I hadn't even gone home to sleep. I crashed with Kimmie. Luckily, our parents said nothing and let us be.

"I almost had them green again," mutters Kimmie, pushing back further into my embrace.

I smile and squeeze her gently. "You're eyes are beautiful, Princess. Besides, once you get your powers under control, you can switch back and forth any time you like."

"But my hair didn't change," she whispers.

Earning a squawk from her, I spin her around and pull her close. I bury my face into the soft white hair and inhale deeply. "You're hair is exquisite. It's as soft and white as newly fallen snow."

Her ears turn pink as she nuzzles into the crook of my neck. "But… I was kind of proud of my hair…"

I gently run my fingers through said hair. "It's still very unique. Besides, maybe it will change back like your eyes did. Your power only flickered off for a moment. Maybe it needs longer to adjust."

She clings to me in silence.

I allow her a moment of respite as I go back to watching Wade and Ron laugh over Barkin's reaction to Kim. Even Bonnie had been speechless. Monique had squealed and started listing off fashion tips. All in all, everyone dealt with it rather calmly. No one started yelling at her or belittling her, well except Barkin who always yells. And none of the teachers had told her to get out, even after they discovered that it wasn't a dye job and colored contacts. Admittedly, that helped calm down any apprehension I'd had when we'd walked through the doors. A part of me still remembers the scathing remarks and disgusted looks I'd received back… back before this, back to when all I had left were four brothers who felt as equally cast out.

I sigh and nuzzle Kim's hair.

Definitely relieved…

Movement catches my eye.

Damn. They're early.

"Time's up," I say softly.

I loosen my hold as Kimmie turns to watch as four black SUV's pull up in front of us.

She whirls around and clutches my jacket fretfully. "Shego-!"

I place a hushing finger on her lips. Out of the corner of my eye I spot Ron sizing up the SUV's while Wade watches us solemnly. When he catches me looking at him, he smirks and winks before turning away.

I direct my gaze to Kim's brilliant white eyes. "I'll be counting the days until I can come back and look into these eyes and run my fingers through this hair." I stroke her hair. "I'll be impatiently waiting until I can hold my Ice Goddesss once more."

I hug her tightly.

Please don't let this be the last time… Please… Please make this pain bearable…

I step away, gazing longingly one more time into her bottomless eyes.

I step around her. I walk away towards the vehicle with the man standing outside it watching me pointedly.

A hand seizes my jacket and whirls me around. A pair of soft cool lips press firmly onto mine for a quick passionate second… and then pull away. I blink owlishly as Kim scurries away to one of the vehicles. She hops in and slams the door, hiding herself from view behind the darkly tinted glass.

Only a few weeks… I remind myself.

It will only be a few short weeks and then you'll get to see her again…

The SUV containing Kim starts to pull away, and my chest contracts.

Only a few weeks…


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