She wasn't ready to be a mother of twins. She walked out on them. He made sacrifices raising them alone, while she's living her life.


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Written By:

Heyhello (Ren) and Bl1SSFuln3ss (Yeshi)

It Happened One Night

Chapter One:

The beginning

"TROY!" Sharpay screeched with full anger escaping her throat.

Troy turned around to the see the blonde who hated him the most running after him. He stopped and waited for her to reach him.

"Do you NOT know anything?" She blurted out banging her fist on his chest.

He backed away from her, puzzled.

All day, he hadn't seen her or done anything to her. Why would she be so angry? He hadn't said anything about her.

"What are you talking about?" He asked grabbing her hands to stop her from making a bruise on his chest.

Tears streamed down her face as she slowly slide down to the floor—sobbing.

'What did I do?' Troy asked himself just watching the blonde crying by his feet and cradling herself. He couldn't figure it out.

"Are you okay?" He asked bending down to meet her size.

She removed her hands away from her eyes and frowned. 'How could he be so stupid? How can someone who's crying be okay?'

"No! I'm not okay!" She stood up banging her fist against the hard wall behind her.

Troy stood up wanting to just walk away. Obviously, he had nothing to do with whatever she was crying about since he hasn't gone anywhere near her for months. Whatever her dramatic problem was, he didn't care. He had other things to do than sit and feel pity for someone who tries to ruin his life everyday by making sure he was making a fool of himself in front of everyone.

"Why couldn't you be smart Troy? Why? Why don't you know how to use a damn protection?" She cried loudly.

Thank god they were alone at school.

Troy's face grew warm. If he heard her correctly, something bad was about to come. He could only imagine.

"No, why did you have to screw me? Couldn't you just stop your drunken self? Couldn't you?" She spat angrily poking him hard.

Troy backed away from her even further. She was evil.

"What are you talking about?" He spat putting his hand in his pocket.

Sharpay froze for a second.

"I'm pregnant." She cried softly.

"Kids, come on. I have to get to work in twenty minutes!" Troy groaned opening his kids' bedroom.

The twins were jumping on their beds giggling and throwing toys across the room.

Troy sighed and walked over to Hailey, he grabbed her and carried her towards Josh, who he grabbed and carried both kids to the car. He seated them in the backseat. Being a single parent for two kids was very tiring. They never listened to him—well one never did, Hailey.

The five-year-olds never ran out of energy. All night long they screamed and giggled. They loved to throw things across the room and they just got out of hand. Sometimes he wished none of this happened. He wished he never made that mistake. But when he looked at his two kids, he couldn't have been any happier. He couldn't walk out on them the way their mother did….

"I can't do this. They cry every minute, they don't shut up! They smell, they eat all the time. I can't do this! Get rid of them!" Sharpay exclaimed handing him the five-month-old baby.

"I didn't want this either, Sharpay. But you don't see me complaining about this do you?" He carried the baby to the crib and placed him next to the other sleeping baby.

Sharpay stood up and walked to the little kitchen. She hated her life. She was stuck living in the smallest apartment you could possibly imagine. Her whole life had been luxurious. She had gotten everything she wanted, she lived in a mansion and now she was living in a little tiny apartment with a guy who never agreed with her on anything. They didn't belong together. They didn't even like each other.

"I don't want this! I had my whole life planned! I was going to graduate—be a fashion designer…. be famous…. live my life." She cried before drinking water.

"We both screwed up okay? Now we have to deal with the consequences. Deal with it. I didn't accomplish anything either Sharpay. Just stop complaining and feed the other one." He carried Hailey who was crying endlessly wanting food.

Sharpay ignored him.

"Sharpay." He called over the crying baby. "Sharpay!"

"I shouldn't have to live like this! I'm not doing this anymore. I don't even like those little things. This isn't a life. This is horrible. I'm not dealing this anymore." She exclaimed walking into the bedroom gathering her belongings.

Troy followed her with Hailey still in his arms. He watched her as she threw her clothes on the bed. Was she serious? She was just going to walk out on her own kids?

"Sharpay, just stop it! You can't run away from a mistake." Troy said loudly hoping she would stop.

She didn't. She threw all her clothes in the suitcase and grabbed her car keys.

"You can deal with them or get rid of them. Your choice. I'm out." She said looking down at the little girl screaming in Troy's arms.

With that she was out the door.

It's been nearly six years since Troy last saw her. He had no idea where she went and what her life was like now. No one knew. She just disappeared from everyone. He didn't get hurt so much as they weren't in love, they were just forced to live together and deal with the twins. But he was disappointed with her choice. She just gave up on her own kids. The twins have no idea how she looks like or what her name is. He never brought her up since there was no point in doing that. Why should his kids know the person who left them?

Wherever Sharpay was, he hoped she had guilt inside for leaving her own flesh and not taking the time to grow the love for them. He wasn't sure if he could love them since he never planned them, it was mistake, but who knew the mistake he made turned out to be the greatest gift of his life? At first he felt like giving up too. There was no way a nineteen-year-old could raise two living humans alone. But he did. He's done it even when it felt like it was impossible to do. Even he hadn't exactly accomplished much in life, he still had his two little five-year-olds telling him that they were proud of him.

"Don't hit your brother, Hailey." Troy warned the child taking a glance through the rear view mirror.

Hailey stuck her tongue out and hit Josh lightly on the head.

For being the younger twin she sure was bossy and mean. Troy had the hint she was the outgoing one since day one. He could just tell. She was always the one to start the trouble. Every day she always had a fit against her brother, but in the end they would just play like nothing happened. Troy never quiet understood what Hailey was all about; all he knew was she was a lot like her mom.

"Wow, they're so little." Sharpay spoke holding Hailey in her arms.

Troy nodded cradling Josh in his arms. "Oh look, his eyes are hazel." He pointed out as Josh opened his eyes slowly.

Sharpay looked down at Hailey who just yawned. She looked like she had blue eyes.

"Looks like she got your eyes." She said sitting up straight.

Troy handed her Josh while he took Hailey in his arms. She cried and cried. So far she had cried the most between she and Josh. She definitely was the louder twin.

"Looks like we have our loud mouth." He chuckled.

That was probably the only day he and Sharpay got along. In High School they weren't exactly best friends, they didn't really bother each other. Except for Chad's party. That oddly ended them up on the same bed. How, he didn't know. It was all blur. But he knew what happened. Or he wouldn't have been struggling his whole life raising two little kids that he loved more than anyone in the world.

"Daddy! You drive so slow!" Hailey complained looking out the window.

He ignored her. She always said that every time a car passed them. He would drive faster, if he were alone. The twins were in the car and he was over protective of them. He never wanted them to get injured in anyway.

"Ow! You hit me!" Hailey cried throwing a teddy bear at Josh.

"It was an accident!" Josh exclaimed catching the teddy bear.

Troy sent the two a glare. The twins stayed quiet.

Hailey looked around—bored while Josh just sat still thinking of whatever. It was rare when they stayed silent and actually sat still. The car was their favorite place to be loud and throw stuff, second to their bedroom. Every time they sat down in a car, it was always the time to hit each other. Also, when Troy picks up the phone to talk, that was when the screaming starts and the crying.

"Your evil." Josh threw the teddy bear at Hailey who frowned.

"Daddy! Josh threw this at me!" She cried in a fake tone.

Troy didn't bother to say a word. Even if Josh did throw the teddy bear at Hailey, it didn't pay for the many times Hailey had pushed her brother off the bed or the stool or when she threw a basketball at him.

"Daddy!" Hailey screamed louder trying to get his attention.

"Shut up!" Josh shouted.

"What did I say about using that word?" Troy spoke trying to focus on the road.

Driving with the twins was never really safe. He always had to turn to the back seat and lose focus on driving, which he hoped to not make a habit because one day he could really cause a huge accident. It was so hard multitasking. He had to watch out for Hailey who could probably jump out of the window if she tried and Josh who will do anything to get loose from his seat belt, and then he had to watch out for all the cars around him.

"Your in trouble now." Hailey smirked at her twin brother. "Daddy! Are you gonna punish Josh?" She asked in a happy singsong tone.

Troy shrugged. He wasn't going to, but if he admitted that he knew his little girl would question him until he said what she wanted to hear.

"Daddy!" Hailey screamed louder.

Oh how she hated being ignored—and lately she had been getting ignored a lot.

"Daddy. Tell her to stop it!" Josh exclaimed getting annoyed of his sister's high screeching voice.

"No!" Hailey smacked him on the arm causing Josh to hit her back.

"Stop it." Troy groaned.

This is was lovely way to start out a morning. Everyday, something similar like this happened and it drove him crazy.

"Daddy!" Hailey shouted even louder than before.

Troy ignored her once again.

The five-year-old girl picked up the teddy bear next to her and threw it right at her dad.

"Ow." Troy turned around angrily not believing what had just happened. "Hailey! You do not throw any—"

Thud. Bang.

"Shit." Troy slammed on the break, though it was too late for he had already crashed into a parked car on the side of the street. "Damn it!" He hissed angrily throwing the teddy bear to the backseat. "You two sit still. Don't even move a muscle. This has to be the worst thing you have done in your life Hailey." He mumbled stepping out the car.

Just to his luck, someone had to be sitting in the car that was parked. Lucky for him though, it was a little bang and it didn't hurt anyone—at least he hoped so. Hopefully it was someone nice and would easily let him off the hook since it would be quiet impossible for him to pay a ticket and for the damage of the car. He's been driving the same old truck since he was sixteen, he couldn't afford to get another one, yet alone pay for someone else's car to get fixed.

"What the hell did you do to my car?" An angry voice came as the driver's door slowly began to open.

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