By: Shannon

NOTE: I don't own the characters to the movie, Gladiator.

Commodus and Maximus faced each other in the huge Colosseum. Both armed with swords, the two of them clashed, swinging wildly at each other, cursing. Sweat glistened on their foreheads.

Emperor Commodus had tolerated Maximus' celebrity status long enough. He wanted to put an end to Maximus. He was envious that his father had picked Maximus over him to govern Rome.

The two continued to fight as the huge crowds watched on, cheering and chanting Maximus' name. Then, the two of them started to tire out. In frustration, Commodus took a knife hidden in his sleeve and plunged it deep into Maximus' throat. The Spaniard was finally gone.

Commodus stood up with his arms raised, his white clothes stained with blood. He was finally rid of Maximus for good. In response, the audience stood and turned their backs on their emperor.

"Fools!" shouted Commodus. "How dare you defy your emperor!" He ran off in a haste between the gates in which he and Maximus had entered. His wife (and sister...yuck) met him behind the gates. He leaned in to embrace her but she refused.

"No Commodus," she said. "YOU are the fool." She took a knife hidden in her shawl and slashed his throat. Their son, hiding behind a nearby wall watched the ordeal. He then buried his face in his hands and silently wept.