Warning: This story is written a little differently than the others. Half way through it switches point of views so it may be confusing. I apologize. Most may be written in third person though. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sincerely, AdamnedChildOfHell

Note: This one has no yaoi 'till later in the story. Second chapter... maybe. And also, there MAY BE rape. Don't like it don't read it. And no flaming or whatever it's called! Also, OOC. Don't say ANYTHING! Smiles Enjoy

I felt a set of cold hands grab me around the waist. I shivered, almost dropping the knife I held in my right hand. I moaned as the hand moved it's way down my body. "S-stop," i moaned quietly. The hand ignored me and continued inching its way towards my privates. It stopped for a mere second before reaching down and groping it in its cold clutches.


I woke with a start. My body shivered and was drenched in sweat. I looked at the glowing numbers on my digital watch. Dang it. I thought quietly. Throwing the covers back and stepped out of my warm bed, slipping into my slippers. Wiz, my pet rabbit of sorts, whimpered when I had accidentally rolled over him.

"Sorry Wiz," I said quietly, rubbing him on the head. He smiled his goofy smiled and lay back down.

I went and opened my door and padded softly down my steps.


"Aren't you up mighty early?" Said the mocking voice of my counterpart, Dark Mousey.

"Shut up." I muttered. "You didn't see that dream? It was disgustingly disturbing."

"Seemed to me like you were enjoying it. You didn't seem to want Sa- to stop what he was doing." Dark teased.

"Who? And like hell I was enjoying it." I swatted him out of brain as I stepped into the brightly lit kitchen.


"Ohayo ojii-san." I said to the older gentleman sitting at our kitchen table.

"Ohayo Dai-chan." my mom Emiko said to me as my grandfather just grunted, his greeting not there. "You're up early. Bad dream?" She asked, kissing me on the forehead.

"Of sorts." I said, grabbing a piece of toast and taking a bite. "Bluntly, some one was trying to get me into bed with them."

Emiko jumped. This wasn't news to her. "R-really? Who was it?" She asked, all in a rush. To much of one actually.

"Sa. I wonder. Couldn't see his face. Only his hand and arm." I swallowed the last piece of toast and looked at her. I waited for a minute but she didn't say anything so I decided, at the moment, it was unimportant.

I trudged back up the stairs, hearing her call after me, "Be home before 5 sweet heart! You've got a job tonight!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Yeah, ok!" I closed my door and went to my open window .A cool breeze brushed across my face. Closing my eyes, I let the wind clear my thoughts. That dream wasn't new. It repeated every once in awhile. Every time it did, I woke up with very sore privates for they were always pressed against my pajama bottoms.


I'm not gay and I know for a fact, that that man in my dream is a guy. I may never know who he is and I guess I don't really care either way.

"Does it really feel that good?" Dark intruded into my thoughts.

"Dark! I ask that you please stay out of my thoughts. I don't care if we share the same body but our minds are different entities. Leave it that way!" I said forcefully.

"I was just asking a question!" He pouted.

"You want to know how it feels? Fine! Switch bodies with me tonight! I'll stay there and hopefully avoid the pervert." I screamed again.

"Yes!" Dark screamed in joy. "I will finally know why you moan every night!" And just like he appeared, his disappeared from my senses.


"I heard that!"

I snickered.


Some one knocked at my doors and my eyes popped open. "Dai-chan," mom's voice floated through the door, "If you don't hurry you'll be late!"

My eyes flicked to my clock and I jumped. It was 7:15 already and my train left in half-an-hour. I grabbed my bag off my chair and ran through the door, nearly knocking my mom clear off her feet. I skiddered to a stop, back tracked a few steps, kissed her on the cheek and said, "I'll see you later! Love you!" And stumbled off towards the door again.

I ran as fast as my legs would allow towards the train station. "Wait!" I yelled at the station master.

He smiled and said, "Niwa-kun, nice of you to show up. And don't worry, you still have time!"

"Thanks!" I stumbled into the train car just as the door closed. I was pushed and shoved to the back of the train. Finding an open seat, I sat down and sighed.


"Dark?" I asked, closing my eyes.

"Yyeeehhhsss?" He said, using a creepy 'Jeeves' like voice.

Sighing I said, "You don't think I could actually be, you know..."

"Gay?" hi finished for me. I flinched.

"You don't have to be so blunt." I said irritably.

"Well, you didn't finish so I finished for you." Dark said, stretching.

"Yeah yeah. Sure. So, do you?"

"Do I what? Think you're gay? Not in a million years." I flinched again at the word.

"Could you use some other word?" I pleaded with him.

He smirked. "Like what? Homosexual, pretty boy,a prostitute?" His voice was mocking and it pissed me off.

"You know what? Just use 'gay'. Or, if it pleases you that much to tease me, call me a fag." Silently I cursed at him, hoping he would at least hear me thinking them.

"That's quite rude you know." He said, scrunching his face in annoyance.

"Yeah? Well guess what? So are you."

"Yeah? Since when?" He argued.

"Since you ever came into existence!" I screamed. I left my thoughts behind and jumped back into reality.


"-nd Central Station!" Came the conductors voice through the speakers above my head.

I jumped up, being shoved rudely towards the exiting doors. Stupid karma, I muttered to myself. I walked quickly from the platform and up the stairs. Risa and Riku were sitting on the fountain near the station. "Daisuke!" Riku called from her place on the bike.

"Morning." I said. She leaned over on the bike and squeezed me. We had now been dating for almost three years. This was almost our last year in high school.

I squeezed back and turned to Risa."Let me say hello?" Risa pleaded with me. She and Dark were sort of dating but it was an awkward situation. The only time she could date was when I wasn't with Riku, and then knowing I was inside him, made it hard for her to kiss him.
Of course it was a little odd that Dark was still around. I had found the one I loved and she loved me back more than ever yet he still hadn't disappeared.

I'm not that easy to get rid of" I closed my eyes and switched bodies, my arms and legs growing longer and my hair darker. Dark stared at Risa, his dark eyes piercing her. "Hello Harada-san," He said formally.

Risa slapped him, leaving a hand print on his face. "My first name if you would."

Dark touched the hand print and smiled a brilliant smile. "Alright, hello Harada Risa-san." She raised a hand again. Dark backed away. "Alright alright. Hello Risa-san."

"Get rid of formalities and I'll be happy." She said sternly.

Dark heaved a sigh and said again for the fourth time that morning, "Hello Risa."

"That's better." She stole a kiss from him and pranced away from him.

"She's a handful," He muttered bitterly. "Good morning Harada-san." He said to Riku.

"Good morning Dark-san." Riku still disliked Dark, but didn't consider him a pervert anymore. "May I have Daisuke back now? We're going to be late if we don't get a move on."

"How 'bout I walk with y-" He didn't get to finish. Riku punched him hard in the face.

"My boyfriend please?" With her hands on her hips and her foot tapping impatiently she waited. Quickly Dark and I switched bodies. "Dark is still a nuiscence I see." She stated matter-of-factly.

"Try living with him." I muttered.

"I wouldn't dare." She said, her face ghastly and then teasing.

We both laughed and she grabbed my hand as we raced towards school.


We both stood wheezing in front of our class room, only seconds away from the bell ringing.

"You're blocking the door. Please step away." Said a new, bored voice. I looked around and saw Hiwatari Satoshi standing behind us, a grave look on his face. Jumping, I stepped aside.

"Ohayo Hiwatari-kun." Riku greeted him.

He simply looked at her, giving her a cold stare, before stepping into the classroom just as the bell rung. We both jumped and rushed to our seats.


I sat and stared at the boy next to me. Daisuke Niwa. He was always so close but I couldn't ever do anything to him. Dammit! Why do you torture me like this? Krad is gone so I have no one to converse with. Even before I knew you were Dark and he was you, I loved you. Ever since I met you in middle school. My eyes closed. And that time...





I had a plan. I was going to beat Niwa now. There was no way to break the lock on the freezer. "Thanks for helping me." I said to him, opening the door.

"Sure." he said, walking forward and tripping on nothing.

Internally I smirked. It was cute the way he was so clumsy.

"Master, right now is no time to be thinking about how cute his ass is. You have a job to fulfill." Came Krad's grating voice. He pushed at my body, trying to force his way out.

"NOT NOW!" I screamed at my counter part.

"Huh? Did you say something Hiwatari-kun?" Daisuke asked, a confused, but cute, look plastered across his face.

"N-no, nothing." I said, holding my pounding head. "Set them over there." Niwa walked, tripped, his way over in the direction I pointed.


I nodded. He set them down and walked back towards me, rubbing his arms. "Man it's cold in here!" He said, looking around the room. "Maybe we should get out?" I nodded, a smirk creeping to my lips. I wasn't evil. Just that, at the moment, Krad had more power over my mind than I did.

I pretended to pull at the door, already knowing it was locked. "I can't open it! It's locked!"

What?! A worried look crossed his face. This can't really be happening! I guess if we want to get out, I'll have to break the lock! Niwa, shivering not because of the cold, walked carefully towards the lock with an outstretched hand. He pressed it open and tapped in the numbers quickly, his fingers moving so fast you would think they were invisible to the human eye.

The thing beeped and a small screen flashed the red word, "denied" over and over.

"I-I think we're stuck. Maybe we should yell for help?"

"I guess." I said. I hit my fist on the cold metal door and pretended to yell as loud as I could, "Is some one out there? We need help! We're trapped!" Niwa joined me, banging on the door next to me, so close I could feel the emotion of fear rolling from his body. I stopped banging and stared at him.

Even for a middle schooler, he still had a boyish face, with his wide eyes and round face. His red hair never seemed to be tamed and his chances of not falling at least once a day were slim to none. Suddenly, Krad came on very strong to me, pushing at every pore of my being.

I screamed in agony, grabbing for Niwa, forcing him down with me. Krad pushed harder, I screamed louder. I fell into Niwa's sitting legs, getting much to close to his knee for comfort.

"H-Hiwatari-kun, dai jou bu?" He asked, his voice desperate, his face creasing with millions of worry lines. I curled myself into a ball, pushing Krad further into my brain and out of my sight. Not tonight! Please! Just leave me alone! I screamed again and again at him .Krad smirked and vanished. I pushed my hands to my head tighter, my breathing slowly and raspy, my body sweating. My chest moved rapidly in and out.

After almost five minutes, I pushed myself from his lap, not really wanting to, but also not giving away any feelings. Coughing I apologized, "Sorry for that. I... Hadn't meant to fall like that."

"I-ie. It's fine." He Nantucket his legs and sat cross-legged against the cold, metal, freezer door. He pulled his legs up close, leaned his head back, and draped his arms over his knee caps. "Man it's cold." I heard him mutter, mostly to himself. I sat a few feet from him, admiring the uniqueness about him. He was klutzy, but was also kind. He couldn't hate some one, or want them to die, even he wanted to. He had a kind of... innocence around him that no one could break.

I also leaned my head back, feeling the cold seep into my brain. I felt some one wrap an arm around my shoulders and I looked up. Niwa-kun sat right next to me, his arm wrapped gently around my shoulders. "What are you doing?" I asked him coldly, giving him an icy stare.

He stared directly at the ceiling, his face bright pink. "If we stay like this, we won't be so cold."

"Right." I looked away and stared at the ceiling. God why does he have to be so cute? And why does he have to sit so freakin' close?! I let these thoughts run rampant in my head. He continued on to talking about something that I didn't hear a word of. When he mentioned friends though I exploded. I didn't want to be 'just friends' like he said. I wanted more.

"I don't need friends!" I screamed at him, my face red from anger. "And i don't need friendship! Especially not yours!" I spat at him. "Krad, come on out and have some fun!" (Yes I know it's OOC. Deal with it) Wings burst from his back and unfurled into large, pure white wings. His blue eyes turned gold hair, his blue hair grew longer and turned blond. His glasses fell to the floor as his counter part Krad, appeared. "Thanks for lettin' me out, ma-a-assst-ter." He mocked, dragging the word out.

Just get it over with." I said, my voice growing cold, unwelcome.

"Youkai.(1)" Krad lunged at the other boy. He dodged, watching as Krad righted himself.

Daisuke! Switch with me! Called Dark, pushing at Daisuke's body as well. Daisuke refused, but Dark was too much. Dark was let loose. "It's time to fight little MOUSEY." Krad mocked. The two fought for almost an hour, their anger all venting at the same time. Soon though, just as Krad was about to be murdered, I pulled back, and changed into me again. Seeing this, Daisuke did the same. We both collapsed to the ground, our breathing incrediably heavy...


Present Time


I really wish things would've turned out differently. I've pushed him away even further since then. I can't seem to get close to him. "Hiwatari-kun? Hiwatari-kun? Dai jou bu, Hiwatari-kun?" The sensei's voice made me come to attention.

"What?" I asked, my eyes flashing open. I looked around me, noticing the empty class room. "Where is every one?"

"It's very unusual for you to fall asleep durning class. Are you feeling alright?" She asked, coming over and placing a cold hand to my forehead. "Oh dear," she exclaimed, "you seem to be burning up! Perhaps I should call your step-father and have him c-"

"I'd rather you not." I said curtly, standing up and grabbing my bad. "I apologize for falling asleep. Shidashi masu."
"I-if you're sure you'll be alright...?"

"I'll be fine." I walked out of the class room and down the hallway, lit only by the early dusk light. I walked to my locker to slip on my shoes and everything else away.

A voice from behind me suddenly yelled, "A- AHHHH! Oof!" I turned just in time to see Daisuke land on his face.

"Niwa-kun, dai jou bu?" I asked, walking over and offering him a hand.

He took it and said, a sheepish smile growing on his face, "Thanks."

"No problem." I pulled him from the ground. His face stopped, inches from hitting mine. He blushed and turned away. I yanked him back again and planted a small kiss on his lips before letting go of him, and running from the school. What the hell was i thinking?I screamed, running as fast as my legs would carry me, and as far away as they would allow me.

I stopped a little over two miles from the school, by body sagging, as i tried to catch the breath that had run so far from me.


Ora? I asked myself, looking at the door Satoshi had run so desperatly through. I touched my lips where's Satoshi's had and smiled. So Dark, it's him isn't it? The one in my dream?

Dark smiled. Yup. That's your man right there. I guess he really is gay.

What's that supposed to mean? I asked him, my face dark, grim

Nothing. But, now that we know who it is, you don't want to switch tonight do you?

Na, we'll switch. I grabbed what I had dropped, switched from slippers to shoes, and walked out the door.