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I woke up the next morning to find my self nuzzled into Satoshi's chest. My body told me to back away, blush, do anything but I ignored it. Instead, I nuzzled closer to the warm body. Satoshi was still asleep, and his arm draped over me. I didn't want to move but I also knew that if I didn't get up, I'd be late for school again. I moved my hand to remove his from around me but I almost fell out of the bunk when I had the hand grab me and pull me to the others face, kissing me gently on the lips. "G'morning." Satoshi said softly, running his fingers through my hair.

"G-good morning." I stuttered, still a little surprised. "How are you feeling?"

"Better thanks." He said, pulling me even closer together, our lengths just barely brushing against the others. Blushing, I looked away. "You're cute when you blush." He said, wiping a few stray hairs from my eyes with his other hand. I twined my fingers into his and nodded.


Satoshi gave a sigh and he said to me, propping himself on one elbow, "So, I don't want this to offend you but, I guess this means you love me to?" My breathing stopped for a minute. Did this mean that I loved him? Or was this what every one called a one night stand?

I let my breath out slowly. "I guess so." I kissed his lips again. Dark hadn't shown up yet, so I figured he was OK with it now. I let his hand go and prepared to sit up. He stopped me by grabbing around my waist and pulling me back down. I landed on his side, cracking my neck a little. It was a lot harder than it appeared. He wouldn't let me go so I said, "If we don't get moving we'll be late."

"So?" He asked, running his fingers up and down my stomach.

"You'll ruin your perfect attendance record." I said, pushing his hand off me and flipping the covers off me. I climbed down the ladder and put my slippers on.

He leaned over the edge and looked down at me. "Yeah, so? I'd rather spend time with you. And anyway, I already finished collage remember? I'm only there to 'make friends'." He watched me cross the room and grab my clothes out of the closet. I shut the door and then walked towards the hall.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

The bathroom to get dressed." I said, starting out my door.

Satoshi hopped off the bed, not bothering to use the ladder and ran to me, grabbing me around the waste, wrapping himself around me. He lay his head against my shoulder, making me blush, hoping that neither my mom or dad would walk by. "Just get dressed in here. We're both boys."

You're point?! You're gay and I don't want you to see my body! I had to stop a minute when I called him gay. I was allowing him to hold me, so maybe, just maybe, I was gay. He lifted his head as I shifted myself in his arms so I could look at him. I let my arms hang over his shoulders, and I put my nose to his.

"I will as long as you don't laugh." He laughed and I glared.

"Why would I laugh at what's now mine?" He stole a kiss and backed away. I closed my bedroom door, and turned towards Satoshi. I started to slowly unbutton my shirt, watching his every move. I must've made a wrong move because he moved from his place on the couch and came up behind me, unbuttoning my shirt, touching my stomach ever so lightly. Not a "I want sex touch" but a touch that was more of a "I want you to know how I feel. I want you to know I'm here." it dropped to the floor and he grabbed my shirt from my hands, and slipped it over my head. I put my arms through the wholes, and his hands glided along my shirt as it settled around my waist. He stuck his thumbs under my pants and slowly slipped them over my waist, thighs and then legs.

He then grabbed the pants and slowly ran his somewhat cold hands down my thighs, and my legs. I lifted my feet and let him slip them through the wholes. I shivered when my pants lines snapped and he let a cold hand travel up my side, breathing into my neck.

"Is this payback for yesterday?" I asked softly, grabbing his hand and massaging the back of it with my thumb. He rested his head against my shoulder and sighed.

"Of course."

I laughed softly. "You should get dressed. We have to leave in ten minutes."

He laughed softly as well. "I would but I don't know where my clothes are and my glasses seem to be missing."

"Mom washed your uniform last night after you had thrown-up all over it." I said, closing my eyes and leaning my head back as he kissed me softly again, on a sensitive part close to my ear.

"That's not a very romantic thing to say."

"I'm not a romantic type guy."

He let me go and stepped back. I turned to look at him. He face was emotionless. Had I done something wrong. Suddenly, he smiled. "I spose, us," he pointed to me and then himself, "is to be kept secret from your parents. You looked kind of nervous." I nodded. He shrugged and said, "Mind getting me my uniform?" I shook my head and walked out the door.


Mom was out back putting laundry on the line when I found her. "Morning mom." I said, walking over to her.

"Morning." She said brightly, continuing to put laundry on the line.

"Is Sat- I mean, Hiwatari-kun's uniform out here?"

Satoshi? Since when did he call him by his first name? "Yeah, it's on the end there. See it?" I nodded, grabbed it, and ran back into the house, yelling 'thanks' as I ran. I ran into the bathroom, saying hi to my father, and grabbed Satoshi's glasses. I ran down the hall again, and upstairs to the bedroom, where Satoshi sat with one leg crossed over the other, on the couch. I handed him his uniform, sitting next to him. He stood up and got dressed, grabbing his glasses from the arm of the couch.

He sat back down and I leaned my head softly against his shoulder, his arm draped around my neck.

"Is this really happening?" I muttered quietly, closing my eyes, listening to his steady heart beat.

"Hope so. There was to much hell for this to be a dream..." His voice faded with each word, and suddenly, Dark and materialized in from of me.

He leaned down, and kissed me gently on the lips. I love you , but now I know you love him more. Take care Daisuke. This'll be the last time we meet. Ever. His voice faded and I was been shaken from side-to-side.

"Daisuke, it's time to go." Satoshi said, giving me a concerned look. I opened my eyes. Something was dripping down my face, so I brought my hand to it. I had been crying. I wiped away the tears before Satoshi saw them and nodded with somewhat watery red eyes.

Then, I blushed, realizing he had just called me by my first name. His arm dropped to his side and we stood up. I stretched, cracking my neck, and Satoshi wrapped his arm around me. "Satoshi," His face grew scarlet, "I though we were keeping this secret?"

"What? Oh. Sorry." His hand dropped and his eyes became very sad.

"Just inside the house. We can hold hands and kiss out there. My folks just can't know." I said his face immediately brightening. He nodded, letting his arm drop to his side. We ran from the room, said good-bye to my mom, thanking her and then rushing out the door. We ran a few blocks from the house so we were out of view, and slowed.

Satoshi grabbed my hand, linking his finger through mine. I closed my hand, leaning my head against his shoulder. "Um, what are you going to say to Riku?" He had to ask. I paused in step for a minute, then tripping when he continued to walk forward, knocking him back.

I bowed my head and then looked up, a smile put in it's place. "She'll be side food. You're the main course!" Satoshi grinned and then roared with laughter.

"That certiantaly wasn't a delicate way of putting it." I laughed too, and then started walking again, dragging him behind me for a few steps.


We walked into the class room holding hands, and kissing, and then getting backed into the wall with questions. Most of them revolved around, 'why' and when, and and the biggest one, 'Daisuke, what'll happen to Riku?' We answered all but the last one repeatedly, avoiding it at all costs.

Riku walked in a few minutes later, asked what was the commotion and was pushed through the group to the front. She looked at Satoshi and me, at our hands, and then back at us. "Da-isu-ke?" She asked, her bottem lip quivering.

I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn't think of anything to say. Tears poured from her eyes as she slapped me, pushing through the crowd and running from the class room.

"Riku! Wait!" I called after her. It was to late though. Tears formed and pured from my eyes, as I sobbed into Satoshi's shoulders.

One of the girls from further back in the crowd asked Satoshi, "So, how long have you been... you know. Gay?"

They all waited in anticipation. "Never been straight." Satoshi said, staring them straight in the eye. "Been in love with him since middle school." I couldn't help but blush pink.

"Wow!" The girl explained.

Takeshi looked at me and asked, "So. What's it like being with a man?"

I blushed an even darker scarlet but came back with, "Don't know. Why? Your boyfriend not treating you nice?"

This time he blushed, screamed, "Niwa you traitor!" and ran from the room.

"Damn Niwa. How many boy's have you been with?"

I raised one finger and pointed to Satoshi.

"Only one? Then what wa-"

"He wants me." I put simply, putting my hand down and shrugging.


"As fas as I know." I shrugged again. "Anyway, we'd better sit down or the teacher is going to yell at us again." We started to push through the crowd but some one shouted, "KISS HIM! TONGUE HIM!"

Satoshi stopped, a shiver going through his whole body. He turned toward me, very slowly, and looked me in the eyes. I shrugged and nodded. I guess it didn't matter seeing as I just got dumped by Harada Riku-san. We leaned in, our lips in contact, and I opened his mouth when his tongue pushed at it. Our tongue's intertwined, and I heard gasps from behind us. We only did it for fifteen seconds, because we really hadn't wanted to do it in the first place.

I backed away and looked at the, still holding Satoshi's hand. "We really need to sit now or we'll be late." This time I forced my way through the crowd to my desk. I sat in the chair and Satoshi sat on top, playing with my fingers. We felt eyes on us but we really didn't care...

The bell rung and every one but Satoshi and me rushed to their desks. Satoshi slid off mine and into his desk next to mine, letting his hand drop slowly to his side. We had our usual morning greetings, sat down and the lessons started.

Lessons were slow that day, and when the bell finally rung to signal lunch time, all of rushed from the doors. Every one but me, Satoshi and Risa. Risa came up to a us, and slapped me across the face, anger rolling off her. "Why? She loved you Daisuke. You went and broke her heart by going with... him," she spat. "Another man. I'm disappointed in you Niwa Daisuke." With that, she turned and stalked off to lunch.

I touched my face where she had slapped me, tears forming in my eyes yet again that day. I pushed my face into Satoshi's chest, the tears puring from my eyes unwillingly. "I'm so stupid! I pounded my fist against Satoshi's chest. "How could I have done that? I'm such a jerk!" I sobbed.

Satoshi rubbed my back, a gesture that was meant to be comforting but only made me cry harder. "Shhh," he quieted me, "It's alright, you've done nothing wrong. I could leave if you wanted. Let you have your relationship with her."

I sniffled and choked out, "That would make things worse. You'd be the third person to leave me! I can't take it anymore! I love Riku but I love you to!" I leaned up and pressed my lips to Satoshi's. I leaned in on one hand, using the other to travel up his shirt. Satoshi broke the kiss and stopped my hand, staring into my eyes, a deep concern pulsing in them.

"Daisuke," he said, using his other hand to caress my face, "what are you doing? I'm not going to leave if you if you don't want me to. And three people? Whose the third?"

"Dark!" I cried out, collapsing to the floor, tears falling from my eyes hard again. My heart felt like it was being torn into to, my body felt as though it were on fire. I didn't love him. Just that he had been there so much for me, comforting me, making me laugh, giving me a hard time.

Satoshi's eyes had widened greatly when I had said this but they softened when he leaned down next to me, picking me up. He brought my head to his chest, running his hand through my hair, and shushing me softly. Tears stained his shirt, and my nose ran like a river, but he still held me.

We sat there like that, even after the bell had rung, signaling lunch was over. We had Home Ec. next so Satoshi stood up, pulling me along behind and said, "You can't skip class. Let's go." He grabbed both our apron's from our bags, and dragged me to the class next door.


Our teacher's voice boomed across the room but I wasn't paying attention. I was watching Daisuke very closely, watching as he rubbed the snot from his nose and the tears from his eyes. I wasn't paying attention as I cut the vegetables, ingoring all the cuts I was making on my finger's and palms.

I did pay attention though when I heard Daisuke cry out. I dropped what I was working on and walked quickly over to him. He held a knife in his right hand and was looking at his left. I wrapped myself around him, my hands inching their way slowly down his body. He said quietly, arching himself into my touch, his eyes closing, "S-stop." He almost dropped the knife as I got closer and closer to his erect length. I was well aware that many eyes were on us but I didn't care. I stopped a mere inch; for a mere second, before reaching with my cold hands and grabbing his length into my hands...


Last Note: I would thank you all for reading this all the way through. The endings a little disappointing but, it works. And yes, this will be the last chapter. Thanks once again for reading.

Ending based of beginning dream!