Living in a Shadow

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Summary: Ryoma and Yuuta find out that they have more in common then they would ever have imagined. [Ryoma and Yuuta friendship

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Part eight. Aftermath - Yuuta

Yuuta shut the door gently. He dumped his bag on the floor then removed his shoes.

He stepped into the hall, and then saw that the kitchen light was on. He frowned. "Aniki?"

Shusuke walked out of the kitchen, his hands jammed in the pockets of Yumiko's flowery pink apron. "Yuuta! You're back!" he smiled. "It's a bit early but I made breakfast!"

Yuuta coughed guiltily. "You did…?"

Shusuke guided him to the dining room. Yuuta raised his eyebrows as he saw pancakes, muffins, eggs, bacon, baked beans, sausages, toast, sandwiches and a large jug of steaming, suspiciously green liquid laid out on the table.

"…thanks." He muttered. He knew his brother wasn't very good at handling pans or knives. He eyed the garbage bin; it was overflowing with burnt eggs, toast and other unrecognizable things.

Then he spotted the first-aid kit sticking out from the cabinet. "What's that doing out?"

Shusuke shrugged.

"Aniki…" Yuuta growled.

He saw his brother push his hand deeper into the pockets. Yuuta swiftly grabbed his wrist and pulled them out; to reveal a series of burns and small cuts, bandaged very scruffily.

Shusuke smiled weakly. "I never was good with ovens and stuff...or first aid."

Yuuta pulled up a chair and gestured at it. "Sit down."

Shusuke obeyed. He watched his little brother carefully tending to his injuries, neatly cleaning and bandaging.

"…I'm sorry."

Yuuta stopped and sighed. "I'm sorry."

Shusuke understood. "You don't have to be. It's not your fault. It-"

"We should start eating now. The food's going to get cold." Yuuta interrupted.


Shusuke twiddled his thumbs nervously as Yuuta bit into sandwich.

"How is it?" He asked anxiously.

"It's cold, and the bread's tasteless. It's pretty much all too spicy for some reason…"

Yuuta opened the sandwich and grimaced. "Aniki, you're not supposed to put wasabi in this sort of thing."

Shusuke sighed. "You don't have to eat it-"

"But." Yuuta continued. "Since you made it for me, it's not bad."

"Thank you Yuuta."

Then Shusuke started to sip a cup of…something.

"What's that?" Yuuta asked.

"Royal Inui Juice. Wanna try?"


Part nine. Aftermath – Ryoma

"Where have you been?" Rinko Echizen confronted her son as he walked through the door.

"Out…" Ryoma mumbled. "Why are you guys awake? It's so early…"

"We were worried Ryoma-san!" Nanako said. "Especially your father!"

"No I wasn't!" Nanjiro protested.

"When he found that you weren't in your bed, he went woke us all up!" She continued.

Ryoma eyed his dad warily. "Right…." He said.

"Hn." Nanjiro snorted. "The ONLY reason I was upset was because I wanted to play a tennis match and he DITCHED me."

"…?" Ryoma shrugged. "Whatever."

"And so," he announced. "You owe me a game. Get your racquet and meet me outside shounen."

Ryoma began to walk towards the staircase.

"Hey!" Nanjiro barked. "Where are you going?"


"Why? You have one right here don't you?" Nanjiro picked up Ryoma's tennis bag.

"Broken." Ryoma said stubbornly.

"Hmp." Nanjiro held it up. "You can't even take care of a racquet! Call yourself a tennis player huh?"

Ryoma glared at his father. "I am. And I'm better than you."

"Well chill." Nanjiro examined the racquet closely. "I could take you to the repair shop after school…"

Ryoma turned away and smiled. "Repair shop…" he mumbled under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"No way! I don't want to be seen with an old pervert like you!" Ryoma said coolly. He snatched his bag and walked away.


Ryoma slammed the bedroom door shut and flung himself on his bed.

"I am a tennis player. And I WILL be better than you. Someday…"



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