Pairing: Clois

Rating: PG-13 that will become NC-17. I'll clearly mark any chapter that has graphic content.

Test of Will

Chapter 1

As most things do, it started with a few simple words, a thoughtless comment that escalated into something no one could have foreseen.

The day started out with a morning just like all the rest had for the past two weeks. Lois and Chloe laughed as they watched Clark squirm under the predatory eyes of Lacey Leanis. Joining the amused cousins by the coffee machine, Cat Grant smirked as she saw what was holding their attention.

"Lacey does know that she's hitting on The DP's very own self-proclaimed prude, doesn't she?" Cat asked dryly, watching the buxom blonde flutter her fake lashes at Clark.

Turning to the gossip columnist, Chloe frowned disapprovingly. "I hardly think he's a self-proclaimed prude."

"Right, which is why he skittered away each time I got within an inch of him." Cat scoffed. "Not like it matters though, he couldn't hold my interest for long anyway."

It was common knowledge that not only had Clark Kent held the fiery red head's attention, but that she had also actively pursued the shy, bumbling man. After three weeks of getting nowhere with her usually effective seductive whispers and come hither glances, Cat decided he was more trouble than he was worth. Announcing loudly to everyone within a five mile radius that Clark Kent was too timid and clumsy to be anything more than a friend at best, Cat had abandoned her seduction attempts and quickly moved on to her next conquest. Although, she had conceeded Clark was a good man she still stated vehemently that he was too average for a woman as worldly as herself.

"Maybe you just weren't his type." Chloe said defensively.

"Every man's my type." Cat stated arrogantly, tossing red locks over her shoulder.

"Not the one's with morals." Chloe snapped.

"That's just the nice way of refering to a guy that's completely bland." Cat said knowingly. "Trust me, the best guys in bed are the ones with more than enough spice."

Turning her attention back to the situation across the room, Cat laughed as she watched Clark stumble over his own feet in an attempt to put more distance between himself and the determined blonde.

"God, if I didn't know better I'd think he was a saint." Cat contemplated a moment before adding. "Either that or a virgin."

"He's just a really good guy." Chloe stated, in another useless attempt to defend her best friend.

"Whatever. All I'm saying is that I happen to like a man who knows how to take charge." Cat licked her lips. "It's such a turn on. Then again you wouldn't know about that, would you? Not with that boy you're stuck with."

Growling at the insult aimed at her fiance, Chloe spoke through gritted teeth. "I'll have you know that Jimmy is…"

Rolling her eyes at where the conversation taking place beside her was leading, Lois ignored the snappy comeback coming out of her cousin's mouth and filled her favorite blue coffee mug to the brim.

Not bothering to break the escalating argument between the two women, Lois took pity on her her partner of almost two years and decided it was time to put an end to his misery. Making a beeline to his side, Lois called out crossly. "Clark, we need to work on our story. Now."

Without waitng for a response, Lois walked away, satisfied her mission had been a success. Relief filled Clark's features as he scrambled behind his savior to the office they shared.

Chin propped up in her hand, Lois watched Clark thoughtfully. The conversation between Chloe and Cat running through her head, demanding an explanation. "Hey, Smallville?"

Looking up from his computer sceen, Clark pushed his glasses up his nose. "Yeah?"

"When was the last time you had sex?" Lois asked, shocking Clark into a coughing fit.

"W-What?" Clark stuttered, face quickly turning a bright shade of red.

Sighing, Lois repeated herself. "When was the last time you had sex?"

"Why?" Clark squeaked, staring at her wide eyed.

"Just answer the question, Kent." Lois demanded.

Knowing Lois wouldn't leave him alone until he satisfied her curiosity, Clark's shoulders slumped as he mumbled his reply.

"I'm sorry but I didn't catch that." Frowning, Lois leaned forward. "It kinda sounded like you said Lana."

Blushing, Clark answered her. "I did."

"Lana?" Lois raised her eyebrows. "When did this happen and how the hell did I not hear about it?"

"You did know about it." Clark muttered. "You were a little busy with A.C. at the time to care though."

Lois frowned, calculating in her head how many years it had been since she had last seen A.C. "That can't be right, that was like, what, five years ago?"

"Six." Clark corrected.

"Six years? You haven't…in [isix years[/i? " Lois asked incredulously, not believing her ears. At Clark's serious expression, Lois realized he wasn't joking.

Clark watched as her jaw fell open in shock, he would have laughed out loud if he hadn't been so mortified. It was one thing to talk about this kind of subject with Chloe, but with Lois it was just…humiliatng. Especially considering the not so innocent thoughts he had been entertaining about her for quite some time now.

Rubbing his neck self consciously, Clark spoke stiffly. "It's not that big of a deal."

Noticing the embarrassment on Clark's face, Lois decided to give the poor guy a break for a change."Uh-huh, sure."