Side fic!!! Because I was bored. May put variation with lemon.

"Seiryu. This is the thirteenth time this week you've tried to run away. If you keep doing this we might have to punish you." Quatre stood in front of a very sober Seiryu. Who sat in between the legs of the dragon. Who in turn had his arms hugged around Seiryu's stomach. Wufei and Duo stood on either side of Quatre, staring sternly at Seiryu. Trowa and Heero were standing on the side just watching. They knew their kois could handle this.

"Tch." Seiryu just turned his head sharply to glare holes into the couch. The dragon perked up when he heard the word 'punish'. Then grinned evilly. He suddenly stood and dragged Seiryu with him.

"I'll punish him!!!" Then in a flash the dragon and Seiryu were gone. But the five could hear them…


"What are you doing?! Let me go!!"


An evil laughter.


"Where the hell did you get that?!?! Take it off!!"


A sound of running, then a thump.


"Arrg!!! Get off!"


A loud gasp.


"Take that out!!!!"


The voices died down. Then a scream. They all looked at each other. Duo finally said something.

"I wonder what's going on?" They all nodded and walked over too Seiryu's room. Which he was now sharing(against his will) with the dragon. Duo went up to the door and swung it open. Two pairs of eyes looked towards the door. One turned red.

"What's going on?" Wufei asked calmly. Stepping into the room they saw Seiryu on the ground wearing a pair of pink bunny ears and a matching suit complete with tail, with a very red face. One of dragons fingers were in his ear. The dragon was laying on him.

Duo started cracking up. The others were on the verge of doing the same

"You gave him a wet wilily didn't you?!" Duo was laughing and pointing at the dragons finger. Seiryu turned a deeper shade of red, then started batting at the dragon.

"Get off!" Duo kept laughed before turning around.

"Ok. We'll let you continue. Come on guys." Wufei saw the desperate and panicked look on Seiryu before turning around himself. Best let the dragon do his job. This might actually work though.

After Wufei closed the door after they all left the room, they all heard Seiryu shout.

"YOU PERVERT!!!!" They let it go. Couldn't do much against that dragon anyways…