-1Happens when Seiryu and the five are on better terms.

Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were gathered around the kitchen table working on plans for their next mission. When a cheery Seiryu(the dragon as I will call him) came bouncing into the room. A very annoyed looking Seiryu came in after him. The five looked up as the dragon slammed his hand onto the table.

"What?" Wufei asked looking a bit bothered. They were planning a mission and the dragon knew it. The dragon smirked.

"Well, I was wondering. We were wondering. How many times you guys had been caught by Oz during the war." Seiryu looked mildly interested. They looked up at him in confusion.

"Why would you want to know that?" He just smiled at them.

"We were just wondering." Heero narrowed his eyes. Then Duo answered.

"I don't know 'bout the others. But I was caught only once." Wufei sharply faced him.

"Liar. I remember when you had been caught along with me one time. You trotted all the way singing 'We're off the see the wizard' while going to see the leader of the base." Duo shot up with a finger in the air.

"Oh! I remember that! You were the one that jabbed me in the ribs when we got there. Something about not wanting to mess up your image." Wufei smirked at Duo.

"And then you fell and ended up accidentally freeing yourself. Then they all fell on you and your pants button somehow broke and we ran out with your pants around your legs." Duo's face turned bright red as he remembered what he was wearing that day. Wufei had a sly grin of a feline.

"I had no idea till that day that you actually liked the color pink." The two new additions to the family gapped at the new information. Seiryu's mouth even fell open. Duo calmed his blush, coughing at a weak attempt to cover it up. Then his eyes brightened and he cast a wicked smirk at his lover.

"I do believe that was the night that you lost your virginity." It was then Wufei's turn to blush. The dragon's expression changed in a second to disbelief to wild humor. His eyes were starting to tear with holding in his laughter. Seiryu just blushed along with Wufei, but less intense. Since it wasn't at his expense this time.

"Well, that was your fault. You decided to take advantage of me since I still had those handcuffs on." Trowa decided it was the time to put in his two cents.

"Was that the time when I found you both on the side of the road hitchhiking?" Duo nodded a blush taking over his face. Trowa smirked.

"Weren't you both in dresses pretending to be hookers to try and steal a car?" Wufei's face turned red along with Duo's before he jabbed his finger at Duo.

"It was his fault! We didn't have anything else to go with. Plus he was the one to suggest it!" The dragon finally made noise the entire room filled with his laughter as he pulled out a handheld recorder with the red light on.

"HA HAHAHA BRILLIANTE YOU GUYS. PREFECT BLACK MAIL!" Wufei and Duo stood their faces still red.

"You recorded that?!" The dragon just nodded and then ran out leaving Seiryu surprised at his actions. He held up his hands in surrender as the two turned their gaze, and glares, to him.

"I had no idea I swear!" The two glared at the door the dragon disappeared though and ran after him. Heero just blinked surprised at the tale of Wufei's last day as a virgin. Quatre was silently laughing at Wufei and Duo while he held onto Trowa as the man still smirked.

"Well. That was definitely a surprise."