The night's activities, which included a round of poker and another round of wine, finally came to a close. Sunny fell asleep on the couch Violet was previously sitting on (after being swept into being measured), and Klaus took residence in Olaf's old recliner. "Klaus." He stirred. "Klaus. Come on. Sunny! Everybody wake up. It's almost three in the morning. You should sleep somewhere more comfortable." Klaus opened his eyes slighly and Violet's face came into view. She had a small sheepish grin plastered on her face and was wearing a black lace dress, with a small glass dangling from her right hand. "Come on sleepy head."

"Why are you in such a good mood?" He whispered, setting up in the chair. Sunny just rose and walked over to Violet, rubbing her eyes. Violet winced at his question. She shrugged her shoulders and casted down her eyes. "You two are safe, aren't you? Right now I have to act like an adult, and taking care of you two and keeping you out of harm's way is my top priority. Ass long as I stick alongside Olaf and do what he asks, no problems."

Klaus thought for a secong. "Do what he asks? Like what?" Violet stared at him. "Fetching his bloody wine, feeding him, playing cards..." Sunny yawned. "Come on. Up to the room. Flo purchased two beds you know." "Just two?" Sunny asked. Violet bit her lip. "Yes. Just two." "But where are you to sleep, Violet?" By time Violet could answer they reached the top of the stairs. Klaus pushed open the door and turned on the lamp, spotting the two new beds and trunks. "Yeah..." She started looking around the room. "Well, Sunny. Since I'm legally married now, I...have to sleep with Olaf."

Sunny stared at her for a minute before walking up to hug her sister. "You can't stay in here tonight?" She asked. Violet shook her head. "No, Sunny. Climb in bed." She beckoned her sister to the smaller of the two beds and tucked her in, forcing a smile. "I'll be okay. Don't worry about me. I'm older now. I can deal."

"Sure you can. Especially with a drunk man sleeping with you. You will be perfectly okay." Klaus snorted and sat up in his bigger bed, pulling out a book about spying. He shook his head and sat the book on his bed. Taking off his shoes, he continued. "A drunk man, Violet. And old, drunk, most likey dirty man, who, after so many years of chasing you, probably wants more than a little drink." She climbed underneath the covers and shook any more thoughts out of his head. "I'm doing this for you and Sunny, Klaus. Just trust me." "Fine. Do what you want."

Violet paused and sighed. "Goodnight Sunny. Klaus. Sweet dreams." She turned away and walked out of the room, shutting the door. The journey to the Count's room was a long one. She stopped every few steps and contemplated turning around and running back into her old room to crawl in the bed with her younger sister, but continued walking when she thought about Olaf's anger when he would wake up in the morning. She stopped in front of the large oak door, and silently pushed it open a little, peering through the crack of the door to catch a glimpse of the passed out Olaf. "Come in." He whispered, lifting his head towards her. She walked in slowly and started twisting her hands about, nervousness settleing in. She was aware of what husbands do to to their brides to turn them into wives.

She walked up to the edge of the bed and he called her forth, pulling her my the hand onto the bed. She hesitated for a moment but let herself go to lay down on the opposite side of him, laying on top of the dirty-looking covers. He reached around her and grabbed her by the side, pulling her closer. She didn't dare go against him; she knew he wouldn't think twice of hurting her. Sitting up slowly, he pushed himself up to place his hands on either side of her, and bent down, placing a chaste kiss on her cheek. "Nervous?" He growled by her ear, causing small shivers to run up her spine. Violet shook her head just a little and he laughed softly. "You are a grown woman now, Violet. No need to be afraid of me. You know I will take care of you. You should be happy that you are a Countess now, my dear. All this shopping to do tomorrow." "Wh-why are you b-being so nice, all of a s-sudden?" She whimpered out, staring up into his eyes. "Becuase, my dear. You are my wife now. And why I would treat my wife like some common scum like I do to them idiots passed out downstairs?" He bent down again and kissed her on the lips, causing her eyes to flutter close as he deepened it. She opened her mouth slightly to let his tounge in. He tasted heavily of rum and Sangria, but he was close to bliss. He grabbed her waist and sat her up, unzipping the dress and removing it from her form. She shivered from the coldness and he laid her back down, covering them both with the blanket. "See?" He asked, kissing her down her small neck. "It's not all that bad."

She knew it wouldn't be bad, but she couldn't admit to herself, or to him, that she was enjoying this contact. She felt his hand slip underneath her panties and a slight push as he entered her, causing her to grab him by the shoulders, leaving small cresent shaped upon them. They finished and he laid beside her, arm around her waist as she fell asleep in his arms. He kissed her sweat glistened forehead and fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Of course they would dream about each other, but neither one would admit it.