Mr. Moseby was chasing the boys through the hotel lobby, up the few stairs, and into the elevator. Luckily the boys dodged him at the last second and while he was stuck in the elevator they nonchalantly made their way to Maddie at the counter.

"What do you want?" Maddie leaned on the counter, just as London came skipping into the hotel with four bags on each of the two bell boys arms.

"Nothing," Zach gleamed a smile, "I was, uh, just wondering who was escorting you to the Halloween ball tomorrow evening?"

Maddie's attention was quickly diverted to a new face, a dark, mysterious man who just walked into the hotel lobby. He wore rugged blue jeans, a leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and cowboy boots. Maddie felt her breath being taken away as he ran his large silver ringed fingers run through his hair.

Suddenly, Mr. Moseby came stomping by, grabbing Cody and Zach's shirts and pushing them to the elevator. "Go home, stay home," he muttered, as he pressed the button and turned away. The boys were quick though, and darted out at the last second. They hunched behind a cart and followed it around the lobby, until they leaped behind a couch and peered above it stealthily.

"Mr. Moseby's gone," Cody retorted. Zach was silent, too silent for Zach.

"What are you looking at?" Cody asked.

Zach pointed carefully at the man who had come in; he was talking with their mom.


Carey and the stranger had shared a few words, finally she said, "My name's Carey, you are?" she held out her hand to shake.

"Marshall," he smiled and shook her hand "are you passing through?"

Carey shook her head, "no. I sing here, live here."

"You live here at the hotel? You must meet many people."

"Yeah. It's not easy living in a suite with two boys, but it makes ends meet."

"Two boys?" Marshall frowned.

"My sons," Carey giggled, "not just two random boys!" She laughed nervously, and then just stared into his big brown eyes, and at his shoulder-length, curly rock star hair. He smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Mr. Moseby appeared behind the counter, "how can I help you?"

Marshall set down his duffle bag and gave his name. Carey couldn't help but stare.

Mr. Moseby mumbled, "Carey, leave the hotel customers alone."

"Oh no, she's fine, in every way," Marshall smiled. Carey let out an embarrassed and love sick laugh, "No, really though, I should be going. Maybe I'll see you around here."

Marshall smiled, "how about tonight?"

"I'm singing tonight," Carey blushed, "but if you want to buy me coffee afterwards…"

He smiled, "I'll be there."


Cody followed Zach to the elevator, "what are we going to do?"

Zach thought a minute, "well," he finally decided, "we should get our spy gear and see if this guy is good for mom or not."

"Good idea!" Cody said excitedly, "to the spy gear!" He dashed into the elevator, Zach following behind, "don't say that."