Suga High!

Summary: Shishido and Gakuto team up to play a prank on Atobe but it backfires...

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A/N: This was the result of boredom. Warning: Crack.

Chapter one:

The Prank

"WHO WANTS JUICE?" Gakuto screeched at the top of his voice.

Everyone in the room (At the moment, which was the regulars) looked up to see Gakuto hollering into his imaginary megaphone and Shishido behind him with a tray. (Which was not imaginary, and was ACTUALLY there)

"Juice?" Ohtori repeated.

"We made some" Shishido said.

"You and Gakuto" Everyone shrieked in surprise. (When I say everyone, I mean Atobe, Hiyoshi and Ohtori. Because THE OSHITARI DOES NOT SHRIEK)

"I never thought I'd see the day that you two would be doing anything together" Oshitari shook his head.

"It was for… a school project!" Gakuto protested.

"There is no school project like that" his doubles partner said flatly.

"Yes there is!"

"No there isnt"

"My teacher gave my class an assignment"

"She didn't"

"Yes she did! It was…uh…Last week!"

"Gakuto." Oshitari sighed at his stupidity. "I'm in your class"

"Oh right"

"We just did it for…." Shishido stopped.

"Fun?" Ohtori suggested.

"Kicks?" Atobe frowned.

"The wonderful exciting feeling of squeezing fresh, healthy juice out of a delicious ripe piece of fruit?"

Everyone stared at Hiyoshi.

"I had no idea you were so passionate" Atobe commented.

"I was joking"

"I knew that" he protested.

"It was very convincing though" Ohtori wondered out loud.

"It didn't convince me" Atobe snorted.

"Right…." Everyone rolled their eyes. (JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD)

"ANYWAY" Gakuto drew the attention back to him. "Who wants juice?"

"Ore-sama is thirsty" Atobe said. "Do you have…uh…apple juice?"


"Orange?" He tried.



"Let me check… Nope"



"Then what do you have?" he snapped.

"Actually we only have lemon" Shishido admitted.

"Why didn't you say so" Atobe snatched the cup from him and drank it all in one gulp.

"How is it?"

Atobe made a sick face. "Too sweet" he gasped.

"So…Do you feel any different?" Gakuto asked.

A snigger escaped from Shishido's mouth.

"Different?" He looked confused. "In what way?"

"You know…" Shishido looked like he was going to laugh at any moment. "Light headed…"

Meanwhile Oshitari was sniffing the cups of lemonade suspiciously. He dipped his finger in and tasted some.

"This is way too sweet"

He passed the cup to Hiyoshi. "What do you think?"

Hiyoshi tasted some then spat it out. "Ew…Hey wait a minute…"


"Buchou just drank like a large cup of this stuff…"

"At once" Ohtori added.

Everyone looked at Atobe.

"I don't feel any differe-"he stopped in mid-sentence.

"Uh…Atobe-san?" Ohtori asked.

No reply. Or movement.

"Oi" Oshitari poked Atobe in the shoulder. "Atobe"

Suddenly Atobe's mouth stretched into a humungous grin. And his hair started to spike upwards Momoshiro-style.

Then he dropped to his knees and giggled. Yes. He giggled. Atobe giggled. There were stars in his eyes.

Then he took a deep breath.

Everyone leaned in to hear what he was going to say…


"Buchou!" Ohtori cried.

"I think he's high…" Oshitari frowned stating the obvious.

Shishido and Gakuto were on the floor howling with laughter.

"What the heck did you put in that juice?" Hiyoshi asked accusingly.

"Well…" Gakuto stopped laughing. "We put like, twenty cups of sugar in the whole mixture. I wanted to put thirty but Shishido said that it would kill him"

"TWENTY CUPS OF SUGAR!" Everyone yelled.

"Twenty-one actually" Shishido grinned. "Twenty one really big measuring cups full to the brim"

"Oh Shishido-san! How could you!" Ohtori cried.

"Cause he's an ass" Gakuto said.

"Don't talk about our buchou like that!"

"No actually" Oshitari folded his arms. "He kinda is"

"Don't-" Ohtori started. "No wait…you're right"

"Hey…guys…" Hiyoshi said.

"Ya. He's so lame. He only cares about himself" Shishido snorted. "He deserved it"


"He is quite selfish…" Ohtori admitted.


"SHUT UP!" everyone shouted at Hiyoshi.

"Fine. Then I won't tell you that Atobe is gone"


"Fine" Gakuto pouted. "Don't tell us that Atobe is gone"

Everyone slapped his head for being an idiot.

"Hey wait a minute! Atobe's gone!"

"Well done" Shishido said sarcastically.

"How did he escape?" Ohtori asked.

"Well obviously through that open door" Oshitari sighed.

"We have to find him!"

"Yeah." Hiyoshi nodded. "Let's go!"

They all were about to run out of the room when…

"Wait!" Shishido yelled.

"What?" Everyone froze.

"I forgot my camera"

A few seconds later…

"Let's go!"

"Wait!" Shishido yelled.

"What?" Everyone froze. Again.

"I also need my video-camera"

Another few seconds later…

"Let's go"

"Wait!" Gakuto yelled.



Everyone slapped him on the way out.

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