Suga High!

Summary: Shishido and Gakuto team up to play a prank on Atobe but it backfires...

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Chapter three:


After the Hyotei Regulars ran out of Yamabuki junior high screaming of joy, the Yamabuki Regulars stood there silently in the dust.

"I don't know who's weirder, the captain or the regulars" Minami finally said breaking the WAY too awkward atmosphere.


Sengoku started twitching on the ground.

"I don't think you should have punched him Akutsu" Dan said.


"…Do we need to bring him to the hospital?" Nitobe asked.

Everyone stared at the half dead body on the floor. "Do you think he's dead?" Muromachi raised his eyebrows.

"Someone find a stick!" Dan called.

No one could find a stick so Nitobe started to poke him with a rock that they had conviniently found.

"Who cares" Akutsu said. "Anyway, in answer to your question, I think the captain is WAY weirder"

"No way!" Sengoku suddenly jumped back to life. "The captain's rich so he could get away with it!"

Akutsu punched his face. Again.

The Hyotei Regulars running to Seigaku…

"This is gonna be so PRICELESS!" Shishido yelled hugging the camera.

"BLACKMAIL!" Gakuto shouted in joy.

"I'd better phone Seigaku anyway" Oshitari said.


"Well, we need to catch him first, if you want to get good footage"

"What EVA"

"…" Hiyoshi and Ohtori stared at their blackmail-crazed senpai's.

"Who knew joining the tennis club could bring so much exciting activities" Hiyoshi finally said.

"This is kinda fun" Jiroh grinned. "I wish I was on a sugar-high"

"You're already hyper" Hiyoshi pointed out.

"I wanna be MORE hyper"

"Should we talk about something?" Ohtori asked Kabaji politely.


At Seigaku… (All the regular's just finished tennis practice)

"I just got off the phone with Oshitari-san from Hyotei" Oishi said.

"…Why?" Ryoma asked.

"You're not going to believe this…"

"What Oishi?" Eiji said.

"Well…Atobe is coming this way"

"For what reason?" Tezuka asked flatly.

"…He's on a sugar high"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Momoshiro and Eiji shouted.

"Ii Data"

"Fshuuu" (HA! Have a hard time guessing who said THAT!)

Kawamura sweatdropped.

Fuji whipped out a camera from nowhere.

Tezuka and Ryoma looked at each other. "…"

"How bad is it?" Inui asked.

"He screamed in Yamabuki Dan's face" Oishi said uncertainly. "And he called Yamabuki Nitobe fat"

"So he's really high" Ryoma said opening his Ponta.

Just as he was about to drink it, Atobe came around the corner. But he looked perfectly normal.

"…I thought you said he was on a sugar high" Momoshiro whispered.

"He looks normal" Inui said.

Fuji put away his camera disappointed.

"Ore-sama has come to visit you" Atobe announced in a perfectly normal Atobe voice.

"…We just had a call from your team-mates" Tezuka said. "They said that you were high…"

"Ore-sama is no such thing"

"So…"Oishi gulped. "Are you feeling okay?"


"Ok then that's-" Kawamura started. "Wait, no?"

"No" Atobe repeated.

Everyone stared at him.


Suddenly there was an explosion of pink clouds and our spiky haired, star-eyed, sugar loving captain returned.

"PSYKE!" he screamed.

"…" Everyone's reaction.

Fuji whipped out his camera again.


"Mada mada dane" Ryoma said.

Atobe's head slowly turned towards Ryoma with a creaking sound (Like in the horror movies!)

"What?" Our ochibi twitched.


Atobe snatched the ponta out of Ryoma's hand and swallowed it whole.

Everyone was like, WTF.

"WTF!" they all said.

"…Did he just eat the can?" Kaidoh asked.

"I think he did" Momoshiro said.

"I didn't know that was possible" Inui admitted.

"…I think he's having a seizure" Eiji said.

Everyone looked at the violently twitching Atobe on the ground.

"…Should we do something?" Momoshiro asked.

"Hey" Ryoma poked him. "You owe me ponta"

Fuji was snapping pictures every second.

"I've got an idea" he said. Fuji walked up to the seizure-ing corpse and kicked it hard. (You can choose where)

It stopped shaking and it stood up. Then it spat out a can.



Atobe picked up the can and threw it in Tezuka's face, baseball-style.

"…" No reaction from him. "…"

"Um… Tezuka?"


"Ii data"

"Tezuka!" Oishi gasped.

"…Ouch" Tezuka said with no emotion whatsoever.

"DIE!" Atobe screamed.

Tezuka suddenly became what resembled a lamppost.

"Timber" Fuji said.

Tezuka fell to the ground like a tree.

"…Fuji" Everyone stared at him.


"YOU'RE FAT!" Atobe screamed at Ryoma.

Reaction: Twitch

"YOU'RE A FLIPPY BTCH!" Atobe screamed at Eiji.

Reaction: Blink

"YOU WEAR A SWIMMING CAP!" Atobe screamed at Oishi. "BECAUSE YOU'RE BALD!"

Reaction: Sob

"YOU'RE CARDBORD FACE!" Atobe screamed at Kawamura.

Reaction: "…Pardon?"

"YOU'RE A NEEEERRRD!" Atobe screamed at Inui.

Reaction: "…" (Well, what did you expect?)

"YOU…" Atobe screamed at Momoshiro and Kaidoh. "SUCK!"

Reaction: Twitch

"…YOU HAVE GIRLY HAIR!" Atobe screamed at Fuji.

His reaction: Stabbed Atobe a hundred times with a pencil, Then Fuji proceeded to tear his limbs off and cut up his face. Then he decided to glue Atobe back together just to tear him apart again.

Just kidding. (It's possible though) Anyway, Fuji just bitch-slapped him.

Atobe clutched his head and ran out of Seigaku screaming 'monster'.

"…I think you destroyed his mental state" Ryoma said.



"WHERE IS HE?" Shishido yelled.

"Gone" Fuji replied.

"Aww man!" Gakuto kicked an empty ponta can that was on the floor.

"Why is it that everywhere we go there seems to be a body lying on the ground?" Hiyoshi sighed.

"Did our buchou do that?" Ohtori watched Oishi fan Tezuka with a hanky.

"Yeah. Well sorta" Ryoma said. "Fuji was the one who said 'timber' though"

"COOOOL!" Jiroh said.

"So what exactly happened?" Oshitari asked.

After Fuji explained everything into the video camera, Gakuto groaned.

"You let him drink ponta?"

"He stole it"

"Well" Shishido frowned. "Now he's on 21 cups of sugar AND ponta"


"…Guys" Hiyoshi stared at the tracking device. "Atobe's headed towards (Insert school here)"

"Oh NO!" Everyone gasped.

"Yeah!" Shishido and Gakuto yelled.

Chapter 3 finished. You're gonna have to wait to find out what school he's going to next.

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