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All That Jazz-Epilogue

The campfire burned calmly in the middle of a ring of cars. A white-haired man set up a rather powerful-looking white telescope, a curious Cliffjumper next to him.

Ratchet and Firestar talked about human camping, and the interesting vantage point taken from human synthoid form.

Sunstreaker, wearing a yellow jean jacket, and sideswipe in a ratty red sweater each tried to impress a mocha-skinned teenage girl with a zillion braids in her black hair, by catching M&Ms in their mouths.

A synthoid with mint green hair, Moonracer, sat with a taller synthoid with red hair sat with an infant synthoid, smiling.

A synthoid man in a blue trucker hat helped a white-haired woman wearing a pink jean jacket set up a picnic table. Eject ran across just as the red and white checked tablecloth settled, carrying a bowl of potato chips. Rewind followed with onion dip. Lazerbeak carried a six-pack of soda overhead. Ramhorn brought a keg of beer. Trigger carried a tray of quesadillas on its head, held one small bowl of guacamole wrapped in one chord arm, a bowl of sour cream wrapped in the opposite arm.

Ironhide synthoid stood off with Will and Annabelle Lennox exchanging war stories while their wives talked about raising kids, and how much of a wonderful hassle it was.

Sam and Mikaela sat with Bumblebee and Cliffjumper talking about normal teen stuff while a pink-haired Arcee pretended to be interested.

A small toddler boy ran past the group giggling toward his destination much to the teens' amusement; even Arcee had to smile. The toddler latched onto a white pant leg and giggled madly.

"'Ey, ey!" Jazz laughed. "Ah'm bein' ambushed!" He cried jokingly. "Aah! Goin' down!" He picked up the toddler then rolled onto his back. "Ah, ya got me." He set the toddler on his chest.

"Haha! Daddy funny!" The little black-haired toddler laughed.

"Alright, boys, give mommy a hand!" Amy called, pulling one side of a cooler out of the back of a red SUV.

A blue blurr took the cooler then came back for 4 sleeping bags, 3 thermoses of coffee, a keg of hot chocolate, and four homemade pepperoni pizzas.

"Thanks, Blurr." Amy chuckled.

The blue-haired synthoid paused next to Amy, and saluted, winking. "Noproblem! Heretohelp!" He sped away then.

Amy chuckled as she closed the back hatch. "Thank you, too Red Alert!" She called.

From across the dirt campsite a red-head waved then looked back an Asian looking man with short, almost cropped black and white striped hair.

Amy walked up to Jazz, recovering from his toddler ambush. "You two," She chuckled, picking up the infant. "Come on, Bebop, I think daddy's had enough punishment."

"Yaay!" Bebop clapped.

"Hey, looks like we're right on time!" A kindly brunette with orange brown, and Ironhide's stature walked by with what looked like a bucket full of bottle rockets in one hand, and miscellaneous fountains in a bucket in the other.

"Wow, Smokescreen, did you buy out the whole tent?" Amy chuckled, hefting Bebop higher on her hip.

Jazz took the toddler, and lifted him onto his shoulders.

"Just about." Brawn walked by wearing a tattered green fatigue jacket, and fatigue pants, a few honorary medals on his left lapel.

Hound brought up the rear with three large boxes of assorted fireworks on one shoulder, and three plastic bags of miscellaneous cute fireworks for children's' amusement, and enough sparklers to cover any Autobot's head.

Amy chuckled. "This is gonna be interesting."

"Sammie!" Sam's mother called, helping the small robots set the table. "I think this one's drowning!" She pointed at the Rewind, flailing in the ambrosia salad.

Adrian walked up, and picked the little robot out by its foot. "Er, no, that would be the backstroke." He chuckled, and walked over to Twincast, one of two human-sized robots seated next to a synthoid with red hair, ear-encasing headphones over his head, scrolling through a non-transforming iPod. Next to the iPod scrolling man was another red-head in a red leather jacket, yellow flames embossed licking up from the hem.

"Oh. Jello swimming." Judy mused, looking at her husband.

"Mikaela, honey, where are the salad tongs?" Mikaela's mother called.

Lazerbeak presented Mrs. Banes with said tongs.

"Oh, thank you." Mrs. Banes chuckled slightly, and took the tongs.

Sparkplug walked up clad in jeans, t-shirt, sunglasses perched on the end of his shapely nose, and a black beanie bearing the Autobot symbol. "Need another pair of hands?"

"Yes, thank you, Mr.-um..." Judy fumbled.

"Sparkplug is fine." He said.

"Sparky then!" Judy beamed.

Mojo barked at Sparkplug's feet.

"Don't let that rodent get too close to your foot!" Ironhide called from across the fire.

Sparkplug stepped away from the Chihuahua.

Amy walked up to the table holding her sidekick to her ear. "Don't sweat it, see you in August." She clicked the phone off. "Man, I'm popular."

"Oh yeah?" Sarah smiled. "Getting calls from boys?"

"No, friends I haven't seen in ages. Maggie Madsen, Violet, Estelle, and Emily Spring. Sheesh. Maggie's working at the pentagon, and can't make it to our little shindig, and the Springs are gonna be in town in a few weeks." Amy sighed. "I need guest rooms."

Bumblebee walked up then. "Rooms? We could add-on to your house in Tranquility." He said helpfully.

"Oh yeah, great thinking!" Amy beamed. "Thanks, Bumblebee!" She kissed his cheek then whispered. "For everything."

"Okay everyone, grab a nice spot of sand, we have fireworks!" Smokescreen announced.

Rewind lit on bottle rocket, and it shock off with a blue "pop".

"Woah, hey! Not yet!" Smokescreen chuckled, waving away the eager robot.

"Here, mom!" Goldbug passed Amy a root beer then sat down with a plate of varying delights. "Hey dad, try this!" The teen held out a pizza roll to Jazz.

Trigger stole a cheetoh, and consumed it.

Amy gawked along with anyone else watching. "You really do have a mouth."

Several bottle rockets popped into the air, attracting everyone's attention, and applause.

Blurr set up twelve pinwheels in a split-second, and set them off a second later. The multicolored wheels spun, spraying blue, gold, red, green, and purple all over the sand below.

After that a fireworks car race where each team lit a small car, and released it. Most swerved, sending a couple synthoids diving for cover. A small yellow car made it to the designated finish; Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Mikaela, and Sam cheered.

The three firework hunters set up M9s, and lit them off, throwing them into the air in bipedal form.

"Pwetty, mommy!" Bebop reached out to the lights.

Amy smiled. "Yeah, pretty fireworks!"

The faces of the spectators lit up with every color imaginable as the fanciful explosives burst into their decorative array of color. It was a curious thing, The Fourth of July, but somehow for one night it erased all the worries of those attending.

Sparklers were lit, creating a small array of multi-colored stars among the crowds. Ground flowers danced, and a mischievous smokebomb traced back to you-know-who and his twin brother sent Ratchet chasing the pair with a nasty-looking wrench, cursing the twins' existence, and eliciting well-needed laughter from everyone in the crowd.


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