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The More You Hate, the More You Love

"Evening. Sorry I'm late." Juubei said apologetically while kissing Kazuki. "Got held up by Emina at the café."

"That's fine." Kazuki said with a smile on his face. "What did you guys talk about anyway?"

"Nothing." Juubei said honestly. "For some reason I fell asleep, and then she woke me up and so I stumbled home."

"If that's the case, you must be very tired. Eat dinner and sleep now, okay?"

"Fine…" Juubei kissed Kazuki again and went to the dining room to eat dinner.

While Juubei was bathing in the bathroom, he noticed the ring on his hand. What the hell? Where did this ring come from? This is the same ring that Kazuki wanted! But when I looked at his hands a while ago, there wasn't any ring on it! He then came into a surprising realization. Damn… that Emina will do anything to get me. Doesn't she ever learn and realize that the only one in my life is Kazuki? Juubei then tried to remove the ring, even using soap, but the ring was way too small for his finger that it was stuck. He had no other choice but to hide it from Kazuki.

"Juubei, are you done?" Kazuki called from outside.

Juubei panicked. "A-almost! I'm coming out soon!" He hastily put on his clothes and went out of the bathroom and climbed on the bed. Kazuki climbed in after him.

"Goodnight!" Kazuki greeted cheerfully while giving him his goodnight kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too." Juubei replied with a fake smile.

"Emina! What the hell did you do to me? Are you trying to destroy me?!" Juubei asked sharply, obviously enraged. He cornered her after school in the empty hallways.

"Whatever do you mean, Juubei?" Emina asked innocently with a sinister smile. "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

"Don't play coy with me!" Juubei punched the wall beside her. "Lucky for you I don't hit girls! What's with this ring, huh?!"

"Oh that?" Emina lifted her finger. "That's our engagement ring. Be sure to tell Kazuki, okay?"

Juubei's eyes narrowed. "You… Watch out or you'll lose your head." Juubei stomped away.

"An empty threat, obviously! You don't scare me, Juubei Kakei! The battle is on! Let's see who'll win…" Emina shouted after Juubei's retreating figure. She then hopped childishly in the opposite direction, obviously plotting another secret scheme.

"Emina darling, I have a surprise for you!" Emina's mom greeted the minute she stepped into the door of their home.

"Really mom?! What is it?" Emina asked excitedly.

"Go look! He's in your room." Emina then ran up the stairs and quickly opened the door to her room. She screamed in delight.

"Oh my gosh!! Is that you?!" Emina excitedly squealed while glomping the mysterious man.

"Long time no see, Emina." The guy replied while hugging her back.

"Long time indeed! When did you come back? And I see you're still wearing those sunglasses you always have on."

"Of course, they're my trademark. Anyway, we haven't seen each since we were fifteen! Tell me all about Japan."

"Surely! And tell me all about America! Was it awesome? I mean, I only went there once so I didn't have the time to go around… Anyway, I've missed you so much! I mean, I don't have many dear, dear childhood friends like you!"

"I missed you too, Emina. So what's up?"

"Oh, nothing much… How about you? Are you staying here in Japan?"

"Yeah, for about five years or so, then we have to move again. You know our business. It takes a lot of traveling."

"It's good that you're staying here for five years, though. Are you going to study at my school?"

"If you want me there, yes."

"Of course I want you there, you dummy! Oh yeah, before I forget… Have you found your special someone yet?"

"… Not yet. Until then, you're the only special 'one' in my heart. You know I'd do anything for you."

"Aww, thanks, you're sooo sweet… If I did request you to do something, you'd do it, right?"

"Of course! Anything for you."

"If I think of something, you'll be the first guy I'd go to. Oh, and prepare for tomorrow. School starts at eight thirty."

"I will. Goodnight, then, my beloved childhood friend." The guy then went out the room and closed the door behind him softly. Emina laughed evilly after he left.

He will be the wedge that will drive Kazuki and Juubei farther apart! Good timing, my childhood friend, good timing… I'll make sure to introduce you to the class properly. I am going to win this battle, you stupid effeminate person!! Emina then laughed and screamed throughout the night until she coughed and choked. JUUBEI IS MINE!!

End of Chapter

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