A Ramen Anniversary

Note: This is the sequel to "Naruto kun, I Think I'm Pregnant", I highly recommend you read that first before reading this, it'll make a lot more sense!!

Hinata and Naruto were finally married! It was just like old times, Kiba was the minister, Lee was the organ player, Sasuke was the right hand man and Ino was the right hand woman but Sakura's daughter was the flower girl.

Hinata remembered that when they were 7-years old, they had a wedding and they called it their "real" wedding, they decided that they would call their "grown-up" wedding a Ramen Anniversary, they're 11th anniversary.

Hinata thought of the cute times when she and Naruto thought she was having a baby because she ate a "fertilized egg". She remembered all the old times and she'd never forget them, she remembered when Naruto used all his money to buy her pineapple because they thought there was such thing as pineapple abortion.

She remembered when they had their first kiss (Sasuke and Naruto kissed when they were 12!!!That means Hinata was Naruto's first kiss!!X3) in the cave, she especially remembered when Naruto saved her from the fire. Now they were 18 and having their Ramen Anniversary, they knew it was early but when they were kids, they promised each other that they would have their "grown-up" wedding in exactly 11 years.

Naruto and Hinata were even proud parents of the real Ramen. Hinata remembered when she had a vision in her dream about Ramen. Ramen was only 2 years old and she had the same eyes as her mother, which Hinata saw in her vision.

Hinata thought about how cute and clueless they were when they were younger, about the many adventures they had, she sometimes even giggled to herself when she thought about them. She shared all those moments with Naruto, that's why she married Naruto.

At first, they were just friends, but Sarutobi (Who's now long dead XD)'s book let them see that they loved each other.

At the wedding, Kiba had said the exact same words he said 11 years ago in the training grounds at Naruto and Hinata's "real" wedding, Naruto and Hinata had then learned the phrase "I do" but for the sake of old times, they said "Yeah".

That night, Kiba had brought his crossword puzzle, "What's a 4-letter word for idiot?" he asked, "Kiba" Ino answered, not bored this time. Sakura hadn't asked Sasuke if they could have a wedding just like Naruto and Hinata because they were already married. And Chouji hadn't eaten all the cheese sandwiches this time, but the whole banquet (WOW!!!XD).

As Hinata compared this to their childhood wedding, she smiled and also remembered that when they were 7 years old, in the night Hinata had said "In 11 years, I just know for sure that you'll be a good father" and Naruto was, he was the best father in all of Konoha.



AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!SOOOOO CUUUUUTEEE!!!!!!! Lol, RasenganFin wanted me to write something else as a sequel but I liked this better, sorry RasenganFin!! Anyways, I forgot to tell you in the 8th chapter that the "4-Letter Word for Idiot" joke was from Xiaolin Showdown, it was so funny when I watched it on Cartoon Network here in Hong Kong!!XD

I'm not writing an FAQ because this was really short and even if I made one there wouldn't be any questions.