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Genre: Romance/General

Summary: Rukia sat in front of her desk, silently staring at the folded paper laid flat on it. "This. Is. Not. Good." She whispered darkly. She had been warned of the pink scented letters given by anonymous senders with hearts on them, but this was way pass the limit.A letter, a misunderstanding, an argument, a little fluff and Chaos ensues.

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Chapter 1

The beginning

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining brightly, the sky was clear, the birds were chirping melodiously. The flowing curtains in the window floated with the gentle breeze while the rays of the sun poured out from it.

It was too perfect to call…

"oi! Baka! We'll be late if you don't get up!" Ichigo pounded on the closet the death god had been inhabiting, "oi! Did you hear me?" he added coarsely with a sour face. "damn it…why cant she just sleep in her own room…" He glanced at his wristwatch every five seconds.

Rukia decided to sleep in the closet for some days complaining about how she just missed her cramped up space, saying that it gave her the comfy feeling of reassurance. Despite Ichigo's firm disagreement, she did not listen; after all, it was 'her' closet. Moreover, since Yuzu, Karin and his dad should not know about it, Ichigo reasoned that Rukia was just sleeping over with the girls because of a project they had to finish. So here they were living like the first months when they met and for Ichigo, it was plain torture.

The closed door harshly opened, "could you be any louder?" Rukia retorted, face as irritated as his. "such a big mouth…" she murmured as she buttoned her uniform. She was currently changing.

He could see a portion of her chest and her skirt was ruffled higher to her thighs. "damn, cant you be more decent?" he turned to his side while blushing, avoiding to gaze at her. Lately, he felt different around her like there was some unseen force surrounding him and pulling him towards Rukia. He felt stupid, she'd been residing in his closet for months and he didn't care, now she's even living in their house like she was some family member and it didn't bother him, then why now? Was it puberty? Hormones? To hell with it!

"Urusai!" She hissed at him and leaped out of the closet, landing gracefully on her feet. "I wouldn't be this tired if I didn't have to treat your wounds all night."

He unconsciously laid his hand on his abdomen; his white polo shirt perfectly hid the bandages she had wrapped him with so carefully last night when he fell unconscious in her arms. "then you shouldn't have." He answered plainly in a challenging glare.

"like I could allow you to bleed to death!" she matched his glare with her own cold one.

"then quit your yapping and let's go to school." And with his reasonable words their bickering came to its end. He won this round.

Rukia only grunted and jumped off the window, it was becoming a habit.

He walked out his bedroom silently then closed the door.

Inside the small dark closet, there was a sleeping Kon, "Rukia…nee-san…nee-san…" he mumbled and shifted left and right. "Ichigo! You moron!" he suddenly jerked up but then collapsed again in the cool sheets.



Rukia sat in front of her desk, silently staring at the folded paper laid flat on it. "This. Is. Not. Good." She whispered darkly. She had been warned of the pink scented letters given by anonymous senders with hearts on them, but this was way pass the limit.

"what's that?" Tatsuki asked her, Inoue just behind.

Rukia snatched the paper and stuffed it in her pocket. "Nothing, just the list of my daily chores." She faked a smile too obvious.

"Really? Why do I smell perfume then?" Chizuru suddenly came out of nowhere.

"oh that, umm.." Rukia thought of an acceptable excuse but found none; the other three looked intently at her, waiting for some reasonable reply.

"…it's our new detergent. It's kinda strong. Why? Do I smell bad?" she said so randomly, finding no valid reason other than that.

"no, you don't smell bad." Tatsuki answered. "But you smell like strawberries." Her statement made Rukia freeze for some seconds.

"wow, nice detergent." Chizuru said aimlessly.

However, they knew it wasn't the detergent but something else…

"umm, Kuchiki-san, do you know where Kurosaki-kun is?" Orihime asked her so nicely, dropping the topic of what Rukia was hiding.

"I don't know, I've seen him in the tool shed but that was more than an hour ago." She replied.


With a sigh she said, "well, excuse me for a while, I have something to do." She stood up from her desk and walked towards the door, but before she could fully exit Tatsuki interrupted her.

"does it involve love letters and boys?" she asked while grinning mischievously.

Rukia played with her and smiled back, "maybe." And she went out.

"What do you think she's hiding?" Chizuru asked while looking at the empty desk were Rukia once sat.

"no idea." Tatsuki replied, "well, I just hope she wont get herself in trouble." She returned to her own desk.

Inoue gazed at the door where the shinigami vanished and said nothing more.


"I am so dead…" Rukia was walking while reading the crumpled paper she had buried in her pocket recently, her eyes filled with disarray.

When suddenly she was hit by someone hard, she landed on the floor with her butt.

"hey!" she had screamed so abruptly breaking her Ms. Perfect image. Rukia almost wanted to beg for an apology that very minute if it hadn't been for the reaction she had received from that certain person she ran into.

"watch were you're going dope!" Ichigo shouted irritated but regretted doing so after seeing Rukia's fuming face.

"Bakamono!" Rukia got up quickly and kicked him on the shin.

"OUCH!!" Ichigo roared reeling to the ground holding his sore knee. "you bitch! What the hell is wrong with you?!" he yelled frustrated and pained all in the same time.

Rukia brushed 'dirt' off her uniform and rolled her eyes, "serves you right." She stuck out her tongue at him.

"damn midget…" the carrot-top glared at her with all indignation he could muster from his insides but stayed quite for his own sake nonetheless.

"…the cause of all my torture." he cursed only softly.

Rukia looked deadly daggers at him that could pierce his very soul. "Hmph…!" she grunted but then left instantly.

Ichigo scratched his head, "why can't she just be nice?" he questioned then shifted his gaze to the suspicious paper just beside him. He grabbed it and read, he barely finished the first five sentences when his eyes widened.

"NANI???!!" he screamed and it echoed through out the whole neighborhood.


7:45 P.M. Kurosaki household

"neh, Ichigo…?" Rukia nudged him even forgetting -vainly trying to forget- about the little spat they had a while ago in the corridor. She had been trying to put up a conversation for the hundredth time and still no response. She was trying to be nice, really, really nice just to soothe him but it was all in vain yet again. And this was the last time of giving him the 'kind' approach.

He was studying math and was doing an assignment. He avoided her the whole day and she was starting to fuss about it for some unexplainable reason, that is. He didn't even speak a word to her when they walked home together.

"Ichigo? Why wont you talk to me?" she frowned while looking over at his notebooks from behind his shoulders. "oi!" she was beginning to grow impatient, her hands on her waist.

"what? Can't you see I'm busy?!" he finally snapped back at her hot headedly. He could no longer contain his temper, which he had been trying to hold back all day. He couldn't be more irritated than this.

"what are you so angry about? I haven't done anything wrong did I?!" She retorted, Rukia had no clue what pissed him off which was starting to irritate her as well. It was unfair to have him giving her the cold shoulder while she just stood there clueless. "if it was about ramming into me earlier, I forgive you." She just had the nerve to say that.

"Yeah right! Don't you play dumb with me dope." He countered back, there was just no way for him to give in to her at any cost. "I won't be fooled by your drama queen antics."

"look, you're aggravating my nerves Ichigo, I have been trying to appease you all day, cant you just appreciate my efforts?" she chided so intolerantly while massaging her temples. She was now upset on how Ichigo was treating her. Honestly, she really had no idea on what Ichigo was so angry about. "you are so unbelievable!" she added in a fit of rage starting to get to her.

"hey, I didn't ask you to." He rolled his eyes and continued on his homework that made her feel she was nothing more than thin air.

Rukia could not believe how she was being treated, her eyebrows furrowed deeper in annoyance. "just tell me what the bloody hell is your problem and let's get this over with!" She demanded and her self-restraint already failed her.

"there's nothing to talk about!" he raised his voice, but it was a different tone than when they bickered, it sounded more infuriated and heated than usual. They acted as if a real couple having an argument.

She was about to bark another rebuttal but decided against it, "fine." Rukia, somewhat shocked at his unlikely outburst turned around and jumped out of the window, yet again, saying nothing more. It seemed that she got used to going out off the window even if she could already use the doors.


Even after dinner they did not speak to each other, he hopped on his bed without saying a word to her and she entered her closet in the same cold manner. She closed it with a loud thud letting him know how annoyed she also felt but it had no effect on him. He was as stubborn as an ox and she was as cold as an ice cube. Not the best combination in this kind of situation…really…

Ichigo lay in his bed, arms folded under his head. He was thinking so deeply he did not even notice that Rukia already came out of her closet and walked towards the door.

He watched her in the corner of his eyes, but did not will to speak; he was too stubborn to make the first move for amends. After all, why would he apologize? He pretended he couldn't see her, a frown etched on his face, eyebrows knitted and amber eyes cold. She went out and he feigned not to care. But he could not lie to himself that he was curious of her destination. After all it was the middle of the night and going out was dangerous even for her… correction mostly for her!

"damn bitch.." he cursed under his breath. "I always have to look after her." He mentally concluded what would happen; if things go worse he would be saving her sorry ass again! If it turned out how he though of it, he would rant in her face! Though he never did like to admit he was always worried about her, he didn't want her to get in trouble again, not after everything that happened in soul society and all his efforts to keep her alive. It was too much of a risk to allow anyone to harm her.

He sat up and was about to leave his bed when the door opened for the second time.

They both froze for some seconds of deafening silence when Rukia entered.

Their eyes met ever so perfectly.

"what? Can't I go to the bathroom myself?" she scoffed with one eyebrow raised in aggravation. She disliked how he glared at her and how his frown was pasted on his face all day.

All his worry melted dramatically fast. "is your brain broken? I just want a drink." He shot back standing up from his bed, walking pass her and closing the door with a loud crash.

Rukia's anger rose even more, she could feel her blood boil under her skin. If she would have been more infuriated by an inch she would throw that bastard out of the window and then break him in every way possible. Her hands clenched to fists but slowly relaxed as she exhaled heavily. She walked to her closet with gingerly steps (or even strides) still attempting to calm herself for her sake and his; though she was stubborn she still knew that aggravating their condition will do them no good. It was a 'lose-lose' situation. And for her, it was always only a win-win or a win-lose…!

She went to bed and wrapped herself in her covers; though eyes closed they were still burning and face engraved with annoyance. She was planning to return sleeping with the twins tomorrow.

All of a sudden her eyes shot open, revealing frantic cerulean orbs so darkly they were tinted violet, "the letter!" she squeaked and rummaged through the whole closet but still found none, her face had a grim expression. "screw destiny! I'm sooo dead!" she collapsed on her bed.

Onwards, onwards to the uncomfortable silence of the night.

Tomorrow would be another day, and what would happen was the biggest question. Will all hell break loose?

The devil was just waiting…



Notes: so there, I'm done with chapter 1, the very first chapter of this fic! hah! And you still don't know what the letter is all about, who sent it and why Ichigo is so angry! That would be revealed in the following chapters!

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Japanese terms:

Nee-san- 'big sis'

Urusai- 'shut up'

Baka- 'idiot'

Bakamono- not sure if its 'you idiot' or 'idiot' too… (Monster) courtesy of BunnyKitty4434

Neh- like 'hey' or something like nudging someone

Oyasumi- 'good night'

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.