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Fudomine vs. Seigaku part 2

"Hey" murmured Ryoma, looking to Kaido who was lying back on the bench, a towel thrown over his face, which was turned towards the ceiling. "Hey" he said again, "… they're calling third singles" There was a hiss and the towel was thrown from Kaido's face towards Ryoma who caught it smirking.

"Fshuuuuu, shut up! I heard it" Growled Kaido, rising to his feet, hands wedged deeply into his pockets. A scowl was plastered across his face and he walked towards the arena with a determined sway to his walk.

"That's what I thought" smirked Ryoma, placing his chin in his hand. "Good luck out there"

"I don't need you telling me that" hissed Kaido, still walking with his back facing Ryoma who merely smiled wider and flung the towel to the floor.


"Hmmmm" grinned Kamio, tapping his foot as he looked Kaido up and down, ignoring the glare that Kaido was giving him. "I hear they call you the 'viper'" he looked up from Kaido's shoes, one eye covered in flame red hair, but the one eye that could be seen was filled with mocking laughter. "It fits"

Kaido snarled and lashed out with his fist in a wide swing.

"Stop it, Kaoru!" shouted Oishi loudly, the room falling into nervous silence.

Kamio merely swung his foot behind himself and spun out of reach, letting out a soft whistle as he narrowly missed the strike, the wind swishing sharply past him. "Wow, you've got a pretty fast swing," he noted, a few strands of his hair falling to the floor.

"H-HEY!!QUIT IT!" yelled the umpire awkwardly as he stepped down from his chair. "Whaddaya think you're doing?" he demanded pointing a shaky finger at Kaido. Kaido snapped his head quickly in the direction of the umpire and glared dangerously. He made to move when …

"KAORU!" bellowed Tezuka, his arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face. "Take a step and I will remove you from the fight, understood!" he snapped.

"I'm sorry," sighed Kaido and he walked away from Kamio who was stood smirking. He stopped once he reached his starting place and he lowered himself into his position.

"I'm sorry about our fighter" apologised Tezuka, bowing towards Kippei. Kippei raised a hand as if warding off the apology.

"No, our fighter provoked him, I'm sorry" Tezuka nodded and turned back to the fight. Kamio had finally gotten into place was bouncing happily on the balls of his feet. His head bopping to some unheard tune.

"I … I think this is gonna be a crazy game" gulped Horio nervously, eyeing an obviously fuming Kaido.

"y-yeah" stammered Kachiro, trembling behind Katsuo, who was whispering 'scary' continuously under his breath.

"One-s-set match. Fudomine to serve" ans suddenly there was Kamio, face to face with a stunned Kaido. He took a swing but Kaido ducked instinctively.

He swept that too wide,what kind of an idiot does that? thought Kaido as he brought back his right arm. But before he could do anything more, he felt something hard smack into the side of his face, sending him flying backwards.

"W-What speed!" exclaimed a stunned Oishi, "But ... Fudomine's all about power!"

"heh heh, they made a boo-boo" sniggered Kamio, doing a little dance on the spot.

"Seishun went for the kill by intensifying their doubles fighters. 7th and 8th graders are fighting the singles fights" commentated Tetsu, hands on his hips and a smile on his face, "Our three singles fighters are way better than our doubles fighters." He said proudly.

Kippei nodded his agreement, "And when it comes to speed, No-one can touch Akira!"

"I'm feeling the rhythm" sand Kamio, his feet dancing as he watched Kaido gain his feet and look at him intensely.

"Hmph, I hate it" snarled Kaido, swishing from side to side, his arms hanging in front of his bent form, hands relaxed.

"Um ... excuse me, which building is the boys' final on?" Asked a timid Sakuno, her hands clutching her skirt nervously. "I went off to buy some drinks and then got lost" she added defensively.

The girl she had just asked turned to her, and grinned.

"I'm going there too! I'll take you!" she said happily, grabbing Sakuno's hand and dragging her off in a northerly direction.

"uh ... thanks"

"WOAH! Fudomine blocked that easily!" yelled someone from the audience.

"Tough break on Kaoru" winced Arai, as Kaido took another hit to the side of his stomach.

"What I well placed shot". Kaido glowered at this and lowered himself, ignoring the pain in his side and the small trickle of blood running between his eyes.. He quickly hopped from one foot to the other, putting all his weight on to his right foot. In an instant he had brought his right foot back up in a round house kick aimed for Kamio's face.

"THERE IT IS! THE SNAKE!" cheered Horio excitedly.

"No good" whispered Kippei under his breath, a smile on his lips. To a stunned silence from the Seigaku spectators, they watched as Kamio shot downwards and kicking out his legs, straight into Kaido's bent knees. Kaido fell like a ton of bricks and Kamio swung himself back to his feet, humming.

"that kind of angle kick will be your downfall"

"Kaoru's snake ... just got defeated ... so easily" whimpered Kachiro.

"Huh, looks like you got a lot of faith in your legs" commented Kaido, getting stiffly back to his feet watching Kamio, bounce from side to side

"Wanna let that snake loose one more time?" (Oo-er S lol) taunted Kamio. Kaido hissed in anger and again pushed his legs into the same routine. This time however, Kamio grabbed Kaido's leg before it could touch him and he yanked it. Sending Kaido back off balance, though this time Kamio followed through with a crack of his elbow and Kaido's knee. There was a grunt of pain and Kaido lay on the floor, clutching his knee tightly.

"An ordinary fighter would be either dashing around or taking the hits, losing all their stamina in an attempt to counter that snake. But ... I'm getting a rush from it" Winked Kamio, causing Kaido's temper to boil hot red.

"This is the worst possible match up for Kaoru" sighed Fuji, his eyes closed and head shaking in sympathy.

"Yeah ... to have the snake countered like that, getting his knees bashed around ... it's got to put a dent in his dignity and self confidence." mumbled Oishi. "It's becoming his weakness rather than his strength"

"Not only that but this kind of ground is a lot harder to land on safely than the practice room mats. It's gotta be hurting pretty badly, meaning his snakes getting weaker and the stamina its taking to just keep doing it is wearing on him" Sighed Taka, his hands holding the edge of the box he was sitting on tightly.

"That must be why the snake's not working for him" said an upset Horio, clutching his face in horror as Kaido was sent crashing to the floor another time.

"That's not it. The snake is fine, It's just that Kamio has been gifted with speed. He's running circles around Kaido." corrected Inui who was tapping quickly onto his laptop.

"Agh, he's going down again!" cried Katsuo, throwing his hands to cover his face.

Everyone held there breaths as Kaido's body fell backwards.

Ryoma's eyes watched Kaido fall in slow motion and smirked at the expression that crossed Kaido's face. Don't count Kaoru Kaido out yet.

Kaido's left foot shot backwards, stopping his decent almost instantly. A deep breath later and Kaido had pushed himself off the ground with his left leg, spinning his body in a fast twist and smashed his left foot into Kamio's abdomen. Even the crowd heard the rush of air as it left Kamio's body.

Kaido sat on the floor, looking stupidly at the heaving form of Kamio who was gasping desperately for air.


"he used his left leg to jump off and kick... kind of like a boomerang, because it just came back. Look, he landed his leg where he started from"

"What? So like a 'boomerang snake'!?" Cried Kachiro impressed.

"hey, hey, no fair" said Kamio airily, holding his stomach and pointing accusingly at Kaido.

"Brilliant ball action Kaoru" praised Tezuka, holding his head high and giving off a rare smile.

"40-15" everyone jumped. The umpire had almost been forgotten in the excitement of the fight.

What? What happened? I hadn't meant to spin like that, I intended to do another snake but I guess I used a bit too much power Kaido was still looking shocked at his earlier accomplishment.

"Man! Did you see that??"

"I sure did!"

"It's called a 'Boomerang snake'!"

"Hmmmm, a body propelled kick, totally fair and legal too, but I've never seen anything like this. Iie Data" And Inui's fingers went into to super-speed on the laptop keyboard until they were nothing more than blurs.

"Wow, I never knew he could do that! GO KAORU!" The audience began to chant Kaido's name who just continued to look stunned as he got to his feet, brushing the dirt off his shorts.

"Ha ha" Kaido's head shot up as Kamio laughed. The red head was smiling and looking at Kaido, renewed determination spilling from his eyes. He fumbled with something attached to his belt and began to bop his head, "Guess I hafta ... pick up the rhythm" and in a blur of movement, far faster than before, he barely gave Kaido a second to blink before he was sent flying across the floor. The crowd winced as Kaido came to a shuddering stop near their feet. His nose was gushing blood and one of his hands was turning blue and purple.

"Beauty, a nicely achieved quick stroke" whistled Oishi, forgetting to worry.

"Match, Fudomine! Switch sides!"

"A quick stroke?" questioned Horio, looking to the taller teen.

"You probably couldn't see it, that's why it's called quick stroke, You need to be fast to pull it off, the moment you come within distance of your opponent you deliver a quick punch out in a straight line. The faster you are the more damaging but less accurate, but for someone of Akira's standards this is probably a walk in the park" analysed Inui, watching Kaido carefully, "Took him completely by surprise"

"Fudomine leads one match to love, Seishun's serve!"

"dammit it" snarled Kaido, sliding forwards and throwing a punch to Kamio's stomach who blocked it and through a punch of his own. Grabbing the hand Kamio had thrown at him, he braced himself.

"There it is! Boomerang snake!"

He jumped, twisted and threw his legs out. He lost balance and crashed to the floor, leaving Akira standing stunned as his opponent crumpled to the floor.

"Ah noooo, he almost had it!"

"Humph" Hissed Kaido, getting back up and swiping the blood off his upper lip.

"That manoeuvre he pulled off earlier was a fluke! Don't over think Akira!" called Tetsu from the sidelines, putting his thumbs up encouragingly.

"Figured as much. But I'm still not letting my guard down" He bounced on the balls of his feet waiting for Kaido to come at him again. With a hiss the snake boy ran forwards, this time attempting to kick the smaller boy.

"Feel the rhythm" Sang Akira, side stepping with a dancers slide and bringing up his knee to strike Kaido somewhere in the midriff. Again Kaido, attempted to twist and kick only to have Kamio send him rolling backwards over the line and into a bunch of students who hadn't gotten out of the way fast enough.


Still Kaido kept trying, until finally ...

"OUT! Match, Fudomine. Three matches to love. Change sides"

"NO!!! The Boomerang Snakes not working any more" exclaimed Horio in horror, clutching his face dramatically.

"What's he gonna do? If this keeps up ..." Mumbled Kachiro, biting his nails nervously.

"It won't work" snarled Kaido.

"The snake boomerang you're so desperately relying on hasn't worked in seven straight tries" announced Ryuzaki-Sensei, her hands planted firmly on her hips.

"Kaoru?" questioned Oishi nervously, taking a step forward. There was a loud clatter as Kaido's racket was flung on the wooden crate followed by a very disgruntled Kaido.

"Fuuuuuuuuu" huffed Kaido, his eyes bloodshot from all the sweat and a steady trickle of blood from his obvious broken nose was dripping on to his knee to mingle with the blood pouring from the cuts and scraps marring his white skin. If only I could just execute that move again. Kaido bit down on his lower lip as he thought. I could totally waste him ... His thoughts were cut short by his coaches voice.

"You're trying too hard, you're kicking like an over-caffeinated Gorilla (A/N what an awesome description!) your arms are flailing as if possessed." Ryuzaki had her eyes closed.

"Coach ..." said Oishi startled. Tezuka shot out a hands and grabbed Oishi's arm, shaking his head slowly, not taking his eyes from the ever-changing expressions on Kaido's sweating face.

"I had no idea you were lame enough to pin your hopes on such a low-percentage shot!" The wind howled and Ryuzaki opened her eyes, a grin on her face. "Kaoru, play your game". Kaido slowly allowed his lips to curve and his eyes sparkled. (A/N WTF?)

"Phew" puffed Kamio, draping a towel around his neck and humming.

"You're playing really well Akira, if you keep the pressure on, you could end this match at love" encouraged Masaya.

"Yeah I feel like I can't lose" laughed Kamio, taking a swig from his sports bottle. "I'm feeling the rhythm like Mike Tyson (Don't shoot me I couldn't think of anything else!) that 'boomerang' move caught me off-guard though ..."

"Akira." Kamio lifted his head to look at his captain, "Actually, your rhythm IS off"

"Huh?! Kippei in case you haven't noticed, he's winning!"

"Your pace is faster than usual. If you use twice the amount of stamina you've got, you'll be vulnerable to the snake. You said so yourself in the beginning, you over-exerted yourself early worrying about the snake" Kippei watched Kamio grit his teeth.

"Humph"snorted Kamio and he jumped off his position on the wooden crates and marched back to the arena.

"AKIRA!" Kamio ignored him and fumbled with his shorts waist band.

As he passed Kaido, the viper hissed.

"There's no way this is ending this way." Kaido's hand went to his bandana. "Over my cold, dead body!!"

"We're on the same wave length, for once" sneered Kamio.

"Looks like we got through to Kauro" sighed Ryuzaki in exhaustion.

"I hope it's not too late. He's so far behind ... " murmured Tezuka next to her. Ryoma flicked his cap and watched Kaido stretch. He smirked.

"At least he won't go down without a struggle. When Kaoru's in that mode – He's a tough nut to crack" stated the cocky twelve-year old.

"A close game! Akira with speed, Kaoru with tenacity – neither player giving up an an inch, each one holding their service games!!!" Squealed Horio over-excitedly.

"40 – 30. Match point for Fudomine's Kamio!" called the umpire.

"Match point?! Failing to hold your serve early in the game really hurts – It's 3 – 5!!! If he misses this one the games over!" Wailed the Seigaku supporters.


'I've never played anybody this tenacious. Good game, viper. Thought Kamio dodging a strike from the Kaido. But it's time to turn off the lights. He dived forwards in a blur.

"AGH! There it is! The quick stroke"

--------------------------------------------------- (there are a lot of these)

"Heeeeeeeey!" called two voices from the door. Two figures in Seigaku tennis gear ran up.

"Yo, Hayashi! Masayan! How's Taka's injury?" Asked Momo, jogging to meet them half way across the warehouse floor.

"He'll be all right – Doctor said no damage to the bone, just heavy bruising. He's a steady guy" grinned Hayashi.

"Good good. I'm gonna go check up on him. It's that hospital nearby, right?" asked Momo, setting off towards the exit.

"Huh? Wait! What's going on with the match Momo?" Asked Masayan, grabbing Momo's arm.

"Heh! It's getting interesting" He laughed and ran off.

"There's the snake!"

"Deuce!" cried the umpire.

"He's down but not out!" cheered the Seigaku supporters. Kaido's eyes were trained on something by Kamio's hair covered ear. Every now and then his eyes flicking to the boys waist.

Stubborn twit! Give it up Viper. You know the damage is beyond repair. Aren't you exhausted? Thought Kamio, sweating and taking deep breaths. He cricked his neck to try and ease the pain that had started up there. What's with the weird looks? Watching Kaido suspiciously as the other boy kept his eyes fixed somewhere on Kamio's face.

"Advantage Server!"

"Yes! One more! Get it this time!" shouted the Fudomine team.

"Just - " He ran at Kaido who stood his ground, " - Give up!!!" He threw himself bodily at Kaido

"Who's giving up?" snarled Kaido, grabbing Kamio, and riding backwards. His free hand shot out and yanked something from the red-head's ear. They both crashed to the ground and Kamio, rolled away. Clutching at his waist. His hands searching frantically.


"Looking for this?" drooled Kaido, swinging something on his finger. Dangling from his hands was a wire, one end branching into a pair of headphones, the other a white MP3. Kamio's face drained of colour, and he began to move forwards. With a flick Kaido, dropped the device to the floor and with one swift movement brought his foot down heavily onto it. There was a shattering sound and the small thing snapped into tiny pieces. Kamio's face just looked at him in horror.

"Hmmm, I think he just found his weakness. Plus his stamina is amazing" commented Tezuka. It was rare to hear praise from the stoic captain but Ryuzaki and the team just smiled. Too caught up in the moment.

"Kaoru's no where near exhausted" nodded Oishi, folding his arms, his face glowing with pride.

"Di-did he just?" Stammered Masaya.

"Yeah, Kamio's rhythm is gonna drop to barely a beat." mumbled Shinji, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"Have you notices ... even after all those long points they fought ... the Viper dude's not even out of breath!!"

"Both of them should have spent the same amount of energy" observed Kippei, touching the bridge of his nose.

"Early morning, 10 KM run, 10 KM run after practice, 10 KM run at night. Front and back dash, three sets of 50. 1,500 swings etc." Inui turned the laptop around on his lap to show a screen full of numbers and details. "Guess what this is?" He asked.

"D-Don't tell me Kaoru does that everyday?" begged Eiji.

"Ding-Ding" answered Inui, indicating the screen.

"That's three times the normal practice routine!" shouted Arai, staring, like everyone else, in disbelief.

--------------------------------- Flashback -----------------------------------------------------

The sun was setting over training and Kaido was leaning against as tree, watching the sun turn from blinding white to a smouldering red, the sky growing pink and pale. He heard footsteps getting closer to him but he did not look round.

"Want stamina like nobody else?" Inui's voice sounded quizzical yet definite and Kaido turned his head to look at Inui, who was holding his laptop out in front of him for Kaido to see. "Then try this training routine"

"Heh. I could do twice that" announced Kaido, pushing away from the tree and setting off down the path, his tennis bag swinging rhythmically against his hip.

---------------------------------------------------End flashback ---------------------------------

"Advantage server!!! Deuce again"

"He just can't clinch that last point. How many match points has it been?" exasperated Fudomine supporters yelled. "What a seesaw game"

"Advantage server"

"This is a crucial moment … Kaoru" muttered Oishi, his fingers gripping his trousers and turning his knuckles white.

"Geez, I admire your courage" panted Kamio, jumping forwards and kicking the air where Kaido had been. I know now that I can't beat you with this strategy …Kaido pushed forwards and attempted to strike Kamio in the stomach who stumbled out of reach in time …then …Kamio, paused for breath … I'll just change my rhythm! With a slide to the right, Kamio pushed forwards, hurtling straight for Kaido, his head bent low.

"Good Akira!" Called Kippei, "Throw him off."

With a sudden side-step Kamio swept out his foot, catching Kaido at his ankles.

"He had enough strength to do a fake out like that?!" stated Fuji.

"Wait!" Oishi got to his feet suddenly, watching Kaido, fall sideways.

With a twist of his body, Kaido landed in a role and was back on his feet in seconds, punching out with his right fist at Kamio's face.

I hate you … recovering from a shot like that so quickly, and so late in the game! Kamio pushed himself backwards, almost falling over his heels, narrowly dodging Kaido's bloody fist. With his last strength, he through everything he had into one last punch, striking Kaido squarely across the jaw. The taller boy flew backwards in a spiral. There was a collective holding of breath from the crowd as Kaido came close to the end line. Kamio was turning, a grin on his face.

"Sorry Viper, luck's part of the game" The words had barely left his bruised lips when he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned, just in time to see a green bandana before a body collided with his and threw them both to the floor. Kamio was left breathless and Kaido, rose to his feet steadily.

"What the -?" coughed Kamio.

"I can't hear you … " snarled Kaido as the point was called in his favour.


" … Who said it was over?" hissed Kaido, turning his back on Kamio and returning to his starting spot. "I don't care if it's match point. I won't give up" Kaido's dark eyes glared dangerously.

"Back to deuce" sighed Kamio, getting back to his feet slowly

"Slowly nibbling away at an exhausted opponent, even if the player's ahead, he can't help feeling the pressure" said Tezuka, as if he knew Kaido would pull it out the bag all along.

"That's the Kaoru I know" laughed Ryuzaki, nodding her head.

"I never wanna play Kaoru," some onlookers were staring and others exchanged nervous looks. "No foolin'"

"Fight set and match! Seishun's Kaido wins, 7 – 5" There was sudden uproar and Kaido, amidst the confusion, made a small fist pump in his own celebration.

------------------------- (Holy mother of god did that take a long time!) -----------------

"Fight set and match!! Seishun's Kaido wins, 7 – 5"

The audience cheered, chants of 'Seishun' filled the air.


"Thanks to an undying will to win … "Masaya looked towards the rest of his team, " … I can't believe Akira lost with that lead"

"Man, I lost" gasped Kamio, sweating furiously, a towel wrapped around his neck. "But I did my best, so I've got no regrets" He laughed hoarsely, burying his face in the fluffy cloth. "But now Fudomine's gotta win two matches to beat Seishun" He looked apologetically at his captain, who waved him off.

"Don't worry Akira, leave it to us, right, Shinji?" enquired Kippei, looking to the blue haired boy who was already getting to his feet.


Kaido was leaning against a pile of boxes, body heaving as he breathed deeply, his eyes looking up to the ceiling. Suddenly his light was blocked with the arrival of Inui's face looming over him.

"Hi. I understand how you managed the 'boomerang snake,' so I can break it down for you. Wanna try it when we get back Kaoru?" Kaido looked at his senpai darkly.

"You'll create more enemies in the ranking matches" commented Kaido, closing his eyes.

"You sure? I don't care. I'll just gather more data and beat you next time" The shadow of Inui's presence disappeared and Kaido opened an eye, watching Inui walk away.

"Hmph, I'll make you regret it"

Ryuzaki smiled proudly and Tezuka nodded approvingly.

"Now next up is finally …" Fuji was looking towards the arena once more as the next competitors walked into the dirty and bloody fight stage.

"Dude! Watch where you're going!!" bellowed a voice nastily.

"Oh, sorry!" Exclaimed Sakuno, bowing helplessly as the strange teen, yelled at her.

"'Sorry?' These are brand new shoes, and you're just 'sorry'?" The boys face twisted angrily, "these cost a fortune! Give me 3,000 yen to get 'em cleaned!" Sakuno just continued to bow, unsure of how to tell him she didn't have that much money on her.

"Hey lighten up! She said she was sorry!" interrupted the girl who had guided Sakuno to the right district for the boy's fighting final"

"SHUT UP! You stay outta this," yelled the boy, smacking the girl hard across the face, sending her backwards into Sakuno.

"My god, are you okay?" asked Sakuno desperately, clutching the girl's shoulder.

"Y-yeah, thanks …" mumbled the girl, looking dizzy.

"Chump" spat the boy.

" … But now I'm mad as hell" The girl pushed forwards and it was only Sakuno's grip on her arm that stopped her getting any further. Suddenly there was voice from beside them and they saw Momo running up the road towards them.

"YO! Don't you raise your hand against a girl!! Don't you have any class?" and with that Momo stuck out his arm and caught a chokehold on the boy before throwing him to the ground. "Oooh, I got him! Sweet!" the two girls looked at him, stunned into silence. Momo knelt down and grabbed the boys face in one hand. "Just wash your shoes man! They were made to be worn out"

"y-you .." managed the boy through a heavy nosebleed.

"Seishun's Momoshiro, nice to meet you" he lifted up his foot with expert balance, "want me to make your shoes even dirtier?" he wiggled his foot mockingly.

"STOP!" yelled the boy scrambling away from the three and rushing to his feet. "I won't forget this!" he screamed over his shoulder as he ran away, almost tripping over in his escape.

"Sure, but don't be shy about giving out your name" called Momo cheerily, smiling and waving after the retreating figure.

"Thanks so much! I'm so sorry we got you into this!" apologised Sakuno desperately, "If obaa-chan finds this out she'll …" Momo waved to silence her.

"Don't sweat it … mm?" He jabbed a finger at Sakuno. "You! You were watching me and Ryoma fight at school"

"My names Ryuzaki"

"I think you'll make it in time for Ryoma's game if you leave now" grinned Momo knowingly, causing Sakuno to look confused. Hmph, punk. Only in 7th grade. Momo's face suddenly light up with remembrance and he turned quickly, heading further off down the street. "See ya! I gotta get to the hospital right away"

"Are you hurt??" Asked the girl.

"Oh no, no! It's my friend. One of the guy's from Fudomine hit a crazy move at him in the finals. He deflected back, but he hurt his wrist doing it. He went to the hospital to get checked."

"Are you talking about the Hadokyu!? Somebody actually managed to deflect it? Man" commented the shorthaired girl.

"Hmm? Friend of yours?" asked Momo, stopping a little distance away to look at the girl he didn't know.

"I'm an 8th grader at Fudomine Junior High" announced the girl, proudly.

"OH!" said Sakuno, clicking her fingers in understanding.

"I wanted to fight that tough guy in no. 1 singles. You know do my dunk smash like this –" he began to swing his arm violently, stopping only when he came close to striking an innocent passer-by.

"I don't know about that Momoshiro," stated the girl. "That dunk smash of yours is way beyond the Junior High level for sure, nobody can hit it back if you smash it ... "Momo puffed his chest out, " … But … If you play my elder brother he won't let you get a smash to begin with." She watched Momo's mind click before smiling, as his eyes grew wide. He pointed an accusing finger at her.

"Elder brother? You mean …?"

"He he, An Tachibana, the tough guy's little sister" An winked.

"The no. 2 singles is about to begin, Seishun, Echizen" The cocky twelve year old pulled his cap lower down on his face and moved forwards.

"All right, Ryoma, take us home!!" Called Oishi, scaring the people around him as he pumped at the air aggressively.

"GO! RYOMA!" called the crowd, cheering and stamping their feet.

"Fudomine Ibu. To the arena please"

"Ibu, huh? He's that guy who didn't even let Kuki from Kakinoki get close, right?" whispered someone from the audience.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Seishun fielded a 7th grader for a no. 2 singles match?!" whispered another back.

"I feel sorry for him! This must be a throwaway match for them …"

"Yeah … Seishun's reserving their captain, Tezuka, for the final match, so …"

"Heh" laughed Ryoma as he shifted on his spot, watching Shinji move into place. He brought up his hands.

"Hmm, gonna lead right handed huh?" noticed Oishi, considerably calmer.

"He's in top gear already" added Eiji, watching the Seishun's prodigy 7th grader.

"One set fight! Seishun to serve" The air went still. Ryuzaki leant forward, eyes only for Ryoma Echizen.

Nanjiro's son …

Ryoma set his feet.

Show um …

The whistle blew.

Shock the world.

Ryoma ran forwards. The match had started.

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